Which Is Bigger Toyota Highlander Or Honda Pilot?

Midsize SUVs with three rows of seating are now the go-to choice for families with four or more children. Customers who purchase in this class may anticipate plenty of room for passengers and cargo, a wide range of convenience amenities, and (for the most part) simple car-seat installation.

Two of the most popular options for a crossover SUV with a third row are the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander. The 2022 Honda Pilot and 2022 Toyota Highlander are comparable in size and interior space, other from that. Both come with a typical V6 engine. Toyota also has a hybrid Highlander available for those looking for improved gas mileage.

This 2022 Honda Pilot vs. Toyota Highlander comparison will aid in your decision-making if you’re torn between the two vehicles.

Is there a Honda SUV that is larger than the Pilot?

The size is one of the greatest distinctions between the Honda Pilot and Passport. Greater in size than the passport is the Pilot. The Pilot has up to eight seats, while the Passport has five.

The two-row Honda Passport has 114.9 cubic feet of overall passenger volume and up to 100.8 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the first row. With 152.9 cubic feet of passenger volume and 109 cubic feet of luggage volume, the three-row Pilot is about 6 inches longer than the Passport. Visit our Honda dealership to test drive these SUVs, then register for Honda rebates and lease offers.

The Toyota Highlander is the largest SUV available.

One of the strongest rivals to the Toyota Highlander is the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse. Comparing the cabin measurements of the two vehicles reveals that the Traverse is, in fact, almost a foot longer than the Highlander. The Traverse boasts 20% more third-row legroom and an additional 14.5 cubic feet of total load space.

Mobile Wi-Fi, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay are additional standard amenities on the Traverse. None of the Highlander trim levels provide any of those technologies. Furthermore, the Traverse is less expensive to start even though Toyota offers the most common safety measures. You can therefore put the money you save towards Chevy extras like collision-avoidance braking, lane-keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control, and more.

Which tows more effectively, the pilot or the Highlander?

Maximum towing weight for the Pilot is 5,000 pounds. Similar numbers are available for the Highlander, which comes standard with front-wheel drive and 295 horsepower. The maximum towing capacity for all-wheel drive is 5,000 pounds, and there are several versions available.

Is the Toyota Highlander the same size as the Honda Passport?

The Toyota Highlander measures 195 inches in length, 76 inches in width, and 68 inches in height, making it a sizable SUV. The Honda Passports are 191 inches long, 79 inches wide, and 72 inches tall by comparison.

Which SUV is Honda’s largest?

The new 2021 Honda Pilot is not only the largest SUV in Honda’s remarkable lineup, but it is also the only one featuring a third row of seats. The CR-V, HR-V, and Passport are all fantastic vehicles in their own right, but if size is what you’re after, the Pilot is the best option.

CRV and Honda Pilot size comparison

The Pilot has a larger interior than the CR-V due to its larger size. It has a maximum cargo volume of 83.9 cu ft and a total passenger volume of 152.9 cu ft. The CR-V, in contrast, has a maximum cargo volume of 75.8 cu ft and a total passenger volume of 105.9 cu ft.

The Highlander or the Pilot has bigger cargo room.

83.7 and 83.9 cubic feet of cargo space are available within the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot, respectively. The Pilot, however, has more space behind the back seats. As opposed to 13.8 cubic feet inside the Highlander, you get 16.5 cubic feet of traditional cargo space. Additionally, the Pilot’s passenger volume is 152.9 cubic feet larger than the Highlander’s, or 8 cubic feet. You and your passengers can spread out and relax on the Pilot’s larger interior surfaces. For instance, the Pilot’s third-row occupants have 57.6 inches of shoulder room, compared to only 55 inches in the Highlander.

RAV4 versus Highlander, which one is larger?

Differences between the 2019 Highlander and RAV4 The interior capacity and performance options of the RAV4 and Highlander are where the most contrast exists. Compared to the RAV4’s 139 cubic feet of cargo space, the Highlander has a larger SUV.

The Toyota Highlander may have issues.

This generation of Highlanders has received comparatively few complaints from owners. However, some owners report concerns with the motorized tailgate becoming caught in the open or closed position, a musty odor coming from the air conditioning system, and excessive wind noise when traveling at highway speeds.

Highlander or Pilot, which has greater legroom?

