Which Is The Best Honda Activa Model?

Despite being referred to as a deluxe variant, it only differs from the ordinary variant by adding an LED headlight. However, the LED would cost you an additional Rs 1,700. Additionally, this variation has spoke wheels and dual drum brakes.

The Honda Activa 6G is the best option if you want a dependable 110cc scooter with distinctive appearance and strong pickup. It is advised to purchase the DLX version with the LED for the added punch. Both Activa models are eligible for a two-wheeler loan.

Which 125 or 6G Activa is the best?

The 109 cc motor in the Activa 6G, on the other hand, is smaller and produces 7.79 PS and 8.79 Nm of maximum torque. Although this motor receives a comparable style of transmission, it is underpowered and has a rough top end. This engine has outstanding fuel efficiency that is superior to most of its competitors. In contrast to the Activa 125, the power is introduced later, which leaves it behind in terms of performance.

Which scooter in Activa is the best?

Honda finally gave the Activa telescopic front suspension and an external fuel filling cap for convenience with the Activa 6G. The Activa is a much better scooter than it ever was in its 6G version. The 110cc, single-cylinder engine from the tried-and-true Honda Activa 6G complies with BS6 regulations. At 8,000 rpm, the engine generates 7.68 horsepower, and at 5,500 rpm, 8.84 Nm. It is still the most popular scooter in the nation, and it appears that the Activa will continue to enjoy widespread popularity.

Do you think Activa 6G will fail?

Honda has identified a problem in the quality of the rear cushion, which might cause oil leakage and/or full component fracture, and has issued a critical recall for the Activa 6G, Activa 125, and the new Dio.

The issue affects models that were produced between February 14 and February 15. The dealerships will shortly get in touch with customers who are affected by the recall to let them know about it. At the service center itself, the required repairs and replacements will be made without charge.

After the scooter was recalled a few weeks ago because of a defective engine cooling cover, Honda has now issued a second recall for the Activa 125. The Dio was released on February 11th, just one month after the Activa 6G launched on January 15. The BS6 Activa 125 was introduced just last year.

The Activa 125 was Honda’s first BS-VI model to be sold in the nation, and it included a number of novel innovations like fuel injectors and silent starting technology. The Activa 6G and the Dio both receive new features. Now, a 110-cc engine with fuel injection is standard in both versions. It now has somewhat lower peak torque and horsepower numbers than its BS-IV predecessors, with 8.79 Nm and 7.79 BHP, respectively.

Is the Activa 6G worth the price?

Even when you slam on the gas, the acceleration seems a little sluggish. The Activa 6G is designed for city riding, thus it performs best at speeds between 60 and 65 kph. The scooters’ advantages undoubtedly would have increased with a little more power.

No front disc, not even a choice:

The 10-inch steel wheel makes the rear drum brake function flawlessly. However, a front disc brake with more braking force would have been appreciated. Sadly, Honda doesn’t even provide a front disc as an option. Due to the lack of disc mounting points on steel wheels, Honda used a drum system. Costs would go up if alloy wheels were included.

There is no choice for a USB charging port or startup light:

Honda made changes with the Activa 6G after listening to its customers. ACG starter for silent starts, an external gasoline filler cap, a sizable front wheel with telescopic fork, and other features are included. However, there have been shortcuts. For instance, the scooter does not come standard with even optional additions like a USB charging outlet or a boot light.

Despite our criticisms, the Activa 6G has a considerably smoother engine than the 5G, better stated fuel efficiency, and better handling and ride quality, solidifying its position as a deserving replacement for the Activa 5G.

Additionally, Honda gives a three-year basic warranty that can be extended for an additional three years. The Activa 6G is a no-brainer if you’re searching for a dependable city scooter.

Is Activa 125 a good investment?

The honda activa 125 is the company’s top model for the 125cc market in India. It is a fantastic scooter with excellent style, terrific appearance, and a ton of features that is guaranteed to catch anyone’s eye. Late in 2016, I started looking for a stylish and dependable 125cc scooter, but I

