What Is The Difference Between Honda Pioneer 700 And 1000?

The larger engine of the Honda Pioneer 1000 offers it an advantage over the 500 and 700 in terms of horsepower. Despite weighing more, the Pioneer 1000 offers a higher horsepower-to-weight ratio and a top speed that isn’t constrained by the ECU.

When all is considered, the Honda Pioneer 1000 triumphs on speed. You can proceed if that is all you require from your Pioneer.

Check out our guide on how to maximize the potential of your Honda Pioneer once you’ve found the ideal model for you.

Honda Pioneer 1000: Is it wider than Pioneer 700?

A little over 1,700 pounds and 62.9 inches wide by 116.6 inches long describe the Pioneer 1000-5 EPS. In comparison to the Pioneer 700 and the Pioneer 500, the ground clearance has increased by almost 2 and 4 inches, respectively, to 12.4 inches.

Is the Honda Pioneer 700 powerful enough?

The adaptable 4WD system ensures that the Pioneer maintains traction, and the 700 has the power to climb nearly any hill that typical trails throw in your direction. On challenging downhills, the 700-4’s natural engine braking and powerful disc brakes give it plenty of control.

How quickly can the Honda Pioneer 700 travel?

  • What accessories are available for the Honda Pioneer 700? A hardtop, windshield, back panel, and electronics are a few other options. Additionally available are front and rear bumpers, front and rear aluminum A-arm guards, and a Superwinch (view on Amazon). When purchasing from a dealer, you can have these included in your package, or you can buy a UTV windshield online (see on Amazon).
  • What is the top speed of the Honda Pioneer 700? The Honda Pioneer 700’s advertised top speed with the rpm limiter is 45 mph. The real top-end you will experience, though, will depend on the state of the roads. Even on smooth roads, if you are navigating tight turns at stock speed, you might only hit 30 mph.
  • What is the cost of the Honda Pioneer 700? The retail price for the Honda Pioneer 700-4 is between $11,699 and $12,399, depending on the year, whereas the list price is between $10,500 and $10,999. Regardless of the model year, their average retail price only deviates from the MSRP by about $3,000 on average. Newer models maintain their value longer than older ones. If you include every accessory that is offered with the bundle, your expenses will likely increase by $5,000.

How quickly can a Honda Pioneer 1000 travel?

The 2020 Pioneer 1000 has a stunning top speed of 67 MPH because to its strong structure and impressive output of 72 horsepower. The 6-speed Dual-Clutch is the only completely automatic mechanical transmission in the market, according to the 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000.

How big are the Honda Pioneer 700 and 1000?

A little over 1,700 pounds and 62.9 inches wide by 116.6 inches long describe the Pioneer 1000-5 EPS. In comparison to the Pioneer 700 and the Pioneer 500, the ground clearance has increased by almost 2 and 4 inches, respectively, to 12.4 inches. MSRPs for the Pioneer 1000-5 begin at $20,799 and range from $18,299 for the Pioneer 1000.

Can you accelerate a Honda Pioneer 700?

The Honda Talon is more expensive and less useful than the Honda Pioneer in addition to lacking a bed that you can really operate out of. The Honda Pioneer is more than sufficient for many people. Even ardent Honda Pioneer supporters, though, must concede that it’s lovely to cruise at 37 mph over smooth expanses of blacktop without reaching the rev limiter.

Putting slightly taller tires on your Honda Pioneer is one way to increase its speed. You can definitely reach 37-38 mph with 25 factory Honda Pioneer 500/700 tires under the correct circumstances. However, if you add a 27 tire set, you may anticipate an increase in speed of four miles per hour for every additional inch of height. There will undoubtedly be a power reduction at the bottom, but the top speed will rise. And even while you won’t actually notice a rise in the speedometer reading, you may use a GPS to measure your speed and velocity to verify that you are in fact going more quickly.

Polaris Ranger vs. Honda Pioneer: Which is superior?

Both the Polaris Ranger and the Honda Pioneer are capable UTVs. They are both reliable equipment that can operate effectively in both hot and cold climates and withstand significant damage. So what distinguishes the Honda Pioneer from the Polaris Ranger?

Comfort and dependability are the two factors that set the two apart. The Honda Pioneer has unmatched durability, while the Polaris Ranger boasts of high-tech accessories. Despite the fact that both are vehicles with a specific function, which is better depends on the individual.

