What Size Tires Are On A 2016 Honda Civic?

  • EX-T 215/50R17.
  • LX 215/55R16.

What size are the tires on my Honda Civic?

The tire dimensions for the 2021 Honda Civic are P215/50HR17, P215/55HR16, P235/40WR18, and P245/30YR20. The wheel (rim) sizes for the 2021 Honda Civic are 17 x 7, 16 x 7, 18 x 8, and 20 x 8.5.

How big are the rims on a 2016 Honda Civic LX?

Depending on the year, model, and trim level, the majority of Honda Civics come standard with a 5×114. 3 bolt pattern with rims that range in size from 15 to 20 inches.

Can a Honda Civic be fitted with 17 tires?

17.5″ wheels In this generation of Honda Civics, 17×8 wheels can be mounted flush or almost flush with offsets ranging from +45 to +35.

What size tire, 215 55R16, is it?

215/55R16 tires are 25.3 tall, have an 8.5 section width, and suit 16-inch wheels. The circumference is 79.5 inches, or 797 miles per rotation.

Which tires are standard on Honda Civics?

Depending on the model level, the 205/55R16 or 215/40R17 tires are standard on the majority of Civics. Nevertheless, some of the sportier variants have bigger, more aggressive tire sizes, including 235/40R18 tires or even 245/30R20 tires.

Can my Honda Civic have larger tires?

You can select a different size and offset for your replacement wheels, but they must have the same bolt pattern as your factory-installed wheels. In general, we DO NOT advise getting a wheel that is wider or taller than your factory wheel by more than 2 inches.

How can I determine the size of my tires?

There are two places where you may find the tire size for your car and its wheels: Your tire’s sidewall. inside the driver-side door’s frame.

What size wheels come on Honda Civics?

The Civic LX Hatchback has 16-inch alloy wheels with 215/55 R16 all-season tires on them. 235/40 R18 all-season tires are mounted on 18-inch alloy wheels on the Civic Sport Hatchback. The Civic EX-L Hatchback comes equipped with stylish 17-inch alloy wheels that are shod in 215/50 R17 all-season tires as standard.

For a Honda Civic, how much would a pair of tires cost?

The cost of a Honda Civic tire typically ranges from $150 to $350, however high-performance tires can cost well over $500.

What is the 2016 Honda Civic’s bolt pattern?

The bolt pattern of the 2016 Honda Civic Sedan EX-L is 5-114.3 mm. This indicates that there are 5 lugs and that the circumference of the circle formed by the lugs is 114.3 mm, or 4.5 inches.

Why are 17″ wheels preferable?

The Quick Response In comparison to 16-inch wheels, larger 17-inch alloy wheels will improve cornering and stability and give the vehicle livelier handling. In contrast to 17 wheels, 16 wheels are more affordable, less noisy on the road, have higher fuel efficiency, and are more comfortable to ride on.

Better than 17-inch tires, 18-inch tires

The Quick Response. Compared to smaller 17 alloys, smaller 18 alloys will have tires with a lower profile. The advantages of the 18 alloys include sharper handling and a more attractive appearance, but the 17 alloys compare favorably in terms of comfort, quietness, and price.

What distinguishes 205 from 215 tire sizes?

You should be aware that installing 215 tires on a vehicle that was originally equipped with 205 tires will probably result in a slight rise in ride height. The difference in tire diameter between 205 and 215 tires is 0.4 inches, making 215 tires 0.2 inches taller than 205 tires. Even though this won’t have a significant impact, it is nevertheless important to note.

There are many advantages to having a greater ground clearance, including the ability to go through more difficult terrain, improved vision, and improved shock absorption. However, a higher ground clearance also elevates the center of gravity, which makes the car less dynamic and causes it to roll further into the corner.