Is Honda Metropolitan A Good Scooter?

It’s time to board the 2022 Honda Metropolitan and examine every last minute aspect of this 50cc scooter. Although the Metropolitan is a 49cc scooter in actuality, the term “50 cc” is frequently used to refer to them. Let’s start by reviewing a few brief details concerning Honda’s 2022 Metropolitan. Here are a few of the most important details consumers seek for when researching a particular scooter they’re interested in purchasing.

For those in a rush, quick 2022 metropolitan information:

  • Honda Metropolitan 2022 Performance Information
  • Torque for the 2022 Honda Metropolitan is 3.0 ft/lb TQ at 7,500 RPM.
  • Top Speed of the 2022 Honda Metropolitan: 40–42 mph
  • Fuel tank range for a 2022 Honda Metropolitan is 140 miles (approximately)
  • Honda Metropolitan fuel economy in 2022: 117 miles per gallon
  • Other 2022 Honda Metropolitan Specifications:
  • None for the Honda Metropolitan in 2022.
  • Honda Metropolitan model number: NCW50 for 2022.
  • Horsepower for the 2022 Honda Metropolitan is 4.4 HP at 8,000 RPM.
  • Metropolitan 2022 Honda 179 lbs (curb weight)
  • Pricing for a 2022 Honda Metropolitan:
  • Options / Variations for the Honda Metropolitan Model in 2022:
  • Colors for the 2022 Honda Metropolitan include pearl soft beige and coastal blue. (Some of the images below will use different colors to emphasize distinct elements of the scooter.)
  • Honda Metropolitan 2022 (just one model configuration)
  • Price / MSRP of the 2022 Honda Metropolitan is $2,499
  • Seat Height for a 2022 Honda Metropolitan: 28.3 inches
  • Honda didn’t produce a 2021 Metropolitan to compare the pricing of the 2022 Honda Metropolitan to the 2020 Honda Metropolitan, so there is no price rise for this year.
  • Release Date for the 2022 Honda Metropolitan: April 2021
  • Size and volume of the 2022 Honda Metropolitan’s fuel tank are 1.2 gallons.

Metropolitan Review Contents:

  • Metropolitan Drivetrain and Engine
  • Features of the Metropolitan Area
  • Your Thoughts vs. My Opinion?
  • Technical Requirements
  • Metropolitan Suspension / Chassis
  • Municipal Images / Photo Gallery
  • Metro Accessories

If you haven’t already, click here to have a look at Honda’s other 49cc scooter for 2022, The Ruckus. While there are numerous similarities between the Ruckus and Metropolitan’s characteristics, there are also many differences. The area where they are most similar is in terms of overall performance; they have extremely similar horsepower figures, which also means that their top speeds and average speeds are comparable, and they are only 3 MPG apart. Though the Ruckus still has a carburetor, the Metropolitan is fuel-injected, lagging behind in certain technological terms. However, you can learn more about what makes the 2022 Ruckus VS Metropolitan unique by clicking here.

The Honda Metropolitan is a moped, not a scooter.

The Metropolitan handles the situation with a more understated and beautiful manner, while the Ruckus fills the gap in Honda’s 2022 portfolio as a practical interpretation of the contemporary low-displacement moped. Given the name, appearance, and features that were carefully considered while creating this Japanese-made scooter, Honda touts the Metropolitan as “A City Dweller’s Best Friend,” which is very understandable.

The same 49cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine from the Ruckus has been combined with this European-style scooter by Honda, thereby creating the same bike with a new look. The Metropolitan, in contrast to the Ruckus, has a helpful 22-liter sealed storage compartment under the seat to make your life simpler when running errands.

A sleek CVT transmission makes shiftless riding simple, and a CBS braking system allows the scooter to instantly depress the front brake when applying the rear.

We have collected information on the new 2022 Honda Metropolitan on this page, including its specifications, features, news, images, and videos.

How much will a Honda Metropolitan scooter cost in 2022?

$2,499 for a 2022 Honda Metropolitan The Honda Metropolitan from 2022 is your best option. It’s a scooter designed in the European style but with American functionality. Starting with a dependable four-stroke engine and a no-shift automatic transmission, the clever and economical design is built to last.

What is the finest 50cc scooter?

2021’s top 50cc bikes and mopeds

  • Speedfight 50 3/4 by Peugeot.
  • Marchesi SR 50.
  • GPR50 Derbi.
  • R. Derbi Senda
  • NRG 50 Piaggio.
  • RS2/3, Rieju.
  • Volkswagen Django 50.
  • Primavera 50 Vespa.

What is a 50cc scooter’s high mileage?

Re: How many miles on a moped constitute heavy mileage? Most 2 stroke mopeds can travel 2,000 miles without any issues. If you can, try to get one below 2. Now, if you’re looking for a 4 stroke, you can find them anywhere and they won’t ever break down as long as you change the oil frequently, like in a Lazer 4, for instance.

What is the top speed of a 2020 Honda Metropolitan?

The 2020 Honda Metropolitan is hard to beat for nimble urban travel. The smallest Honda scooter has a modest 46.5-inch wheelbase and weighs only 179 pounds with its 1.2-gallon gasoline tank filled. The Metropolitan’s 10-inch wheels and rake of little over 26 degrees make it quite agile. The undersquare 49.4cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected four-stroke engine’s power won’t terrify you, and that’s the point. Instead, to keep up with traffic, especially in a busy city, you’ll need to learn to aggressively twist the throttle. The top speed is only 35 mph, and maximum velocity drops even further if a hill is involved.