What UTV has the highest rating?

What’s not to love about Can-new Am’s Commander series, and the MAX XT simply remains a favorite machine in our minds for a variety of reasons. Let’s begin with the engine. They made use of the 100 horsepower, 976cc Rotax twin. This motor has been our favorite in every machine it has been installed in, especially the Maverick Sport, which we have adored since it first appeared. The Commander isn’t really a full-sport machine, but it might very well be our best non-turbo charged powerplant for a sport UTV.

Can-Am started with the Maverick Sport’s basic platform and made adjustments to turn it into the best Commander ever made. Considering that the Commander marked Can-entry Am’s into the UTV market, those are some big shoes to fill. The Commander MAX is 2 inches wider on each side than the standard Sport variant of the Maverick, measuring 64 inches wide overall. The Commander Max’s magic begins here. The Commander MAX handles beautifully thanks to the extended wheelbase of the 4-seat model, greater width, and 15 inch travel shocks on all four corners. The machine responds about as well as you’ll find in a production machine, so you can really pound a trail. We all argue over who gets to drive it when you consider that it has a bigger, dumpier cargo bed and several other characteristics that give it some utilitarian chops. Fortunately, there are four very comfy seats with plenty of legroom, so we can all go and take turns driving.

Can you trust Honda Pioneers?

The Honda Pioneer 1000 is a true Honda in every way. It is dependable, well-made, and potent. It costs more, is more conventional, and lacks the innovation of products from other brands. As long as your budget can support it and you don’t have a passion for cutting-edge furnishings, it’s a great option overall.

Are Honda Pioneer side-by-sides any good?

The Pioneer 500 is the best-selling entry-level model among side-by-side alternatives. For both professionals and beginners, it works well. The car has a longitudinally positioned, four-stroke engine that transfers power more effectively, along with a five-speed automatic transmission with a manual mode.

What distinguishes a Honda Pioneer 700 from a 700 Deluxe?

The Pioneer 700 Deluxe variant comes with painted plastics instead of the more common color-molded plastics or Phantom Camo (when available), aluminum wheels in place of steel wheels, and EPS (electric power steering).

What is the fuel economy of a Honda Pioneer 1000?

After only one week of having the Honda Pioneer 1000-5 on loan, I had forgotten about my initial impressions of its worth as a bug-out vehicle. Due to this year’s hurricanes, we experienced some minor flooding, but the Pioneer handled it well. I approached the places with running rivers cautiously because caution should always be used in these circumstances. Once more, common sense rather than the Pioneer’s capabilities restricted my use.

In my perspective, the Pioneer can get there if your 4-wheel drive vehicle or Jeep can. You might concur that the Pioneer might be a better option given its smaller size and fuel efficiency of 20 to 30 miles per gallon (depending on the terrain and speed).

The Pioneer is the appropriate solution, as its 7.9-gallon capacity could travel the 100-plus mile trip on less than a tank of gas, and that is what I’d use to get from Point A to Point B before I moved from Charlotte to our property in the foothills (my preferred bug-out destination). The range is much over 350 miles when you combine a few 5-gallon cans with the equipment you have in the bed before having to look for gas.

What distinguishes the Honda Pioneer 1000 from the 1000 Deluxe?

The Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe, which has a starting MSRP of $18,299, is the following vehicle in the lineup. All of the features found on the base 1000-5 are included with this model, but it also comes with LED Headlights. 14-inch aluminum wheels with black paint.

The Honda Pioneer 1000 is relatively quiet.

To record the sound of the engine and not the wind flowing through the cabin, the decibel meter was placed beneath the dash. The Wolverine X4 and General 4 were closely behind the Honda Pioneer 1000-5 in terms of idle noise levels at 70 and 71 decibels, respectively.

What is the price of a Honda Pioneer 1000?

The Trail comes equipped with an in-bed outlet, more storage, drink holders, better door nets, a new meter, and simpler accessory integration. Pricing for the Pioneer 1000 starts at $20,099 for the three-seater and $21,499 for the five-seat Pioneer 1000-5 Trail. The Pioneer 1000 is only offered in matte silver.

What side-by-side is the fastest?

With the most potent engine available in a 4 passenger side x side, the RZR XP 4 1000 power is the market leader in this category of vehicle. It accelerates more quickly than any other UTV side by side thanks to its 107 HP.