What Is Considered High Mileage For A Honda Goldwing?

The typical lifespan of a Honda Gold Wing is between 250,000 and 300,000 miles, however some have been known to go as far as 400,000 miles. The Gold Wing will easily provide well over 15 years of service if maintained correctly and used responsibly.

How many miles can a Honda Gold Wing travel?

Honda has a reputation for producing high-quality goods outside of the auto industry. The Japanese manufacturer is also well-known for its ATVs, scooters, and lawnmowers. You can be sure that whichever product you purchase will probably be dependable, and the Gold Wing is no exception.

The Honda Gold Wings are highly dependable, according to Engine Patrol, as many owners have reportedly logged close to 400,000 miles on their motorcycles. In other words, even if you rode a Gold Wing 10,000–20,000 miles per year, you could anticipate it to live 20–40 years before it ultimately dies. Given that it’s a touring bike, which is primarily designed for long-distance travel, that shouldn’t be all that shocking.

A huge motorcycle with a 1,833cc horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine that is cooled by a radiator, a water pump, and a thermostat is the Honda Gold Wing. Because of this equipment, the bike maintains a comfortable temperature, especially while traveling quickly.

Realistically, you may assume that a Honda Gold Wing will last for at least 50,000 miles throughout the time you own it if you don’t intend to keep it for that long or for 400,000 miles. Just keep in mind that regular maintenance is essential.

100000 miles for a Gold Wing—is it a lot?

If properly cared for, a water-cooled engine of any size should have a service life of at least 150,000 miles. Too many riders in this community have logged more than 100,000 miles without experiencing an engine issue to imply that the Goldwing’s engine is any different.

For myself, I aim for 250,000 miles. Since the recommended maintenance, my motorcycle’s engine has logged more than 100,000 kilometers.

How many miles has a Honda Gold Wing ever traveled?

Allan’s odometer reached ONE MILLION MILES on July 29, 2017! That is correct—one million miles! The accomplishment of Allan is quite astounding. He has collected the most miles on a GL1000 in history.

How far can a Honda motorcycle travel?

The typical lifespan of a properly maintained Honda motorcycle is 150,000 miles, significantly beyond the industry standard of 100,000 miles. Honda’s touring vehicles, like the Goldwing, have a considerably longer lifespan—in some cases, exceeding 300,000 miles. A well-maintained Honda motorbike can survive well over 25 years, even though the average motorcycle is driven 4,000 miles year.

What year avoided Goldwing?

The GL1500 followed, produced in the USA between 1987 and 2000. The GL1800, the first model of the Honda Gold Wing to be completely outfitted with fuel injection technology, then took center stage from 2001 to the present. Every generation has a lot of positive qualities. However, a few forum conversations claim that there are specific model years to stay away from.

Avoid the 1978 and 1979 Honda Gold Wing model years

The 1978 and 1979 models, according to a Gold Wing Facts forum user, should be avoided. Both of these belonged to the last generation of GL1000s. According to the forum user, they are “duds. To determine whether the claim had any merit, we looked a little deeper. Apparently, Eat Sleep Ride “The seat, tank design, instrumentation, carburetors, exhaust system, camshafts, wheels, and removal of the kick-start were only a few of the numerous alterations made in 1978.

This is something that occurs frequently for model years that see a lot of mechanical changes. Sometimes ironing out all the knots takes a few years. Therefore, even while there are still some amazing vintage 1978 and 1979 models available (that are totally deserving of the respect they receive), they might have been failures at the time.

Avoid the 1984 and 1985 Honda Gold Wing Model Years

The GL1200 generation produced models for the years 1984 and 1985. In spite of the fact that “1200s are wonderful, 84/85 models experienced rear wheel failures (caused by) poor machining from the factory,” it seems. possibly other minor issues (nothing earth shaking though). In fact, the Gold Wings from 1984 and 1985 had issues with the ignition. There was also a recall, but not every ’84 VIN was covered, so some owners had to fix their motorcycles on their own.

What factory produces Honda Goldwings?

The Honda Goldwing is made in Japan at the Kumamoto factory. Prior to 2011, Honda produced the Goldwing in the Marysville Motorcycle Plant in Marysville, Ohio, but now all Goldwings are made in Japan. The final model made in the US was the 2010 model.

