Is Honda A Good Stock?

The median price target among the 19 analysts who are providing Honda Motor Co Ltd with 12-month price projections is 29,89, with a high estimate of 40,76 and a low estimate of 24,06. From the most recent price of 26.77, the median projection reflects a rise of +11.67%.

Is Honda a worthwhile investment for 2020?

At the moment, HMC has a Zacks Rank of #2 (Buy) and a Value grade of A. The Forward P/E ratio for the company is 7.85. This contrasts with the 11.08 Forward P/E average for its sector. Within the last year, HMC’s Forward P/E ranged from a high of 14.24 to a low of 7.67, with a median of 8.62.

Is Honda a wise investment for 2022?

Honda HMC above the 57 cent Zacks Consensus Estimate by reporting earnings of 63 cents per share for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2022. However, the bottom line declined from the $1.17 per share profit from the prior year. Revenues for the quarter came to $33,358 million, exceeding the $33,180 million Zacks Consensus Estimate.

Is HMC a wise investment at this time?

HMC has the ability to outperform the market, as evidenced by its sound financial condition and promising development prospects. Its growth score right now is B. With a Momentum Score of A, recent price fluctuations and earnings estimate revisions suggest that this company may be a solid choice for momentum investors.

Is Toyota a reliable investment?

Toyota Motor is a buy for a number of reasons. The draw in this case is the brand name, which enjoys a devoted fan base, which naturally creates a strong demand for any future EV offering with the Toyota or Lexus badge. Even if the corporation hasn’t been a pioneer in battery-powered EVs, given its extensive global infrastructure and manufacturing know-how, its plan to build up in that direction seems plausible. According to this metric, the company continues to have a positive growth outlook and is in a good position to increase its market share globally.

With a price estimate of $235.00 for the next year, which corresponds to a 1-year forward P/E of 10x the current consensus fiscal 2023 EPS, we rank shares of TM as a buy. The chart below shows that since the peak of the pandemic crash in 2020, shares of TM have been closely following a trendline. This pattern should continue, in our opinion, and the most recent decline from the early-January high of $212 signals a fresh window for purchasing.

We are adopting a more upbeat stance in the midst of all the stories about macro concerns, heightened inflation pressures on consumer discretionary spending, and rising interest rates. Nevertheless, there are dangers to think about. The positive case for the stock might be undermined by a worsening of the forecast for global growth while keeping a watch on events in Eastern Europe related to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. A review of the long-term profits prospects would allow for a leg lower in the stock if the results were less than anticipated and below management guidance. Over the coming quarters, keep an eye on things like production and sales levels, the operating margin, and any changes to the BEV plan.

Can I buy Honda stock in 2021?

According to Trefis’ Honda’s valuation, the stock of Honda Motors (NYSE: HMC) at its present price of $29 has a potential upside of 30%. After Q2 2022 results, the stock’s price is unchanged (ended September 2021). Motorcycles’ sales volume for the second quarter of 2022 decreased by 3% year over year to 4,294K units. The volume of automobiles was 917K units during the quarter, down 26.8% year over year, while the number of life creation products, formerly known as power products, increased by 11% year over year to 1,522K units. The global shortage of semiconductor chips is the main cause of the decline in the automotive sector. As the supply of semiconductor chips has improved over the past two quarters, we anticipate an increase in overall sales and earnings for the fiscal year 2022 (which ends in March 2022).

For FY 2022, Honda’s revenues are anticipated to increase by 21% to 16 trillion ($148 billion) (ends in March 2022). Additionally, in 2022, its net income is predicted to increase to 772 billion ($7.16 billion) and its EPS to 447.59 ($4.14). When combined with the P/E multiple of 8.6x and an exchange rate of 0.01$, the expected increase in revenues to 16.5 trillion ($153 billion) and net income to 830 billion ($7.69 billion) for FY 2023 will result in an increase in earnings per share to 480.88 ($4.45), or $38, which is 30% more than the company’s current market price.

You may follow the evolution of our opinion by reviewing our past coverage of Honda’s stock, which is listed below.

The stock of Honda Motors (NYSE: HMC), which has increased by 29% since the end of FY 2020 (which concluded in March 2020), is currently near its short-term potential. Compared to the S&P 500, which has increased by 59% since the end of March 2020, HMC’s stock increased from $22 at the conclusion of the fiscal year to close to $29 at this time. Over the past few years, the company has experienced flat revenues and declining profits.

Honda: A reliable dividend stock?

Honda Motor distributes 29.2% of its earnings to its stockholders. Our indicator for the dividend’s dependability is 0.83 out of a possible 1.0. This suggests a historically dependable dividend payer. Analysts also predict a 7.65% increase in the dividend for the current fiscal year.

Why has Honda’s stock fallen?

February saw a greater than 20% YoY decline in Honda sales as a result of severe supply constraints, storm disruptions, and other causes. Sales of trucks in particular fell by more than 25% YoY, while even EVs had a sales loss of 18.9%. The company is not in a good situation right now.

How can I buy Honda stock?

Honda Motor Co Ltd ADR is a US-based auto manufacturing company. All prices are reported in US dollars for Honda Motor Co. Ltd. ADR shares (HMC), which are traded on the NYSE. Honda Motor Co Ltd ADR has 204,035 employees and generated around $14.6 trillion in revenue over the previous 12 months.

How to buy shares in Honda Motor Co Ltd ADR

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Should I buy HYMC?

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