The brakes of the 2020 Honda Metropolitan are likewise mild, so their power won’t scare off inexperienced riders. Both ends have drum brakes, and front and rear braking can be coupled by pulling the left-hand brake lever. Only the front brake is operated by the right-hand lever, which is far less efficient. Cargo hauling is a key component of the scooter experience, and the Metro’s underseat cavern can hold 22 liters. Additionally, there is a tote bag hook on the exterior. Since the ergonomics are so little, 5′ 7″ is probably the ideal height. The 2020 Honda Metropolitan is undoubtedly accessible to practically everyone interested in commuting around town on two wheels thanks to the 28.3-inch seat height. SPECS for the 2020 Honda Metropolitan


There is never a need to shift, not even into park or neutral, thanks to the Metropolitan’s multi-speed automatic transmission. Turn the key, hit the starter, and off you go!


A 49cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine with fuel injection powers the Metropolitan. Everything you’d expect from a Honda is true—quiet, it’s frugal, and incredibly reliable.


The Metropolitan has a sizable under-seat compartment big enough to store a helmet, some groceries, or your books. The storage space is weather-resistant and has a lock for enhanced security.

Do Yamaha scooters have a 50cc engine?

The 2022 Yamaha Vino 50cc scooter, which costs JPY 2,03,500, or 1.3 lakh, has just been released on the Japanese market.


revised on:

Yamaha has released its Vino 50cc scooter’s yearly update. With the change in model year, the scooter now comes in new color options, but the other specifications are the same.

An improved version of the scooter is available in dual-tone blue and beige. The seat, grips, and floorboard of this color option are all brown. The scooter looks reasonably updated thanks to the newly added colour scheme. Additionally, it now has a green color option with a black and green mix on the grips and seat.

Honda 50cc scooters: are they still produced?

Although there are many of odd and flamboyant scooters in Japan, there are also lots of straightforward, cheap scooters that are easy to use. Giorno and Dunk, Honda’s two entry-level scooters, are now available in revised models in their home market. Both scooters provide customers searching for a daily commuter with a straightforward riding experience.

The interiors of the new Honda 50cc scooters are the same, but they sport distinctive top hats that stand for various flavors. Giorno has a vintage-inspired style, whereas Dunk looks more geared at a younger demographic of riders with its contemporary aesthetic. Both scooters present a straightforward, neutral aesthetic while displaying the outstanding craftsmanship of Honda.

Honda Giorno, DunkStyling

Beginning with Giorno, the revised scooter has dimensions similar to those of a standard-sized scooter. The circular headlight and general classic scooter design cues with its curved bodywork are the most noticeable highlights.

Giorno initially reminds one of vintage Vespa scooters. The scooter has an antique appeal thanks to the chrome accents on the headlamp, taillamp, turn indicators, rear fenders, and tail section.

Dunk, on the other hand, has edgy panels all throughout and looks more fashionable and trendy. It has bulb turn indicators on either side of a V-shaped halogen headlight that is positioned on the front apron. Dunk has black alloy wheels instead of Giorno’s silver alloy wheels, which adds to the car’s athletic image.

There are numerous color choices available for both scooters. Giorno is available in four paint colors: Summer Pink, Matte Armored Green Metallic, Pearl Deep Mud Grey. With Pearl Deep Mud Gray, Matte Ballistic Black Metallic, and Matte Jeans Blue Metallic, Dunk, its contemporary sister, offers customers a choice of three colors.

Features on offer

These commuter-friendly features on the scooters make them perfect for city commuting. Both scooters come with a 12V USB charging plug in the glovebox, which also has 500ml of storage, and an analog console with a digital inset below.

Riders may affix their luggage to the flat footboard using the substantial hook in the center. Both of these Honda 50cc scooters come with a useful 23-litre under-seat storage space, which is adequate for keeping one’s trinkets.

The 4.5-liter fuel tank capacity offered by Dunk and Giorno is said to deliver 75–80 km per liter of fuel. On a full tank, this yields a range of about 340–350 kilometers. At 81 kg each, both scooters are incredibly agile. While Dunk has a 730mm seat height, Giorno’s saddle is even lower at 720mm.

Mechanical Specs

A tiny 49cc single-cylinder engine that cranks out 4.5 PS at 8,000 rpm and 4.1 Nm at 6,000 rpm powers both scooters. For both scooters’ front suspension, the hardware configuration consists of traditional telescopic forks. Giorno offers two rear shock absorbers, whereas Dunk only gets one. The latter has a front disc brake and a rear brake, whilst the former has drum brakes at both ends.

Which scooter has the best reliability?

Summary of Contents

  • Honda Ruckus, first.
  • Vespa Primavera 150, number 2.
  • Suzuki Burgman 650, third.
  • No. 4 Honda Metropolitan.
  • Five Honda PCX 150s.
  • Suzuki Burgman 400, number 6.
  • Seventh Vespa GTS 300.
  • 8th Piaggio MP3 500.

Which scooter is the most popular?

2020’s Top 10 Scooters

  • 150cc Honda ADV.
  • Subaru PCX150.
  • ABS Honda PCX150.
  • XMAX by Yamaha
  • SMAX by Yamaha
  • Burgman 200 Suzuki.
  • Burgman 650 ABS Executive by Suzuki.
  • BMW C400X.

What 50cc scooter has the most power?

The typical top speed for a 50cc engine is 35–40 mph (56-65kph). However, some scooters can perform more! Here are some illustrations of some swift 50cc scooters:

Aprilia SR50

This super 50cc scooter, from Aprilia—another Piaggio brand—entered the market in 1992. It features a two-stroke engine and has a top speed of 56 to 60 mph (90-96kph).