Which Honda S2000 Is Best Year?

What years are ideal for purchasing? Truth be said, there is no undisputed “best year S2000. On paper, the 2002 and later versions should be chosen because they have updated suspension and glass back windows.

Which AP1 or AP2 S2000 is superior?

The highest red line, at 9000 rpm, belongs to the AP1. To me, the red line represents the car in its most basic form. The engine size was enlarged by.2 in the second iteration, AP2 v1, which led to an increase in torque and a minor drop in horsepower.

The Honda S2000 is dependable.

The S2000 continues Honda’s tradition of building some of the world’s most dependable automobiles. The S2000 has shown to be a dependable mode of transportation, whether you use it daily or as a weekend warrior, despite its high-revving engine and aggressive suspension. Even better, because the S2000 is still a Honda, replacement parts are still widely accessible and reasonably priced.

On its reliability assessment, Repair Pal even gave the Honda S2000 four out of five stars. The only maintenance required, according to CarZing, is an oil change around every 6,000 miles, which serves as additional support. Of course, once the automobile has accumulated 150,000 miles, other maintenance tasks like clutch replacement, brake work, and perhaps strut replacement may be required. However, there have been numerous accounts of S2000 owners logging 300,000 or more miles on their vehicles without any significant problems.

In fact, a Road and Track editor just bought a Honda S2000 with more than 300,000 miles on it. He claimed that the vehicle runs “amazingly” and that no significant repairs are required because everything is “tight and calibrated.”

Is buying an S2000 worthwhile?

A fantastic high-performance roadster that is practical for regular driving is the Honda S2000.

For aficionados of sports cars and roadsters, the late 1990s and early 2000s were a brilliant time, as numerous fantastic models, including the Nissan 350z, Mazda MX-5, and of course the Honda S2000, were debuted. The Honda S2000 is still extremely desirable because it is still one of the best sports cars you can buy.

It’s a fantastic alternative for anyone seeking for a used roadster because to its renowned VTEC engine and classic design. There are a few drawbacks to purchasing an automobile that is 22 years old, though, because of its age. Before purchasing a Honda S2000, consider the ten items listed below.

What Honda S2000 model is the rarest?

Honda’s open-top S2000 two-door roadster was available in North America from 2008 to 2009 as the S2000 CR, a version designed for the racetrack. With only 700 cars trickling off dealer lots at an MSRP of US$37,300 over its two-year lifetime, it wasn’t exactly a hot commodity at the time. We’re sorry, but this video couldn’t load.

Which one, AP1 or AP2, is more forgiving?

Mid-to-high handicap players are typically better served by the more forgiving AP1 irons, whereas established amateurs and professionals favor the enhanced playability of the AP2 irons.

Can you commute on an S2000?

Absolutely, yes! Drive an S2000 or any other sports automobile that suits your needs if you wish to! There is nothing better than approaching every corner and motorway onramp like Ayrton Senna, aside from normal commuting. After all, life is too short to spend every day in a Honda Element.

What makes the S2000 unique?

First of all, that engine contributed to the mythology of the S2000. When you first start the car, this might not seem to be the case because it doesn’t seem to show anything exceptional as you wait for it to reach idle. You continue to apply some revs while pondering the fuss. However, the S2000 really starts to become truly unique until you find that redline and begin to drive it seriously. The S2000 had a normally aspirated production automobile engine with the highest specific output ever recorded. Remember that the engine produces 124 horsepower per liter—without a turbocharger or supercharging.

The engine is connected to the absolutely stunning manual transmission. For years, people have waxed poetic about this gearbox, but the truth is that it is just that amazing. According to publications like Top Gear, the mechanical connection you feel between the engine and the gears may perhaps be the greatest available right now. In the S2000, changing gear is an event rather than just a procedure. At high rpm, you can shift into the next gear quickly, or when softly cruising, you can shift into the next gear gradually. Honda did a fantastic job pairing the engine and transmission.

Honda S2000s uncommon?

Honda sold only 700 S2000 CR models, making them exceedingly rare. Due to their scarcity and assortment of track-focused improvements, they have increased in value over the past five years from being $30,000 cars to six-figure collectors. In addition to having unique wheels, a quicker steering rack, stiffer suspension, revised aero, extra chassis bracing, and a one-piece detachable hardtop roof, CR models also received these upgrades.

This one, which has 123 kilometers on the odometer and is finished in yellow over black Alcantara and cloth, looks the part. The interior is in excellent condition, and the body panels and roof piece appear to be in flawless condition. The car’s engine compartment and underside appear to have never been touched by the outside world, which is not unexpected given that it has only traveled an average of 8.7 miles annually since it was first delivered in 2008.