Highlander: A car’s interior space is significantly influenced by its exterior dimensions. In this instance, the Highlander is a few inches shorter overall than its rivals in terms of length, width, and height, which results in a significantly smaller cabin. Headroom for the first row is 39.6 inches, the second row is 39.4 inches, and the third row is 36.1 inches in all trims without the panoramic sunroof. The first and second rows, respectively, lose an inch and two inches due to the panoramic sunroof of the Platinum trim. The first and second rows have shoulder room of about 59 inches, while the third row has shoulder room of only 55 inches. Despite being smaller, the Highlander has a longer wheelbase than the Honda, measuring 112 inches as opposed to 111 inches. Due to the vehicle’s reduced length, the third row suffers with only 27.7 inches of legroom. This translates to somewhat more space between the wheels.

Pilot: Even the tallest passengers can fit comfortably in the Pilot. It almost overshadows the Highlander with 40.1 inches of headroom without the sunroof and 39.5 inches with it. In the first two rows, there is significantly more shoulder room than in the Highlander, at 62 inches. Additionally, the third row is over two inches wider. Legroom in the first two rows is lower than in the Highlander due to the slightly shorter wheelbase, measuring 40.9 inches and 38.4 inches respectively, but the Pilot’s longer length comes into play in the third row, where it provides over four inches more legroom than its rival.

Do Highlanders continue to be valuable?

The Highlander received higher ratings than other well-liked cars like the Honda Pilot and Subaru Ascent. KBB data indicates that the Highlander keeps 60.2% of its value 36 months after purchase. It still retains 46.3% of its value after 60 months.

Do the Honda Pilot’s transmission issues still exist?

The Honda Pilot’s transmission issues persisted from 2018 to 2020. Throughout these years, the transmission kept jerking and bothering car owners. Despite the fact that it didn’t have many significant flaws, this is still the case.

The majority of jerking issues were found in automobiles with higher mileage and less frequent maintenance. And since the fluid was not changed frequently and the automobile did not receive enough clean fluid to ensure precise shifts, this was primarily the owners’ problem.

Therefore, if you’re searching for a used Honda Pilot, you should choose some vehicles with fewer kilometers on the odometer. This will give you some assurance that some transmission problems won’t arise.

Before you buy, make sure to check the engine and transmission as well. Make sure the shifts are smooth by taking the car for a drive. If the car shifts poorly and has issues throughout the test drive, you will be aware that your future car has some issues.

It is advised to steer clear of this vehicle and opt for one with comparable features. Because if the transmission breaks, you’ll need to spend more than $3,000 to replace it. instead, spend $1,500–$2,500 to have the transmission rebuilt.

Toyota Highlander vs. Honda Passport: Which is superior?

The 2020 Passport outperformed the Highlander in every test, defeating it in the areas of performance, safety, and overall rating as well as the prized critics’ rating, achieving an astounding 9 out of 10 compared to the Highlander’s subpar 7.5.

Which is better, the passport or the Highlander?

The 2021 Toyota Highlander outperforms the 2021 Honda Passport despite both being capable drivers. Its fuel efficiency is a little bit greater, and overall, the driving performance is balanced. The Highlander is undoubtedly a family-oriented vehicle with plenty of capacity and displays a lot of swagger for a third-row SUV.

What rivals does the Honda Passport face?

Honda Passport Winner Simply put, the Passport’s performance, capability, versatility, and high-end standard amenities are unmatched by the competitors from Jeep, Ford, GMC, and Chevrolet.

What model of car is Honda’s pinnacle?

Depending on your level of familiarity with the auto industry, you may not be aware that Honda’s luxury brand is Acura. In comparison to Honda, Acura provides a far more condensed lineup of three sedans, two SUVs, and one supercar. You’re not entirely out of luck if you prefer to stick with a more conventional Honda automobile. The top-tier Touring trim is offered on the majority of Honda models and is likely to please.

Which Honda has the largest interior?

Most Roomy Selections

  • Pick for Most Spacious Vehicle in the 2020 Honda Accord. Common Key Characteristics. Volume of Passengers: 105.6 cubic feet.
  • Pick for Most Spacious Vehicle in the 2020 Honda Odyssey. Common Key Characteristics. Volume of Passengers: 163.6 cubic feet.
  • The most spacious vehicle is the 2020 Honda Pilot. Common Key Characteristics.