Is Honda Monkey Street Legal?

As the vintage, bare-bones mini-moto companion to the Grom, Honda unveiled the Monkey for the 2019 model year. If that sentence is unclear to you, allow me to explain: The Monkey is a compact motorbike with a 125cc fuel-injected engine, a four-speed manual transmission, and minimal bodywork. Although the Monkey resembles an oversized minibike, it is street legal and has a top speed of 60 mph on a good day when traveling downhill.

The Monkey doesn’t take itself too seriously, unlike the majority of motorcycles which are steeped in menace. The color of the bike we rode is called Banana Yellow, and when you turn the key, the computerized instrument cluster blinks out a cartoon monkey face. Most of the time, topping off the tiny 1.5-gallon fuel tank is less expensive than a Happy Meal. The tiniest little catalytic converter you’ve ever seen is part of the exhaust. The Monkey’s 12-inch tires would fit well in an elementary school bike rack. It gives the Super Cub a rugged appearance.

Can a Honda Monkey be driven on public roads?

“You do want one, and sure, it is street legal. The Honda Monkey and Super Cub are a pair of retro vehicles that pack a nostalgic nostalgia punch. When you see this 2019 Honda Monkey, it’s difficult not to feel sentimental.

A Honda Monkey can be purchased in the US.

However, there is only one trim—the Monkey ABS—available for the US in 2022. There are two hues available to you: Pearl Black and Banana Yellow, each of which will cost you $4,199. (the same price as the 2020 ABS model).

How far can a Honda Monkey travel?

The 1.5-gallon gasoline tank on the Honda Monkey means that filling it up just costs a few dollars. Furthermore, it has excellent fuel efficiency. Honda hasn’t given the Monkey a particular fuel economy rating, but according to Ride Apart, it should achieve about 188 mpg or about 200 miles to the gallon. Try it with a Honda Civic, please.

How quickly can a 2022 Honda Monkey travel?

Honda’s iconic Monkey is back for 2022 with new improvements and even more nostalgic styling without sacrificing any of the fun. The Monkey now has a 124cc single-lunger that is Euro5-compliant and is shared with the Grom. It produces 9 horsepower and 8 lb-ft of torque, allowing for a top speed of 56 MPH and an astonishing 188 MPG. In top gear, a new five-speed transmission makes for a comfortable cruiser, and longer front and rear suspension travel smooth out uneven terrain or rough trails. Banana Yellow, Pearl Nebula Red, and Pearl Glittering Blue are the three new hues that offer the Monkey a lot of retro charm. Dealerships should start receiving the new Monkey around August 2021.

Do Honda Monkey vehicles have clutches?

With electronic fuel injection and the aforementioned five-speed gearbox with manual clutch, the 125cc engine of this motorcycle advances despite having a horizontal cylinder, air cooling, and a single overhead camshaft, two-valve head.

Has a monkey bike has gears?

The current Honda Monkey is powered by a 125cc air-cooled, four-stroke engine that produces just 9 horsepower and 8.1 pound-feet of torque, though it was upgraded for 2021 and is simple to use: just put the key in, turn it on, and the LCD dash lights up and gives you a sly little wink (no really).

Once in gear, you simply press the beginning button to begin one of the most grin-inducing rides you can imagine. Unbelievably enjoyable is the small monkey.

Because it weighs nothing, the tiny air-cooled single pulls away rather rapidly and has enough power to keep things interesting.

The fact that it only has four speeds (although this was increased to five for 2021) makes it seem to lose steam around 55 mph, but that’s more than plenty for riding in the city, where you can also appreciate its ultra-light clutch and feather-light gearbox, making changing ratios effortless.

The Monkey’s throttle is amazingly vibration-free, save at tickover when it trembles like a miniature Harley-Davidson, and it is also deliciously smooth, with no trace of snatchiness at low throttle settings.

Nevertheless, that meager performance means overtaking is all but impossible, even though it’s fine for getting around town and for sitting in moving traffic. Yes, the Monkey accelerates quickly, and you can pass automobiles at speeds up to roughly 40 mph in roundabouts, but even at 50 mph, lorries need a very long stretch of open road to pass.

What motorcycle has the highest mpg?

Top 5 Motorcycles for Saving Fuel in 2022

  • 350cc Royal Enfield Meteor (tested 60.1 mpg)
  • Nissan MT-07 (claimed 58 mpg, although aggressive riders will likely see around 37.5, as we did)
  • Suzuki Rebel 300 (tested 57.8 mpg)
  • MT-03/YZF-R3 from Yamaha (claimed 56 mpg)
  • Subaru XR650L (claimed 52 mpg)

Is the Monkey or the Grom superior?