Currently, a similarly equipped CR that sold for $122,500 on Bring a Trailer back in February 2022 has the distinction of most valued S2000 in the world. However, the mileage on that vehicle was 5500 when it was sold. At the time of writing, Rahal’s CR had received bids as high as $111,111, and there were still three days left to place them.

Rahal has relocated an S2000 using the Bring a Trailer platform before. The six-time IndyCar race winner paid $48,000 back in 2018 for a pristine 2000 S2000 painted in red with 1000 kilometers on the odometer. The next year, he earned $70,000 by auctioning off a 91-mile example.

What is the S2000 worth?

What is the value of a 2000 Honda S2000? A used 2000 Honda S2000 is worth between $6,651 and $12,950 depending on the mileage, extras, and condition of the car. Get a free evaluation right here.

Will Honda produce the S2000 once more?

This is expected to occur in 2024, to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the original S2000, according to insider reports.

The next-generation Honda Civic Type R’s engine will likely power the S2000, but Honda supposedly wants to make the new car seem remarkably identical to the original (to the extent this is possible with modern requirements around safety etc).

In the interim, the original S2000 is the only convertible Honda sports car worth considering.

For more details on this fantastic car, see our Honda S2000 buyer’s guide and model history.

Do you anticipate Honda bringing the S2000 back? What additional Honda models would you like to see updated? Please feel free to comment below to start the conversation.

What did a new S2000 CR cost?

The sticker price for the Honda S2000 in the United States in 2018 was $37,300. It was built solely in Japan. All but one of the 700 produced made it to the owners. There is still no explanation for that one model. The MSRP of the item that was auctioned off in 2009 was $37,795. The previous benchmark was $122,500.

Are blades AP2?

It’s crucial to remember that these aren’t blades though. They don’t even come close to having a true forged blade’s feel. If you’ve been playing forged blade for a while, you should carefully think about why you want to attend the AP2.

What took the AP2’s place?

The T100 takes over for the AP2, the T200 for the AP3, and the T300 for the AP1. We now need to determine how the new models stack up against their predecessors now that the range has been correctly sequenced.

What took the AP1’s place?

If you’ve been following along, you’ve undoubtedly realized that the T300 is the AP1’s replacement, and as the numbers increase, so do the clubs and the amount of bundled technology.

The technology story here closely resembles that of the T200, however it’s important to note that the T300’s cavityback application of Max Impact technology in the 4–7 irons differs from the hollow body design of the T200 (Max Impact has no real benefit in the higher lofted clubs, so as it does in the T200, its use stops at the 7-iron). There are no hollow-body long irons in the T300, in contrast to the AP1, which uses cavityback designs throughout the entire set.

The Max Impact core that supports the face required to be larger because the head is physically larger, but other than that, the polymer material is the same, and similarly with T200, the placement of the Max Impact technology looks to be positioned off-center. It’s important to emphasize that it is intended to sit at the clubhead’s geometric center, not the center of the hitting area. Have faith that Titleist has thought of this specific aspect.

The T300 also inherits other T-Series design principles. The larger iron can move through the turf more effectively because to its revised sole design, which features greater camber and bounce. It provides progressive CG positions and progressive blade lengths (high launching long irons, more penetrating scoring clubs).

Although the T300 is not as little as the other irons in the range, it is neither a bulky or even excessively huge super game enhancement iron, as described by Titleist.

The question of whether or not that makes it attractive is entirely different. When the less-than-glamorous photos for the USGA’s conforming grooves database emerged before the glamour photos, Titleist wasn’t helped at all. It’s unclear whether the iron will have a change in fortune once customers start using it because the early response hasn’t been positive.

Even though the T300 is the most aesthetically aggressive iron that Titleist has ever produced, the negative sentiment will probably fade over time. Josh Talge believes that although it may not be what everyone anticipated from Titleist, “it goes high, it goes far. It’s quite entertaining and very playable.

An S2000 can go how fast?

What Speed Is an S2000? The S2000’s 1,997cc inline four cylinder DOHC-VTEC engine produces 237247hp (depending on the market), allowing it to reach 100 km/h in about 6 seconds and reach a top speed of little over 255 km/h (158 mph).

What is a Honda S2000’s top speed?

That seems possible. The answer is a resounding “No” for a factory-built Honda S2000. An S2000’s 2.2-liter VTEC four-cylinder engine produces a maximum output of 237 horsepower, allowing it to go from 0 to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds and reach a top speed of about 149 mph.

Stuart Leiby of T1 Racing Development participated in the Indianapolis Airstrip Attack competition, which was run by Shift S3ctor, as shown in a video uploaded to YouTube by 1320video. Leiby had been running at speeds in excess of 190 mph. He was actually able to reach a speed of 199.6 mph on one run (based on his Dragy meter).