Is A Honda Grom Automatic?

both DCT and manual transmission variants are offered.

Are Honda Groms manual or automatic?

A hugely successful “pocket-sized motorcycle from Honda’s “MiniMOTO series is the Grom. It is among the most fuel-efficient motorcycles, getting 134 mpg and producing 10 horsepower. It is a small bicycle with a wheelbase of 47.7 and a curb weight of 213 lbs (105kg).

Other characteristics of this popular motorcycle include:

  • 9.7 horsepower
  • Vehicle: SOHC
  • Powertrain: PGM-FI
  • Electronic ignition
  • Transmission: Manual 4- and 5-speed

The Grom has a manual transmission, therefore it is not an automatic motorcycle. As a result, you must change gears depending on the road conditions and speed. Like any manual motorcycle, it has a manual clutch that must be depressed in order to change gear.

On the left handlebar, beneath your left foot, you can see a gear-shift pedal and a clutch lever.

Although a manual motorcycle may seem challenging to ride, especially for a beginner, the Grom is a favorite among new riders.

It’s easy to manage and smooth ride make it a good vehicle for beginners to practice on. It’s ideal for both road and city trips and provides an enjoyable ride for both inexperienced and experienced riders.

It has undergone significant updates and is now one of the best-selling Honda bikes in the US. The 2022 model has a strong 124cc engine with better compression. It also requires very little maintenance, uses less gasoline, and has a 10:1 compression ratio, which also makes it faster.

The revised model has a fifth gear, making it faster without over-revving the engine compared to the earlier models’ four gears.

Which Honda motorcycles are automatic?

The Best Auto-Transmission Motorcycles

  • 2021 Honda Gold Wing Tour DCT, $29,300; luxury touring.
  • 2021 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT, $17,999; adventure.
  • Honda Rebel 1100 DCT until 2021, $9,999.
  • 2021 Indian eFTR Mini, $499, from Kids Electric.
  • 2022 Zero FXE electric commuter; price: $11,795.

Are there gears on the Honda Grom?

Despite being a 125cc fuel-injected, 2-valve engine The Grom’s single overhead cam engine now features a more undersquare bore/stroke (50 x 63.1mm vs. 52.4 x 57.9mm before), a higher compression ratio (10:1, up from 9.3:1), and a larger airbox, all of which are intended to increase the torque and fuel efficiency of the little engine that might. Maintenance is made simpler by a removable oil filter, and the down pipe and muffler are now two pieces for simpler replacement.

The Grom’s gearbox now includes five gears (up from four), broader gear ratios, and a bigger 38-tooth rear sprocket (up from 34 teeth), which together allow the bike to travel more effortlessly at high speeds. However, the Grom is too small to handle the motorway due to its top speed of roughly 60 mph, not that I’d be willing to do it even if I could. The gasoline sipper’s tank capacity has increased from 1.45 to 1.6 gallons, allowing it to travel even longer between fill-ups. The model from last year achieved 134 mpg in EPA testing.

I arrived at the Grom press ride following a really demanding week. I felt like an old dishrag the day before after sending our August issue to the press. Our get-along group of eight riders buzzed through the streets of the city before heading up into the San Gabriel Mountains after touring the Steady Garage shop in Irwindale, California, and admiring some of their incredible Grom builds.

I’m 200 pounds overweight and 6 feet tall. Honda hasn’t disclosed the curb weight of the 2022 model, but the 229-pound weight of the outgoing model has been supplied. The Grom is swift and ready to leave stops even with my large sack of potatoes on board. Since keeping the Grom in the go zone demands the appropriate gear and all the throttle you can twist out of the right grip, the clutch pull is incredibly light, and shifting through the gears is effortless.

The ascent into the mountains was a little slow, but the descent was a complete riot. The Grom is all about corner speed and drafting the person in front of you, despite having 12-inch wheels and only 10 horsepower. For a $3,399 motorcycle, its brakes and suspension are as rudimentary as you’d expect, but they are reliable and consistent. (You can have ABS for an extra $200.) The Grom is resilient and tolerates abuse without complaining.

By the time we returned to the valley, I had almost completely forgotten the source of my anxiety. All of my worries had been replaced by enjoyment as I was so preoccupied with keeping up, being smooth, and smiling under my helmet at how ridiculous it was all.

There’s a myth that a motorcycle is never parked in front of a psychiatrist’s office. This is especially true if it’s a Grom motorcycle. Go ahead and enjoy yourself!

Can you buy 125cc automated bikes?

It’s crucial to consider your driving comfort when shopping for a bike in today’s market. Every motorcycle you purchase from Direct Bikes is guaranteed to be comfortable for long-distance travel.

It is crucial to feel at ease while riding a bike if you want to be able to drive safely. However, it goes beyond the seat’s mere comfort on a physical level. We advise you to consider the speed a bike can achieve when purchasing one from us.

At Direct Bikes, all of our 125cc motorcycles have a top speed of 60 mph, and some are even capable of going faster. However, your bike’s transmission is another thing to consider. Do you detest the idea of having to manually shift gears? Then you ought to think about choosing an automatic transmission. Have you ever considered 125cc automated bikes?

