Why Are Honda Civics So Easy To Steal?

Do you own a Honda Accord or Civic? You should use a CLUB lock on your steering wheel and exercise caution when parking. According to a research from Insurify, the Honda Civic and Honda Accord are the top two most stolen vehicles in America. According to reports, the 1998 Honda Civic is the most often stolen car in America (6 per 1,000 vehicles were taken last year).

With a theft rate of 5 per 1,000 vehicles and 43,764 thefts in the United States last year, the 1997 Honda Accord comes in at number two on the list. With 35,105 vehicles stolen last year, the Ford F-150 pickup is the next most common vehicle.

Hondas are the most frequently targeted because of their high resale value. Additionally, criminals might make money by stripping them and selling the parts to junkyards and repair shops. Older vehicles typically lack the sophisticated anti-theft features found on newer vehicles, making them easier to steal. The Accord had an immobilizer as standard until the 1997 model year, and auto thieves are aware of this. Another well-liked vehicle that tuners wish to alter is the Honda Civic hatchback from the sixth generation.

You ought to use extra caution if you drive a silver Honda Civic or Accord. Silver is the most popular color among auto thieves, followed by white, black, gold, and dark green, according to CCC Information Services. Check out the vehicles that are stolen the most, aside from the Honda Civic and Accord.

Why are Civics so frequently stolen?

2020 will see 34,144 thefts overall.

We enjoy the Civic’s smooth ride and roomy inside, but that isn’t the reason it’s one of the most often stolen vehicles in the country. Because Honda Civics are so prevalent and because they share parts with other Honda models, they are a prime target for thieves looking to steal parts.

Are Honda Civics frequently stolen?

Finding your automobile gone from its parking space is the fastest way to spoil your day. And if you own a Honda, you should understand that this is not a frivolous concern. The Honda Accord is ranked as the #1 automobile among thieves in the 2016 Hot Wheels survey from the National Insurance Crime Bureau. 52,244 Accords were stolen in 2015, with the most common years being 1994, 1996, and 1997. The Honda Civic comes in second with 49,430 thefts, with the top three model years being 1997, 1998, and 2000.

It is clear that thieves are aware of which vehicles are the easiest to sell, which is undoubtedly a dig at Honda. To stop your Honda from being stolen, you can do a number of things, like:

  • Transceiver: Install a radio frequency transceiver in your car so that authorities can track down a stolen vehicle.
  • Lock your vehicle: Always keep your automobile locked, even when you’re inside it.
  • Immobilizer Theft-Deterrent System: The Honda Accord and Civic models come standard with an immobilizer theft-deterrent system. An ignition key with a transponder incorporated in is used by the system. A transponder code on the automobile key must correspond to a code in the car’s computer. The engine won’t start if they don’t line up.
  • Never leave your keys in a parked car. Avoid leaving the car with the sunroof or windows open. Never let your car idle when you are not looking after it. Keep the title to your car hidden from thieves. Avoid leaving your automobile in a dark or high-crime location.
  • Glass: Have the vehicle’s windows individually be inscribed with your VIN. It deters burglars since they don’t want to spend the money to replace all the windows.
  • Don’t encourage burglars by leaving valuables like laptops, cameras, or telephones in your car.
  • Although not infallible, steering wheel locks deter thieves, who will probably move on to another vehicle without one.

When you visit our Honda dealership for a test drive of the Accord, Civic, or another outstanding model, we’ll be pleased to show you how the Honda Immobilizer System works. Your pleasure is given top attention by all of our personnel, as you will discover.

Are Honda Civics difficult to steal?

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s annual report, more than 7,500 Honda Accords from 1997 and 7,500 Honda Civics from 1998 were stolen in 2016.

Because there are so many of them on the road, the Accord and Civic have consistently topped the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s yearly list of the most stolen vehicles in the United States.

Both models again topped the list in 2016. However, the data, which the NICB obtains from the FBI, reveals that while newer models are stolen at far lower rates than older models, older models are still being stolen. The top 25 2016 vehicles that were stolen the most didn’t even include the Honda Civic.

According to NICB spokesman Frank Scafidi, the improvements in anti-theft technology are mostly to blame.

