What Size Tires Are On A Honda Odyssey?

235/65R16. 194 99 ea. 194 99 ea. You may be sure that Firestone Complete Auto Care will match any current, locally published tire price thanks to the Priced Right pledge.

How much do Honda Odyssey tires cost to replace?

Depending on the type and size of tire you’re looking for, tire costs can vary substantially. Normal Honda Odyssey tires range in cost from $150 to $350 each, but high-performance tires can cost well over $500.

Is Yokohama a reliable company?

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For many drivers, Yokohama tires are an excellent option. Although the company sells a variety of goods, customers tend to favor its performance and all-season versions. The warranties on Yokohama’s tread life are typical, as are its costs. A few models, nevertheless, are more affordable substitutes for other well-known names.

Industry Position:

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For the driver who is environmentally sensitive, Yokohama tires are a great choice. The business, in terms of both its production and its goods, is among the most environmentally friendly tire producers in the market.

In this Yokohama tires analysis, we’ll examine the company’s history, its rankings in the industry, its most well-liked models, tire prices, and more. Since tires are frequently an expensive investment, it is worthwhile to investigate several manufacturers before selecting the tire that is ideal for you.

How big is a 235 710R460A tire?

An example PAX System size is 235/710R460A 104T, which specifies the tire and wheel dimensions in millimeters (235 mm Section Width, 710 mm Tire Overall Diameter, and 460A mm Rim Diameter; the “A” in 460A denotes that these tires have “asymmetric” beads in which the outside bead (450 mm) and inside bead (470 mm) are spaced at different distances from one another).