If not, browse today’s expanding selection of automatic bikes. You can select a high-quality model that is completely tailored to you and makes driving a lot more comfortable overall.

You can get something that is quick, efficient, and really accurate with the aid of automatic motorbikes 125cc. You will be able to travel through the streets with ease and will have a very impressive-looking bike that makes getting about easy and quick. With an autonomous bike, you can have something that is quite simple to handle.

Choosing the type of transmission you want makes sense if you plan to start driving for an extended period of time. We at Direct Bikes suggest that you take a look at both of our manual and automatic bikes. What are the advantages of one of our 125cc automated motorbikes, though?

Is the Honda Grom a decent first vehicle?

The Honda Grom is a fine entry-level motorcycle for folks with no prior motorcycle riding experience, but it isn’t really practical outside of parking lots or the suburbs. You don’t have to worry too much if you drop it because it’s cheap and simple to ride.

A clutch—does a grom have one?

Potential buyers may typically find the motorcycle that meets their preferences thanks to today’s large selection of motorcycles, which includes café racers, dual sports, and touring bikes. However, these bikes all have one thing in common: a clutch. And it’s something that, if you’re not experienced with manual gearboxes, may terrify a lot of younger riders. The rider needs to utilize a clutch to change gears on even entry-level motorcycles like the Honda Grom and Yamaha MT-03. There are still some automatic motorbikes on the market, despite the fact that manual bikes still dominate the market.

On a Honda Grom, is insurance required?

Although groms are smaller and slower than most motorcycles, they are just as entertaining! Additionally, they are excellent first bikes for novice riders. According to your age and the state, insurance might cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000.

Similar to auto insurance, the cost of motorbike insurance relies on a number of variables, such as:

  • vehicle location
  • Vehicle age
  • the motorcycle
  • level of intended coverage

For comparison, North Dakota has the least stringent standards for motorcycle insurance, which is why it costs only $330 on average. Contrarily, California has the strictest minimum motorcycle insurance requirements; the average premium there is $1,816 per year.

The quickest approach to learn how much your insurance will cost is to compare prices from several providers by shopping around. Download the Jerry app if you want assistance with the procedure. Jerry, a certified broker, can assist you in comparing customised quotations from more than 50 leading companies, including Progressive and Nationwide, without cost.

Do motorcycles come with automatic transmissions?

The following list includes the most popular models of automated motorcycle transmissions: Hondamatic (on vintage Hondas) CVT (Aprilia, Honda, scooters) DCT (Honda)

Do automatic street bikes exist?

Today’s motorcycles for sale are mostly outfitted with manual transmissions. However, the entrance barrier to motorcycling is gradually lowering because to the popularity of bikes that don’t require the rider to shift.

Weight of the Gearbox

The weight of an automatic transmission gearbox added to the motorbike chassis is the primary factor. Motorcycles are popular because of their lightweight, nimble structure with only a few essential components, which makes them easy to maneuver. A heavy automatic transmission gearbox adds weight to the motorcycle’s frame, slowing it down and making it more difficult to control. However, as motorcycle manufactures discover fresh and inventive ways to reduce the weight of these gearboxes, bikes with automatic transmissions have grown lighter.


The speed advantage that manual transmissions have over automatic ones is the second factor in the majority of motorcycles having manual transmissions. Motorcycles are popular because of their strength and swift acceleration. In terms of how quickly they accelerate, manual transmissions typically outperform automated transmissions. Due to their precise gear shifts that are impossible for a human to duplicate, high-tech automatic gearboxes are beginning to triumph in this area.

More Expensive Bike

The high expense of purchasing a motorcycle with an automatic transmission is the final factor in the majority of motorcycles having manual transmissions. The higher price tag required by the automatic gearbox bikes’ more sophisticated technology turns away many would-be motorcycle buyers. Motorcycles with automatic transmissions will start to become more affordable as manufacturers figure out ways to produce them more cheaply as they become more prevalent.

Honda produces automated motorcycles, right?

Right-handed grip with controls for selecting drive mode, neutral, and auto/manual mode. Of course, the DCT can be manually shifted. Instead of a foot shifter or clutch lever, Honda’s automatic motorcycles have toggles on the left hand grip that you may use to upshift and downshift.

What is 125cc’s speed in mph?

The most of us visited there when we first started riding. As we prepare to purchase our first 125cc motorcycle or scooter, the elusive thought of how quickly this two-wheeled beast can move crosses our minds.

The quick response is that a 125cc’s max speed typically ranges between 65 and 80 mph.

To adequately address the topic, we must first examine the variables that determine a motorcycle’s top speed before providing a brief round-up of some of the fastest 125s available.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the regulatory limitations that 125cc motorcycles and scooters must follow.

Can someone with a vehicle license ride a 125cc?

Yes, you are allowed to ride a 125cc scooter or motorcycle off-road if you possess a valid driver’s license. Before riding a motorcycle on the road, you must complete and pass your mandatory basic training (CBT).