What Size Tires Are On A Honda Accord?

Tire size for the 2012 Honda Accord LX-P is P215/60R16.

What size tires will fit a Honda?

Despite the fact that the 1997 model isn’t the one that most people are interested in, the Honda CR-V was originally introduced for the 1997 model year. As a result, we will only discuss the latest five model years in this article. While the LX and Special Edition vehicles have 235/65/R17 tires, the 2022 and 2021 EX, EX, and EX-L models have 235/60R18 tires. 235/55R19 tires are included with the touring model.

There are two tire sizes available for the 2020 CR-V EX 2WD, EX AWD, EX-L 2WD, and EX-L AWD models: 235/60R18 or 235/55R19. The Touring AWD and 2WD models use 235/55R19 tires, but the LX 2WD and LX AWD models both use 235/65R17 tires. These precise tire sizes are also used by the CR-V models for 2018 and 2019.

What size rims come stock on the Honda Accord?

For the 10th generation, front wheels should be between 17 and 21 inches in diameter, with widths between 7.5 and 10 inches and offsets between +20 and +55 millimeters.

For the rear, you can use any wheel between 17 and 20 inches in diameter, with a width of 7.5 to 10 inches and an offset of +15 to +55 millimeters.

Since the default wheels are 19 inches, “Most users run either a wider 19″ wheel or a slightly larger 20” wheel with a short sidewall tire.

running an 18-inch shoe “The other typical arrangement is wheels, particularly for daily drivers and those who prefer a little more tire showing.

Which tires brand does Honda use?

One of the most reputable brands in the world, Honda has a long history. Honda’s success has been largely attributed to its lineup’s diversity, which includes coupes, sedans, hybrids, CUVs, SUVs, and trucks. Choose Bridgestone when it comes to your Honda tires.

For your Honda tires, whichever model you drive, Bridgestone is the best option. Potenza tires are designed for speed and give control, reactivity, and remarkable handling if you’re seeking for high performance. For Honda drivers who prefer a smooth ride, Turanza tires are the best option. Our Ecopia series offers all-season performance, a comfortable ride, and improved fuel efficiency for your Honda. For your Honda vehicle or SUV, Dueler tires work to maximize strength and durability so you can traverse rough terrain. In the event of a puncture, our DriveGuard run-flat tires are designed to keep you moving for up to 50 miles at a speed of up to 50 mph. You’ll want Blizzak for your Honda tires when it’s cold outside and the worst of the winter driving conditions are here.

Bridgestone tires are equipped with the technology to meet your needs. To locate the ideal set of tires for your Honda vehicle, truck, or SUV, check out our tire catalog.

* The degree of tire damage, the quantity of pressure loss, and the driving environment all affect how easily DriveGuard tires can be repaired. For further information, speak to a Bridgestone dealer.

How can I determine the size of my tires?

There are two places where you may find the tire size for your car and its wheels: Your tire’s sidewall. inside the driver-side door’s frame.

Which tire types are on a 2017 Honda Accord?

You have a wide variety of tire options to choose from when outfitting your Accord because these factory tire sizes include 215/55R17 tires, 225/50R17 tires, 235/35R19 tires, and 235/40R19 tires.