The honda activa 125 is the company’s top model for the 125cc market in India. It is a fantastic scooter with excellent style, terrific appearance, and a ton of features that is guaranteed to catch anyone’s eye. Late in 2016, I started looking for a stylish yet dependable 125 cc scooter, but it wasn’t until February of 2017 that I could make a decision. At that point, I knew the Activa 125 was the best option for me. I went to the closest Honda dealership in Thirissur with the intention of buying. The salespeople at the dealership were really kind and patiently went over every feature of the activa 125 with me. I was also given the opportunity to have a test drive. I was quite pleased with this information and decided right away to get the disk brake model. I had a terrific shopping experience because Honda stores have great deals, and I paid the full price and bought the scooter right immediately. With its chrome grill up front, alloy wheels, and eye-catching colors, the scooter is definitely a head turner. The braking is precise thanks to the disk brakes and the combi brake system, and the telescopic suspension guarantees that it can tackle any road at any time. The riding experience is buttery smooth. The seats are comfy, the seats are long and wide, and they ensure that the pillion rider is also comfortable. The ride height is ideal for the majority of people. There is considerable under-seat storage, and the footboard is broad enough to accommodate any necessary groceries or other stuff. Given the traffic in the city, I think the scooter’s average mileage of 45 km per liter is fantastic. Service must be performed after 750 kilometers or one month after purchase, whichever comes first, and then every 3 months or every 3000 kilometers after that. Free are the first three services (no labour charges). The service center personnel is extremely competent and provides top-notch service. For those searching for a high-end, feature-rich scooter for daily commuting, the Honda Activa 125 is a wonderful choice. The scooter checks all the right boxes for most customers, despite the fact that rivals do have more potent choices. Smooth riding is a pro. Seating that is both roomy and comfortable. 3. A premium feel and look. 4. Huge service infrastructure. 1. Less potent than other 125 cc scooters. 2. The ride quality for passengers is average.

In 2022, which Activa model is the best?

With sales of 1,63,357 units, up 48.94% from the 1,09,678 units sold in April 2021, Honda Activa maintained its position as the top scooter in India. Activa controls a 47.17 percent share of the top 10 list.

In addition to being the most popular model in April 2022, it also had the second-highest sales rank for all two-wheelers during that month. Additionally, it dominated the sales list in FY 2022 as the scooter with the highest sales volume. None of the other scooters on the list managed to reach sales of 1 lakh units.

With sales of 60,957 units, TVS Jupiter came in at No. 2, a 138.39 percent increase over the 25,570 units sold in April 2021. This represented a volume rise of 35,387 units with a share of 17.60 percent. Due to the iQube’s high demand and desire to increase its market share in the electric two-wheeler market, TVS has introduced the S and ST, two new iQube models. In comparison to the existing iQube, which has a range of 75 kilometers on a single charge, the new iQube ST will have a larger range of 140 kilometers.

Sales of the Suzuki Access scooter decreased by 38.20 percent YoY to 32,932 units, from 53,285 units in April 2021, resulting in a volume decline of 20,353 units. Sales of TVS Ntorq climbed by 26.59 percent, or 5,308 more units, to 25,267 in April 2021 compared to 19,959 in April 2021. In addition to holding a 7.30 percent market share on this list, the Ntorq was the fourth-best-selling scooter in FY 2022.

Which Activa model is the most recent?

After almost two years since the release of its previous variant, the Honda Activa 5G, which debuted at the Auto Expo 2018, Honda has introduced the sixth-generation model, the Honda Activa 6G, in India. This scooter comes in two variations, the regular and the Deluxe, and it complies with the latest BS6 emission requirements. A 20th-anniversary edition for both models has been released by the firm in honor of Activa’s 20th birthday, featuring some fantastic color options and special features.

It is a dual-seat scooter that provides room for the rider and the passenger and enables a comfortable, extended trip. The scooter has a 5.3 L gasoline tank and can travel 45 to 55 km per gallon.

ACG silent starter motor, fuel-injected engine, new digital instrument panel, telescopic suspension, new external fuel cap, new ISP Technology, dual-function switch, and multifunctional switchgear are a few of the appealing characteristics of the Activa 6G.

The ex-showroom price in New Delhi ranges from Rs 69,645 for the entry-level Standard model to Rs 71,391 for the top-tier Deluxe variant.

Why is Activa renowned?

An Activa is regarded as having the best build quality among scooters. It comes with a body made entirely of metal. This makes the vehicle durable and able to withstand harsh conditions. Heavy rains or other weather conditions have little impact on a vehicle’s fundamental operation. If it is pushed too far, the electronics might be slightly compromised, but it will still work as a scooter. The monsoon Rally is the clearest illustration of this because it has many Honda Activas that are stressed to their breaking point by being driven through slush and rain.

Which scooter is now in style?

The Honda Activa 6G has a market share of over 55%, making it the most popular scooter in India. Honda’s success in the Indian market can be attributed in large part to the Activa series. The design of the Activa 6G is fairly secure. However, this scooter has a stylish appearance thanks to the addition of certain basic components like the front LED headlamps and chrome highlights. Additionally, the fuel injection-equipped BS-VI compliant engine that powers this Activa from the sixth generation. The ride is incredibly silent and screams sophistication. The new telescopic forks up front let the scooter absorb the rough parts of the road quite well. However, the scooter lacks certain contemporary features including disc brakes, alloy wheels, and a digital instrument cluster. Due to its outstanding dependability and affordable maintenance, Activa has developed a reputation for itself over the last 20 years.