What Is Covered By Honda Warranty?

The engine, transmission, transaxle, drivetrain, and restraint system are all covered by normal maintenance and part replacement under the new Honda vehicle warranty.

What does the vehicle warranty not cover?

Typically, the following things are not covered by a car warranty: Routine maintenance includes tire rotations and oil changes. Things that wear and tear Replacement windshield wiper blades, brake pads, clutches, headlight bulbs, etc. Damage to the exterior or body panels: Paint dings and scrapes.

What makes a Honda warranty invalid?

If an aftermarket part was fitted incorrectly or caused a component failure, a dealer may void your warranty. In this case, you’ll be responsible for paying for the vehicle’s repairs.

Do Honda’s warranties cover breaks?

With the exception of wear-and-tear parts and annual maintenance, the Honda new car limited warranty covers the majority of your automobile’s components. Beyond the car’s initial in-service date, this protection package is valid for 3 years and 36,000 miles.

Regular maintenance, wear-and-tear components, damage from collisions, theft, vandalism, and environmental effects are the main exclusions from the Honda warranty.

No, a Honda warranty does not cover the majority of brake parts. This is because brake pads are regarded as wear-and-tear components, the duty of the automobile owner.

If the Honda warranty is still valid, it will transfer to the new owner. For details on how to transfer coverage to a new owner, contact your local Honda dealer.

Is an oil change covered by the Honda warranty?

The Sentinel Services VSC provides warranty protection through Honda Care for a range of products, including normal maintenance services like oil changes and tire repairs, key fob replacement, roadside assistance, concierge services, and a trip interruption benefit. A Honda technician with the appropriate certification must perform routine oil changes at a Honda Express Service Center. With a cap of one repair per tire, the tire repair coverage will pay you up to $35 per tire. Up to five Honda vehicles registered to the same family residence are covered by roadside assistance.

What does the three-year Honda warranty cover?

Limited Warranty by Honda Every new Honda is guaranteed for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, and includes the 12-volt battery. The tires have their own independent warranty. Your new Honda’s powertrain is guaranteed for five years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Will a blown engine be covered by my warranty?

Typically, no. Typically, repairs to your car are only covered by insurance if they’re caused by an accident. If your engine merely experiences a mechanical issue or another problem, you probably won’t be covered.

What typically falls under a car warranty?

A automobile warranty covers flaws or damage that develops while the vehicle is being used normally and isn’t due to natural wear and tear. Behind the warranty, the business may choose to replace damaged components with new or refurbished components. Labor is also included.

Can the warranty be used to replace a car?

As long as the manufacturer’s guarantee is still in force, an extended warranty does not take the place of a factory warranty. After it expires, you have two options: replace the warranty or purchase an extended warranty to add to the current protection.

Is a warranty invalidated if an oil change is missed?

A new automobile warranty is a contract between the automaker and the customer that specifies what must be done to maintain the warranty’s validity. A automobile warranty can be completely or partially revoked. For instance, the automaker will void the engine’s warranty if you neglect to change the oil per the specified maintenance plan and the engine malfunctions. If nothing else was harmed by negligence, the remaining portions of the warranty may still be valid.

Common Ways Consumers Breach Automobile Warranties

  • They alter the suspension or apply unusual tire and wheel combinations.
  • They alter the engine’s performance (common among race car drivers) or utilize aftermarket components, which can lead to the rejection of claims and the voiding of engine warranties.
  • The car warranty may be entirely voided if the odometer is tampered with, disconnected from the car, or replaced.
  • They don’t utilize the fluids that the automaker specifies in the warranty for the vehicle. Make sure the shop performing your oil change only utilizes oil that has been approved by the manufacturer to keep your car operating smoothly and your warranty valid.

It is strongly advised that you study the warranty details for your car, which are frequently included with the owner’s manual. Find and read the part titled “What’s Not Covered” as well.

If an automobile isn’t serviced, is the warranty void?

Although there is some room for interpretation with this one, failing to perform oil changes, filter changes, and alignments are clear signs of neglect. While skipping an occasional service could be OK, persistent neglect of car maintenance could void your guarantee. Keep service and maintenance logs for your vehicle so you can demonstrate that you adhered to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

Will your own oil change cancel your warranty?

The warranty won’t be nullified if you change your own oil. It would be against the law to do that. In light of this, keep a record of your oil change or any other proof in case you need to show that it was carried out.

Is the Honda AC compressor covered by the warranty?

Fortunately, your Honda’s heating and cooling system parts are protected by the Plus extended warranty. The air conditioner compressor control unit is one of the components.

How long is Honda’s factory warranty?

Limited Warranty by Honda A 3-year/36,000-mile limited warranty and a 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty are both included with the purchase of a new Honda car.

Is air conditioning covered by a car warranty?

Almost everything in the car is covered by the basic bumper-to-bumper warranty, including the stereo system, the air conditioning, and the electrical components. The warranty is frequently extended to four years or 50,000 miles by luxury companies like Jaguar and BMW. The typical warranty is three years and 36,000 miles.

Is a cracked windshield protected by the Honda warranty?

If your windshield is cracked or chipped, the Honda Windshield Repair Protection Program will pay for the necessary repairs. If the damage is under two inches in size, we will pay for it entirely without charging you.

Do brand-new Hondas include maintenance for free?

At selected Honda dealerships, the Honda Service Pass provides complimentary factory-scheduled maintenance services. For all 2023 Honda vehicles during the active time period, covered services include oil and filter changes, tire rotations, and multi-point inspections; the maintenance plan may be transferred to a new owner if the vehicle is sold within the two-year, 24,000-mile window. However, the increased value of this plan relies on the cost of upkeep for a particular vehicle. According to AAA, the average maintenance cost per mile for all vehicle classes was 9.55 cents in 2021. The average cost of maintenance is $1,433, assuming you drive 15,000 miles annually.

All new Honda cars continue to offer a limited warranty for three years or 36,000 miles and a powertrain limited warranty for five years or 60,000 miles in addition to the new comprehensive maintenance program. The limited warranty includes roadside assistance.