According to Scafidi, after Honda released the first generation of smart keys in 1998, the number of thefts significantly decreased.

Honda declined to comment on the specific report, but it did note that it introduced secure chip keys for the Accord and Civic in 1998 and 2001, respectively.

Are Hondas generally simple to steal?

If you drive an older Honda or Acura, you’ve probably heard how simple it is to steal one. In fact, Acuras like the Integra and RSX aren’t too far behind the Honda Civic and Honda Accord, which continue to rank among the top 10 most stolen vehicles in America. So what can you do to avoid having to exit the house to a strew of shattered glass or an empty space where your Honda Civic was once parked? Here are a few simple answers.

Which car is the most difficult to steal?

The Tesla Model X is one of the most difficult cars to steal, despite being the less expensive brother or sister of the Tesla Model S.

In addition to GPS tracking, the vehicle has a Sentry Mode that enables it to record its surroundings even when it is not in use.

Mercedes Benz GL 550 by TAC

You won’t need to be concerned about armed thieves because the Mercedes GL 550 from the Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) has a (literally) impenetrable shell. You’ll just need to relax while you wait for reinforcements.

Which Honda Civic is the most easily stolen?

The Honda Civic is at the top of the NICB’s top ten list of popular targets for auto thieves. The most frequently stolen model year is 1998. In reality, 6,707 of the 45,062 Civics seized in 2017 were made in 1998.

One source claims that silver is the most popular vehicle color for theft, followed by black, white, gold, and green. First of all, kudos to you if you own one of these vehicles for maintaining its performance and condition. Being able to still operate a car that is 20 years old is astounding. Be careful, though. Never forget to lock your Civic, and never run it while conducting a brief errand. Criminals can be interested in your vehicle.

Why do thieves target Hondas?

Due to their larger engines and higher ground clearance, which makes the converters easier to steal due to the elevated height, thieves target Honda vehicles. On the illegal market, Honda catalytic converters are worth about $1650.

Which car is the simplest to steal?

Do you see a pattern here? Toyota Camrys are no exception to the rule that the most popular cars are the ones that thieves target the most. Criminals who steal the autos and sell the universal parts for a profit find their universal parts to be catnip. Beware if you drive a 2007 model: The most frequently stolen model last year was the 2007 Toyota Camry.

  • Stolen items total 15,656.
  • A popular model is the 2007

What makes the Honda Civic so well-liked?

The Honda Civic has been one of the most popular automobiles for many years and is still at the top of the rankings today for a variety of factors.

Because it is a dependable and fuel-efficient vehicle with a variety of body types and trim levels, the Honda Civic is well-liked. The Civic has received multiple awards throughout the years, making it a well-liked choice for anyone looking for a premium vehicle.

When deciding between Civics, there are a few things to take into account, such pricing and highway noise level, but overall it’s a great car that will serve you well for many years. In this post, we’ll examine the Honda Civic in more detail and discover why so many drivers around the world now favor it.

What makes cars the most stolen?

  • Model starting cost: $18,930
  • Most stolen model: 2006.
  • 44,014 thefts total.

The 2006 Ford F-150 will be the most stolen vehicle in America in 2020. The truck has topped the list over the past two years, with approximately 44,014 units stolen in 2020—13% more than in 2019. Given their strength, dependability, and mobility, pickup trucks are undoubtedly a favorite among thieves. But given that it has a strong engine, a roomy interior, and a fantastic hauling capacity, the F-150 in particular may be the most well-liked choice.

Do steering wheel locks function?

If you don’t know what a steering wheel lock is, it’s a locking rod-style device made of metal and plastic that stretches across the steering wheel of your car to keep the wrong hands from steering it properly. In other words, if a thief starts your car and tries to drive it without first removing the lock, they won’t be able to drive it correctly, making it unusable and, ideally, discouraging the theft entirely.

However, ever since “The Club,” one of the first steering wheel locks to hit the market, was released, numerous vehicle thieves and television programs have demonstrated to disprove the efficacy of steering wheel locks. The steering wheel lock became extremely popular as a result of The Club, and numerous replicas of it were created and even improved to make theft even more difficult. However, we’re not clear if such changes were genuinely beneficial.