The Japanese island of Kyushu is home to the city of Kumamoto, where Honda Kumamoto was founded in 1976. It is Honda’s primary plant for the production of motorbikes and the largest Honda facility in Japan in terms of land size.

Has the Honda Goldwing heat?

My 2005 Goldwing and this 2007 Goldwing both have a factory-installed OEM air conditioner AND heat.

However, the Japanese Honda engineers accidentally messed up Japan and the USA’s seasons, causing the A/C to only operate in the winter and the heat to only operate in the summer. WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING?

Anyhow, my wife was overjoyed that the 2005 Goldwing, which we purchased in the thick of the Arizona summer, had air conditioning as she pointed to the vents by the rider’s knees.

I occasionally still lob that her way. It’s unfortunate that she grew up riding a Goldwing with her father!

How challenging is a Gold Wing to ride?

They are large, powerful, and heavy. For someone without expertise, this is a bad combination. We advise starting with a more manageable, smaller bike. Before switching to a touring motorcycle, become comfortable with the experience and accumulate some miles.

What is the fuel efficiency of a Honda Gold Wing Trike?

The 2003 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing achieves a combined average MPG of 37.78 with a 0.36 MPG margin of error, according to data from 22 vehicles, 1,078 fuel stops, and 173,522 miles of driving.

What is the price of a 2020 Honda Gold Wing?

a 2020 manual shift The base Honda Gold Wing costs $23,800, while the Gold Wing Tour with a manual transmission costs $27,500 and includes a top trunk and other extras. The Gold Wing Tour Airbag Automatic DCT is the most costly model, costing $32,300.

Are Goldwings challenging to repair?

Registered. The 1800 Goldwing is the simplest bike I’ve ever owned to work on. I spent less than an hour this morning changing my final drive oil and plugs. I’ve never been good with mechanic work, and I frequently take twice as long to finish tasks as I had originally anticipated.

A Goldwing’s speed

Absolutely, but that’s not what I want from a bike. For a top of the line full boat luxury touring motorbike, my wing is FAST.

Those motorcycles are quick, but there is always someone who is faster; they are by no means the fastest. Always, someone has more cash, power, or courage. Although I believe they made a decent choice in picking unoccupied public roadways, doing so on a public road is still dumb. Additionally, that is a felony in my state, so unless I am on a track, my days of bursts of 100+ mph are finished.

What height is required to ride a Gold Wing?

The height of the Honda Gold Wing is 1430 mm, while the saddle height is 745 mm. Therefore, a person who is taller than 5 feet wouldn’t experience these problems.

What does GL on a Honda Gold Wing stand for?

It’s for traveling long distances. Darksider #1247 GL August in Pennsylvania, Michelin Alpin:lala A3 195/55/R16, AMA 2006 Titanium GL1800 with COMF, NAV.

When was cruise control added to the Goldwings?

Honda released a gold-painted Limited Edition model (GL1200L) in 1985 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Gold Wing. This model was opulently outfitted with cruise control, an auto-leveling rear suspension, an electronic trip computer, and a four-speaker music system.


[36] The GL1200L was equipped with Honda’s programmed fuel injection technology, which was previously found on the turbocharged CX500T and CX650T. This was a significant development (variants of the GL500 and GL650 Silver Wing). [79] 5372 units, also referred to as the LTD, were produced and marketed solely in North America. The GL1200L’s claimed dry weight was 782 pounds (355 kg). [75]

When the SE-i (Special Editioninjected), which was just a GL1200L with a different paint job, made its appearance in 1986, the Limited Edition proved to be somewhat of a fake.

[75] The SE-i, which was only offered in the US, shared the same Dolby audio system as the GL1200A ’86. [53] [76] Honda had to switch back to carburetors in 1987 due to the expensive cost of the fuel injection technology, hence this was the SE-sole i’s model year. [55]

Has the Honda Gold Wing been retired?

In the latter half of 2022, major bikes from Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki are expected to be phased out of the Japanese market.


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Honda’s premium Gold Wing luxury touring car is scheduled for a market discontinuation in Japan.

Due to the higher emission standards that will be put in place in Japan later this year, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki intend to discontinue roughly 20 motorcycles by the end of this year, according to Asia Nikkei. According to the survey, of the roughly 190 models offered by these four major Japanese two-wheeler firms, these motorcycles are 10% ready for retirement. Additionally, this action is a component of these corporations’ strategies for electrification and simplifying their product lines.