What Type Of Transmission Fluid For 2002 Honda Accord?

Full Synthetic Dexron VI Automatic Transmission Fluid, 1 Quart, FRAM Transmission Fluid (Part No. F426)

What ATF is suitable for my Honda?

Honda does advise using genuine Honda OEM automatic transmission fluid even though they advise against flushing your automatic transmission fluid due to the possibility that the pressure from the flush pump could harm the solenoids.

Is Honda transmission fluid need to be used in a Honda?

Do you have to use fluids from the Honda brand? Yes is the clear-cut response. Corrosion is the key, and Honda fluids are the best fluid to reduce corrosion and keep your Honda dependable. Different metal alloys and rubber compounds are used by various auto manufacturers in vehicle components.

Does Honda’s gearbox fluid need to be special?

You should definitely use Honda-branded transmission fluid with Honda gearboxes, as the first thing to keep in mind while using one of these transmissions. You could experience issues if you fill your transmission with non-Honda transmission fluid. Although it may appear to be a cynical tactic to persuade you to purchase their transmission fluid, which it kind of is, it actually has an impact on your Honda transmission.

Also to be highlighted is the lack of changeable filters in Honda automatic transmissions. Filters are present in Honda transmissions, however they are internal. The transmission case must be opened in order to replace the filter in a Honda transmission. Honda transmission filters don’t have a recommended service interval because they are apparently lifetime filters. A Honda transmission merely needs its old fluid to be drained out, the drain plug be cleaned, and fresh Honda fluid to be poured in. You should be able to prevent the majority of transmission issues if you do this around every 50,000 kilometers. However, just like with all transmissions, if you skip the suggested maintenance steps, you’ll probably experience transmission issues.

Does Honda advise changing the gearbox filter?

Every 30,000 or 50,000 miles, your Honda Accord gearbox filter needs to be replaced. If you’re interested in learning more about mileage and time intervals, feel free to consult the maintenance manual for your car.

Does the Honda transmission filter need to be changed?

Every 30,000 or 50,000 miles, your Honda Civic gearbox filter needs to be replaced. For more details on mileage and time intervals, make sure to consult the maintenance manual for your car.

How much does a Honda Accord gearbox fluid replacement cost?

Best in Automotive Repair A Honda Accord gearbox fluid change typically costs between $109 and $122. Between $48 and $60 is the expected cost of labor, while $61 is the estimated cost of parts.

Is OEM transmission fluid required?

These are identical to Genuine fluid but offer a far better price. If the repair is not covered by warranty and you are responsible for the cost, choose an OEM item if your automobile is older than three or four years. For less money than the authentic fluid, you may purchase the exact same fluid that came in your automobile at the factory.

Which ATF is the best?

The Castrol Transmax Dex/Merc ATF is our top choice for the best transmission fluid. The vast majority of domestic cars on the market can use it, and it produces excellent results.

Check out the ACDelco Dexron VI Synthetic ATF if you’re seeking for something even more cost-effective. It may be utilized in many different makes and models and has a superb value to performance ratio.

ATF DW1 and ATF Z1 may be combined.

Honda claims that mixing DW1 and Z1 fluid in a vehicle without risk. But never mix Z1 with DW1 in automobiles that have DW1 out of the box.

The view of Honda on transmission flushing:

The aforementioned Honda technique asks for 4 D&Fs, which will bring you to around 88% DW-1: