What Is The Mileage Of Honda Shine 125Cc?

A 124.73 cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine and 5-speed transmission are standard equipment on the Honda CB Shine. The fact that this engine does not contaminate the environment makes it perfect for city traffic. It has a power output of 10.57 bhp at 7500 rpm and a torque output of 10.30 Nm at 5500 rpm.

2. What are the several Honda CB Shine variations?

3. Why is the Honda CB Shine’s on-road price different from its ex-showroom price?

Additionally, the ex-showroom pricing varies across India. Additional costs like registration fees, road tax, insurance, and so forth are included in the on-road price. As a result, the Honda CB Shine’s on-road price and ex-showroom price are different. Cities have different fees for these services.

4. What distinguishes the Honda CB Shine from other Honda models?

In comparison to older models, the Honda CB Shine that is currently on the market has a sportier, more fashionable appearance. The body includes a gasoline tank with an aggressive appearance, new tank shrouds, a redesigned instrument cluster, a clock, and an indicator for when maintenance is necessary.

5. What distinguishes the Honda CB Shine?

The bike features a stylish appearance in addition to a cozy seat for the rider and the passenger. You can hold on by using the noticeable grab rail. It has a sports bike-like appearance thanks to the thin tail section. The top-tier variant has black alloy wheels and tires with Honda Eco technology. A stronger grip on the road is guaranteed by this technology. The bike’s great mileage is made possible by its low rolling resistance.

6. The Honda CB Shine’s brakes: how do they work?

Depending on the configuration, the Honda CB Shine has one of three types of brakes. They are CBS, drum brakes, and disc brakes (Composite Braking System). By simultaneously applying braking force to the front and back wheels, CBS technology protects the rider.

7. What companies compete directly with the Honda CB Shine?

Excellent bikes like the Honda CB Shine compete head-to-head with models like the Bajaj Discover, Hero Super Splendor, and Hero Glamor i3S.

8. What is the Honda CB Shine’s fuel efficiency?

Under test conditions, the Honda CB Shine achieves a great mileage of 60 km/l. A top speed of 93 kmph is achievable on this bike. It is the perfect bike to ride on city streets.

9. How many liters of fuel can the Honda CB Shine hold in its tank?

The 11-liter gasoline tank on the Honda CB Shine has a sporty appearance. You can ride for roughly 70 km on just the reserve fuel thanks to its 1.3 liter capacity.

What is the Honda Shine’s mileage after five years?

It can achieve 45 km/l in city riding circumstances and 55 km/l on the highway, according to users’ (5-year-old CB Shine bike) experience, provided it is properly maintained and serviced on a regular basis.

Which Honda bike is the best?

Top 10 Honda Motorcycles

  • 5G Honda Activa. 109.19 cc. 60 Kmpl.62,330 -64,287.
  • Shine Honda. 124.73 cc. 65 Kmpl.60,379 -65,573.
  • Ad.
  • Suzuki Dio 109.19 cc. 55 Kmpl.53,128 -53,128.
  • 2018 Honda CBR250R 249.60 cc. 2.10L – 1.79L, 26.5 PS at 8500 rpm.
  • 125 Honda Activa. 124.9 cc. 60 Kmpl.
  • Nissan Navi. 109.19 cc. 37.57 kmpl.

How can I ride my bike farther?

The mileage of your bike is significantly influenced by how frequently you service it. Servicing lengthens the lifespan of your car as well as the health of the engine. As a result, the engine’s health will always decline, as will its mileage. Make sure the engine oil is always checked, regardless of whether you decide to postpone the service.

Is Honda Shine a good investment?

See, I can advise using the newest Honda Shine SP model blindly. But yes, you will be asking yourself, “Why?” Ask yourself a couple questions. 1) Which firm has the most experience producing engines for two wheelers. 2) Name the technically sound company. Which bicycle has a high resale value. 4) Which manufacturers of motorcycles on the market offer consistent mileage even after two to three years. When it comes to Shine and Glamour: 1) Why would Shine have become the greatest selling bike? Why are so many people choosing Shine? 2) Do you know what the future holds for Glamour? (Or the company may stop producing like TATA NANO.) 3) SHINE has been on the road for more than ten years and is still the best-selling motorcycle (much like the Alto and WagonR in the four-wheeler category.) 4) SHINE engineers have improved the bike over time by making it more superior and smooth. For city conditions, you might say it’s virtually perfect. You can therefore absolutely choose SHINE. Attempt a test drive if you like. Feel the excellent pickup, the smooth engine, and the reduced need for gear changes. (Most of the time, there is no need for gear changes because I have started my bike in 4th gear. (Not Joking. You may test-ride my bike.)) Finally… Push yourself to make sensible decisions.

Shine and glamour both have comparable levels of fuel efficiency, but glamour has greater overall aesthetics. Glamour sounds better when it has a bassy, substantial sound, while shine sounds like it has a faulty silencer. In terms of comfort and driving dynamics, glamour performs better with a greater weight since it lessens the experience of highway wind blast and has reduced maintenance costs. Overall, across all of India, glamour is a better commodity with higher resale value.

Although glamour is frequently more stable, cb shine offers you a solid constructed quality with torque, so that doesn’t mean shine lacks comfort. I traveled 280 kilometers up-and-down with my mother from Asansol to Jharkhand. With my partner, I traveled 600 kilometers up and down in comfort from Asansol to Digha. You can choose to go for cb shine because of your performance.

Well, you see. Both bikes are about comparable in practically every way, but I’d choose a Honda bike since its spare components are more robust than those made by any other business, and wear and tear is also reduced. Thus, I’d pick Honda.

Which bicycle is ideal for daily 100-kilometer runs?

You should think about the 150 cc bikes, in my opinion. They execute admirably and on par with one another. Bajaj V15, Pulsar 150 or 200NS, Yamaha FZ, Honda CB Hornet, and Hero Xtreme are options to look into.

Which motorcycle sells the most in India?

In this month’s sales ranking, the legendary Classic 350 from Royal Enfield takes one of the top five spots. May 2022 saw 29,959 reservations for the cruiser, which represents an eight percent drop from the 32,575 units sold the previous month. Price-wise, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 series is available from Rs 1,90,092 to Rs 2,21,297. (ex-showroom, Delhi).

The bike with the highest CC is?

This is the beginning of a new Triumph motorcycle mythology that elevates the groundbreaking Rocket DNA engine platform to a whole new level and leaves an enduring imprint on the motorcycle industry.

The brand-new Rocket 3 triple engine offers simply astounding performance and a riding experience that is unmatched in its class. With an expanded 2,500cc capacity and an unmatched peak torque number of 163 LB-FT, the highest of any production motorbike ever manufactured, this engine has the greatest engine capacity ever seen on a motorcycle.


The new 2,500cc Triumph triple engine is the largest production motorcycle engine in the world and has even more capacity and power than its illustrious predecessor. A new crankcase assembly, which saves 24.25 pounds, a new lubrication system with a dry sump and integral oil tank, which saves 8.6 pounds, and new balancer shafts all contribute to a weight reduction of 39.68 pounds in this new Rocket, proving that an increase in capacity need not necessarily mean an increase in weight (saving 7.94 pounds). This engine is also beautifully finished and detailed, with gorgeous machined fins on the upper and lower crankcases, among other features.


The new Rocket 3 offers a thrilling ride with more power from a low 3,500 rpm and all the way up to a new higher redline of 7,000 rpm. It has a peak output of 164 HP at 6,000 rpm (11% more than the previous version). With its incredible flat, rich torque curve that peaks at 4,000 rpm and maintains maximum torque all the way through the mid-range to provide effortless acceleration and response in any gear, the new Rocket’s peak torque of 163 LB-FT is the highest production motorcycle torque figure in the world. It also outperforms the previous generation Rocket. With the bike’s power and chassis set-up working together, this torque produces astounding acceleration statistics of 0-62 mph in under 2.89 seconds.


On both the Rocket 3 R and Rocket 3 GT, the stunning, distinctive three-header exhaust run is an iconic design element. The header flows into the combined cat box, which is then connected to the triple-exit silencer, according to an ingeniously designed exhaust routing.


The brand-new Rocket 3 series from Triumph has unusual triple-exit silencers and brushed exhaust heat shields that produce a characteristic deep rumbling triple soundscape.