Why Are Honda Civics So Expensive To Insure?

You should look around for the greatest deals to lower your Honda Civic insurance costs. Depending on your model year as well as the type of vehicle you drive, different firms will charge you different prices.

In comparison to other car models, the Honda Civic’s annual insurance cost is $1,311 as opposed to $1,428 for the others. The cost of insurance for a Honda Civic is not too high.

Depending on the provider, the cost of insurance for a Honda Civic might fluctuate by as much as $867 annually. It pays to compare prices.

Older vehicles typically have lower insurance prices. Depending on the age of your Honda Civic, insurance premiums can vary by as much as $323 annually.

Are Honda vehicle insurance rates high?

The average cost of insurance for a new Honda is $2,151 per year. Nevertheless, the cost of insurance might differ materially by model: Insurance for a Honda Civic is $436 more expensive yearly than for a Honda Odyssey.

Honda Civic Insurance Cost

The average cost of insurance for a 2022 Honda Civic is $2,028 per year, or $169 per month for full coverage. Rates may change based on specific conditions.

Honda Civic Insurance Cost

2020 Honda Civic insurance costs: For comprehensive coverage, the 2020 Honda Civic insurance cost is $1,800 annually or $185 monthly. Rates may change based on specific conditions.

Honda Civic Insurance Cost

2019 Honda Civic insurance costs:

For seasoned 30 year old drivers, the average insurance cost for a 2019 Honda Civic is $1,750 annually, or $145 monthly.

However, the cost of insurance for a 2019 Honda Civic is much higher for a 17-year-old driver who is less experienced and poses a greater risk to insurers, costing about $8,800 year or $730 monthly.

Honda Civic Insurance Cost

For more experienced drivers, the average Honda Civic 2018 insurance is $1,700 annually or $141 per month.

For drivers aged 16, 17, and 18, the typical insurance cost for a 2018 Honda Civic is around $8,500 annually, or $710 monthly.

How much does a 2022 Honda Civic’s insurance cost?

How much does insurance for a Honda Civic cost? To see how the Civic compares to other compact cars, we evaluated average auto insurance premiums for the base LX model up to the Type R model.

  • Depending on the model level, the average cost of Honda Civic insurance is $1,510 year, $755 for a 6-month policy, or $126 each month for full coverage.
  • The 2022 Honda Civic has one of the most affordable insurance costs for compact cars, running an average of $59 less annually than the rest of the competition.
  • The LX trim level of the Civic costs, on average, $1,400 a year to insure. The Type R costs $1,650 and is the most expensive.
  • In the 2022 compact car class, the Civic ranks #8 for insurance affordability out of 20 comparative cars.

Are Honda Civics high-risk vehicles?

According to published annual prices, the typical American motorist pays $1,741 for a full coverage policy for a 2019 Honda Civic. Depending on your state’s insurance laws, non-vehicle criteria like your state, age, credit score, claim history, and driving record can also determine how much a Honda Civic’s auto insurance will cost. Additionally, the same make and model of car insurance is priced differently by each company. Some of the elements that affect a Honda Civic’s car insurance rates are listed below:

  • more recent model year; safety features Modern safety systems on Honda Civics can aid the driver in avoiding an expensive collision. Several rearview cameras, active stability systems, and Honda’s Collision Mitigation Braking System are included on some models. Lower accident probabilities could potentially reduce the cost of insurance.
  • Cost of parts: Compared to other vehicles, repairing a Honda Civic following an accident is typically affordable. This model lacks the bells and whistles that can be expensive to repair on a higher-end vehicle, and the majority of the parts do not need to be imported from other countries. Because the insurers are taking on less financial risk as a result of a claim for car repairs, this can help keep insurance rates low.
  • Statistics on crash rates: The Honda Civic is known for being a very safe car. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded the 2021 model its “top safety selection” label (IIHS). It has excellent crash ratings for accident prevention and good crash ratings for the majority of injury measures.

Is Civic’s insurance expensive?

It’s not surprising that Honda Civic insurance premiums are high because it’s a well-liked vehicle among both new and seasoned drivers. The third most costly car to insure in the US is the 2018 Honda Civic.

Why is the Honda Civic so well-liked?

The Honda Civic has been one of the most popular automobiles for many years and is still at the top of the rankings today for a variety of factors.