Whether it’s the general look, range of colors, or beginning price, your decision between the Monkey and the Grom can come down to personal preference. Both bikes are top-notch models, so you’ll get your money’s worth from either one.

What makes the Grom so favored?

Continue reading to learn more about the qualities of the Honda Grom that make it so well-liked, valuable, and potent.

The success of the Honda Grom surprised the executives. Dealerships nearly instantly ran out of stock when it first hit the sales floor in 2013, and customers kept going back multiple times a week. To get a Honda Grom, people made higher-priced offers and created waiting lists. The Honda Grom is a highly desired motorcycle among all demographics due to its affordable pricing, noticeably high fuel economy, user-friendliness, quick maintenance, and light weight. People are also taken aback by how well the bike handles on busy streets and how well it can keep up with certain full-size motorcycles. Even today, the bike is still very popular and has undergone various upgrades.

How fast can the Honda Monkey go?

Let’s face it, the Honda Monkey is not a bike designed for performance or speed. Its primary goal is to restore people’s smiles and serve as a reminder to everyone that riding motorcycles is enjoyable.

Officially, the vehicle has 9 horsepower and 11 Nm of torque, with a top speed that is often predicted to be 65 mph.

To go up or even above that figure, you might need to be on a particularly long, flat, straight road and use the gears, or you could need to be on a hill that is falling and has some wind power behind you.

What is the smallest motorcycle made by Honda?

There is no doubting that there are a plethora of various motorbike brands and models available on the market today. Honda Mini Motorcycles, on the other hand, are a great option if you want to stand out from other road users. Especially since not everyone is trying to wrangle a big, hefty bike just to get around town, these bikes clearly don’t get the attention they deserve. The model’s maneuverability may become more difficult as it grows in size. It’s especially challenging for new riders who are just learning the sport. Larger vehicles may also be more expensive to buy and maintain.

Fortunately, Honda Mini Motorcycles are made to capture the thrilling and adventurous sensation you anticipate from riding a bike. When you go tiny, you can leave all the extras behind. The amazing performance, lightweight design, and vibrant color schemes will appeal to you. To find out more about the models, continue reading. When you’re prepared to shop, go visit Timbrook Honda in Winchester, Virginia to find your ideal Honda Mini Motorcycle!

The Honda Cub

The Honda Cub is the most widely used and produced motorcycle ever, which may surprise you. It won’t surprise you as much once you learn about all the wonderful features. The 2019 Honda Cub combines new, cutting-edge technology that keeps you safe on the road with all the famous features of the original, such as the head-turning style and free spirit. You’ll realize why this Honda Mini Motorcycle is a popular choice for many riders as soon as you get on it.

The Honda Monkey

The Honda Grom will be perfect for you if you need to change up your mundane driving habits. You can put an end to the times when being stuck in a tight traffic jam made you antsy. When you start riding this Honda Mini Motorcycle, your commute will go from being a boring journey to an exhilarating experience. With the 125cc engine, single-cylinder construction, and four-speed transmission, you’ll experience excellent performance. You may rest assured that the Honda Grom will have all the power and speed you require at your disposal. With this incredibly lightweight bike, agility is key.

Check out our inventory of Honda Mini Motorcycles for sale by coming to Timbrook Honda in Winchester, Virginia!

The Honda Grom

Honda Monkey certainly sounds familiar to you when you hear its name. After all, this particular model was first introduced in the 1960s and became popular among many MiniMoto lovers. This Honda Mini Motorcycle has improved over the years while still retaining its carefree, youthful attitude. Both novice and experienced riders will enjoy riding this bike. The combination of contemporary technology and classic style gives you the ideal balance of old and new aspects. The Honda Monkey has a ton of thrilling rides for you to choose from.

How quickly can a 125cc travel?

There is a wide variety of 125cc bikes available, ranging from scooters to sports bikes, so it is worthwhile to shop around before making a decision.

As the biggest engine size that can be legally ridden by anyone who is at least 17 years old, has a provisional license, and has completed Compulsory Basic Training, 125cc bikes are very popular (CBT).

They also compare favorably in terms of pricing, running costs, and performance, all of which are likely to have an impact on the bike you ultimately decide to purchase:

  • The typical 125cc bike should be able to easily cruise around at 50 to 60 mph and have a top speed of roughly 70 mph.
  • A used 125cc motorcycle costs only a few hundred pounds, but a brand-new, high-performance vehicle might cost up to four thousand pounds.
  • They are typically inexpensive to operate, and several can achieve more than 100 miles per gallon.

Why are bicycles referred to as “monkey bikes”?

Honda produced a range of minibikes known as the Z series, sometimes known as the monkey bike, with model numbers that begin with the letter Z. The nickname “monkey bike” was given to the vehicle since most individuals appeared big in comparison to the diminutive motorcycle.