Is Honda Mobilio A Good Car?

Comfort, beautiful looks, high fuel efficiency, and low maintenance costs. comfortably accommodates 8 people (2 in the front row, 3 in the middle row and 3 in the last row). 23 km is the long drive mileage.

Do long drives suit the Honda Mobilio?

It is a lovely car for long drives. Exceptional vehicle for your entire family and guests. Excellent mileage and comfort for long distance travel. Exceptional vehicle for your entire family and guests.

Honda’s Mobilio was discontinued, but why?

  • The Mobilio RS, a sportier variation of the Mobilio, was also available.
  • Honda believes it would be feasible to introduce the new Mobilio in India.

You read it correctly! Due to weak sales, Honda Cars India Ltd. has ceased production of the Mobilio in India. The Mobilio is not displayed on the Honda Cars India website either. When the firm announced the post-GST prices for its vehicles sold in India, the Mobilio was not included in the list. Given that it was introduced in 2014, the Mobilio was a very recent model. It was introduced to compete with vehicles like the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. Unfortunately, the Mobilio was unable to exactly reach the company’s anticipated unit sales. The Mobilio has been sold in every one of its manufactured units, according to the business.

The Brio and Amaze had the same platform as the Mobilio. It came with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine and a 1.5-liter diesel engine (similar to the ones found on the Honda City). Although the Mobilio had some economic success, it failed to catch the interest of individual clients. The business also released a faster version of the MPV called the Mobilio RS, which received cosmetic upgrades including sporty bumpers, a spoiler, etc., in an effort to boost the declining sales. But the buyer was unimpressed by that as well.

A Honda Mobilio costs how much?

the Honda Mobilio Price for the Honda Mobilio ranges from 7.29 to 12.42 lakhs. For the Mobilio, the price of the Petrol variant goes from 7.29 lakh to 10.21 lakh, while the price of the Diesel model is from 8.79 lakh to 12.42 lakh.

Describe Mobilio.

A new cryptocurrency called Mobilio pays motorists for self-undistracted driving. Insurance firms might accept the currency as payment or as evidence of safe driving practices, which would boost the viability of insurance coverage and decrease the number of car accidents in the future.

Honda Mobilio: Is it a diesel?

One diesel engine and one gasoline engine are available for the Honda Mobilio. The Petrol engine is 1497 cc in size, compared to the Diesel engine’s 1498 cc. It has a manual transmission option. The Mobilio’s mileage ranges from 17.3 to 24.5 km/l depending on the model and fuel type, and its ground clearance is 189mm. The Mobilio is a 7-seater, 4-cylinder car with dimensions of 4386 mm in length, 1683 mm in width, and 2652 mm in wheelbase.

What is Honda’s best vehicle?

Top Honda Vehicles for 2020

  • Honda CR-V 2020.
  • Honda Fit 2020.
  • Honda Odyssey 2020.
  • Honda Civic 2020.
  • Honda Accord Hybrid 2020.
  • Honda Ridgeline for 2020.
  • Honda Accord 2020.
  • Honda Insight for 2021.

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What is the Honda Fit’s fuel consumption?

Over the course of a typical day of driving, the Honda Fit can achieve fuel economy of up to 8.1L/100 km* in the city, 6.4L/100 km on the highway, and 7.3L/100 km* overall.

Why was the Honda Brv withdrawn from sale?

Honda has presented a second-generation BR-V that will soon be introduced to overseas markets at a virtual event that was held yesterday. Prior to being withdrawn in 2020 as a result of strict BS6 pollution regulations, the BR-V was first introduced in India in 2015. In January 2022, the second-generation “Be Ready-Vehicle (BR-V)” will make its debut in dealerships. Will the Honda BR-V, however, return to India?

Recalling The Old Honda BR-V

The Honda BR-V was introduced as an SUV crossover back in 2015. It had two engine choices. The first had a 1.5-liter petrol engine with i-VTEC that produced 145 Nm of torque at 4,600 RPM and 119 PS at 6,600 RPM. The second engine was a 1.5-liter i-DTEC diesel engine that produced 200 Nm of torque at 1,750 RPM and 100 PS at 3,600 RPM. A 6-speed manual transmission and a CVT were available with the petrol engine, but just a 6-speed manual transmission was available with the diesel option. The diesel variant’s mileage was 21.9km/l, compared to 15–16km/l for the gasoline version.

Has the Honda Mobilio been phased out in India?

Due to low demand, Honda Cars India Ltd. has discontinued selling the MPV Mobilio in India. The company will determine over the next two months whether or not to bring out a new model of the vehicle.

The vehicle is no longer being manufactured by Honda Cars India, a wholly owned subsidiary of the firm, and all stock has been used up. It failed to sell even a single MPV last month.

In South Africa, how much does a Honda Mobilio cost?

In all of South Africa’s Mekor Honda Dealerships, the chic new Honda Mobilio is currently on sale. It is available in seven stunning colors, including the brand-new Brilliant Gold Metallic, and has two variants: Trend and Comfort.

The Honda Mobilio is reasonably priced, with the 1.5 Trend MT model costing R 179,990 and the 1.5 Comfort MT model costing R 198,990.

Keep an eye out for the Honda Mobilio 1.5 Comfort CVT model’s debut in January 2015 from Mekor Honda dealerships across South Africa, and get in touch with one to schedule a test drive right away!

Has the Honda Mobilio a cruise control system?

The interior of the Renault Duster is cozy, which makes the ride enjoyable for all passengers. Front power windows, lighted switches, keyless entry, a power steering wheel with tilt adjustment, a rear center armrest with cup holders, and a foldable rear seat are included in the base edition. Additionally included in the mid-range model are an on-board trip computer, rear power windows, reading lamps, steering-wheel-mounted radio controls, and a manual air conditioner with a pollen filter. Additionally, the premium multimedia player supports USB, Aux-in, and Bluetooth. The SUV’s cruise control guarantees excellent handling without any issues. The top-end variant has an adjustable driver’s seat and an advanced digital instrument panel.

The Honda Mobilio is an extremely comfortable vehicle that is loaded with comfort amenities. The clever air conditioning system ensures excellent cooling for the back occupants as well by including rear AC vents. The front cabin’s instrument panel offers the driver a wealth of information, including low fuel warnings, fuel usage, door ajar warnings, driver seat belt warnings, and more. The telescoping tilt power steering wheel is fantastic and makes driving easier in congested areas as well. The mp3 player has an FM radio with USB, Aux-in, and iPod connectivity for enjoyment. The automobile gets some marks for having Bluetooth connectivity. For the driver’s convenience, the Bluetooth and audio controls are permanently mounted on the power steering wheel.

The function of the Mobilio app.

With the Mobilio software, which is accessible for both Apple and Android smartphones, drivers may accrue points for driving without distractions that can be converted into the MOBILIO cryptocurrency.