Because it is a dependable and fuel-efficient vehicle with a variety of body types and trim levels, the Honda Civic is well-liked. The Civic has received multiple awards throughout the years, making it a well-liked choice for anyone looking for a premium vehicle.

When deciding between Civics, there are a few things to take into account, such pricing and highway noise level, but overall it’s a great car that will serve you well for many years. In this post, we’ll examine the Honda Civic in more detail and discover why so many drivers around the world now favor it.

Why are Honda cars so pricey?

Due to a severe inventory shortfall at dealers around the nation, Hondas are pricey. Major production issues for the majority of automobile brands are the result of a shortage of semiconductor chips. In the instance of Honda, customers can discover that their preferred car is significantly more expensive than usual.

Are insurance rates for the Honda Civic type R high?

For owners of Honda Civic Type-R Touring vehicles, the annual average cost of auto insurance is $4,309. However, actual charges vary according on the model; for example, the Odyssey Sport-L has an annual insurance cost of $363 higher than the Odyssey Base.

How dependable is a Honda Civic type R?

The Civic scored a good 15th place finish out of 24 vehicles in the family car class in our 2020 reliability study. The model fell to 22nd position in our most recent survey, which is concerning. Honda has a strong reputation for dependability as a brand.

Is insurance for a Toyota Corolla expensive?

It is a good idea to shop around for the best deal when purchasing vehicle insurance for a Toyota Corolla. This will enable you to compare Toyota Corolla insurance costs and locate the best offer. The model year of the car will affect the rates that auto insurance companies charge. The cost of the coverage will also depend on the driver’s unique circumstances.

The average yearly cost of insurance for a Toyota Corolla is $1,273, which is marginally less than the $1,427 average cost for insurance for a typical car type.

Depending on the insurance company, the cost to insure a Toyota Corolla might vary by as much as $720 annually.

Depending on how old the car is, the cost of insurance for a Toyota Corolla can vary by up to $340 annually, with earlier models typically costing less.

Do coupes cost extra to insure?

If you drive a coupe instead of a sedan, you may often expect to spend extra for auto insurance. Because coupes are seen as higher-risk vehicles than sedans and their owners as higher-risk drivers, many auto insurance companies charge more to insure them. This isn’t always the case, of course.

It’s vital to remember that a variety of things affect the cost of your auto insurance. According to Car Insurance Comparison, the following factors also affect the cost of your auto insurance:

  • The power of your car
  • The safety equipment in your car
  • The vehicle’s age that you want to insure

Four-cylinder vehicles are typically slower and safer since they have less horsepower than six- or eight-cylinder vehicles. Because these cars often have greater top speeds, you should expect to pay more for insurance if your car has a V-6 or V-8 engine. Many newer cars contain safety features and driver-assist systems that make them safer on the road, which reduces the risk for your insurance company. Safety features like the following could result in cheaper insurance costs:

  • security measures
  • an air bag
  • back-up cameras
  • Auto-locking brakes
  • Control for electronic stability

The age of your car is always taken into account by companies when calculating your insurance quote. A brand-new coupe will cost more to replace in the event of an accident, however an older coupe will probably cost less to repair or replace in the same circumstance. An older coupe is also likely to be less expensive to insure than a brand-new sedan.

Your driving history is a significant consideration for your insurance provider when determining your rate, whether you drive a coupe or a sedan. Your insurance provider will view you as a safe driver if you have a spotless driving record. Other factors your insurance provider will want to know about include:

  • Your marital status: Married people are typically more stable than single people, which makes them less dangerous to insure.
  • Your job: Some insurers consider some professions to be lesser risk than others.
  • Your credit score: Even while not all states permit the use of your credit score in calculating premiums, a higher credit score normally indicates a lower risk of loss for insurance companies.
  • Your age: Newer drivers have less background operating a vehicle. Therefore, as Jerry Insurance Agency says, they are more expensive to insure.
  • Your location: Insurance costs are affected by where you live because some locations have greater incidence of car theft or vandalism, which necessitates higher insurance premiums.
  • Your commute: If you have a long commute to work, you spend more time on the road, which raises the possibility that you may be in an accident.

Why are Honda Civics the most stolen vehicles?

2020 will see 34,144 thefts overall.

We enjoy the Civic’s smooth ride and roomy inside, but that isn’t the reason it’s one of the most often stolen vehicles in the country. Because Honda Civics are so prevalent and because they share parts with other Honda models, they are a prime target for thieves looking to steal parts.