Is A Honda Grom A Good Starter Bike?

The Honda Grom is a fine entry-level motorcycle for folks with no prior motorcycle riding experience, but it isn’t really practical outside of parking lots or the suburbs. You don’t have to worry too much if you drop it because it’s cheap and simple to ride.

Which bicycle is ideal for novice riders?

There are several motorcycles available that are enjoyable to ride and affordable if you are a beginner rider who wants to have an exhilarating ride. The top 5 motorcycles available for less than Rs 2 lakh are listed here.

Honda Groms’ dependability?

The Grom is another example of how Honda has established themselves as the most dependable motorbike manufacturer in the world.

However, riders could run into issues if they continuously give the bike full power, as this puts a lot of strain on the engine.

There are many online reviews of the Groms’ dependability, so as long as you maintain your bike and ride responsibly, you shouldn’t have any significant issues.

It should be mentioned that the majority of Groms include a two-year warranty in case you run into any problems.

What can you use a grom for?

A plus is economic effectiveness. Cycle World states that despite having a 1.45 gallon fuel tank, some owners achieve over 100 mpg. And the Grom is one of the least expensive motorcycles on the market, only costing $3,599 with ABS.

The Honda Grom is looking to be a fantastic entry-level motorcycle. Reviewers assert

The Grom’s seat sits close to the ground, similar to a standard or cruiser, making it simple to put your foot down. Additionally increasing stability and control is the seating posture, which places your legs comfortably around the fuel tank and directly beneath you. The Grom’s light weight increases his sense of assurance.

The Honda Grom’s speed is another factor. According to Men’s Journal, seasoned riders are also purchasing the small bike despite its lackluster speed. They can enjoy themselves at legal road speeds while pushing the limits of the bike without running the risk of a hazardous high-speed collision. The sole goal of the Grom, according to Jalopnik, is to have fun.

The Honda Grom has a few drawbacks. According to USA Today, the bike has no storage. The seat is also reportedly a touch firm for prolonged riding, according to several reports. Although the Grom can accommodate two passengers, its modest engine reduces performance. Additionally, a higher capacity bike, like as the CB300F or CBR500R, is a better option if your commute involves riding on the interstate.

What is the lifespan of a Grom engine?

If a new Honda Grom is stored properly, used responsibly, and serviced in accordance with Honda’s recommended maintenance schedule, it should survive more than 80,000 miles or 25 years.

What motorcycle is the safest?

One of the safest motorcycles is the KTM adventure model 1190. Along with its antilock brakes and potent traction control, among of its distinctive features include a special motorcycle stability control (MSC) braking system that supports the rider. The motorcycle’s features, according to a post about it on Bennett’s website, prevent rear wheel skids, a rider from rolling over when making emergency stops, and the wheels from slipping and braking when leaning to one side. When accelerating, the MSC characteristics also prevent the front wheels from lifting.

What engine size should a motorcycle for beginners have?

Depending on the model you select, the engine size will change. Two-cylinder motorcycles under 600cc are a fantastic place for beginners to start. Buying a motorcycle with too much power can be risky and put you, your vehicle, and other motorists at risk.

You might need to purchase your motorcycle in accordance with the “Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme” depending on which state or territory you reside in (LAMS).

When purchasing your first motorbike, there are so many models to choose from that it might be difficult.

Consider the way you will use it, how it feels, and what fits your budget the best.

What makes Honda Groms so well-liked?

Continue reading to learn more about the qualities of the Honda Grom that make it so well-liked, valuable, and potent.

The success of the Honda Grom surprised the executives. Dealerships nearly instantly ran out of stock when it first hit the sales floor in 2013, and customers kept going back multiple times a week. To get a Honda Grom, people made higher-priced offers and created waiting lists. The Honda Grom is a highly desired motorcycle among all demographics due to its affordable pricing, noticeably high fuel economy, user-friendliness, quick maintenance, and light weight. People are also taken aback by how well the bike handles on busy streets and how well it can keep up with certain full-size motorcycles. Even today, the bike is still very popular and has undergone various upgrades.

Can you ride a grom two up?

Even more astounding is the Grom’s capacity to carry two adults. The main issue is that because of the low torque, it requires a lot of power to start moving from a stop. Once it’s moving, it will easily pick up speed, even two-up.

How many gears are there on a grom?

Despite being a 125cc fuel-injected, 2-valve engine The Grom’s single overhead cam engine now features a more undersquare bore/stroke (50 x 63.1mm vs. 52.4 x 57.9mm before), a higher compression ratio (10:1, up from 9.3:1), and a larger airbox, all of which are intended to increase the torque and fuel efficiency of the little engine that might. Maintenance is made simpler by a removable oil filter, and the down pipe and muffler are now two pieces for simpler replacement.

The Grom’s gearbox now includes five gears (up from four), broader gear ratios, and a bigger 38-tooth rear sprocket (up from 34 teeth), which together allow the bike to travel more effortlessly at high speeds. However, the Grom is too small to handle the motorway due to its top speed of roughly 60 mph, not that I’d be willing to do it even if I could. The gasoline sipper’s tank capacity has increased from 1.45 to 1.6 gallons, allowing it to travel even longer between fill-ups. The model from last year achieved 134 mpg in EPA testing.

I arrived at the Grom press ride following a really demanding week. I felt like an old dishrag the day before after sending our August issue to the press. Our get-along group of eight riders buzzed through the streets of the city before heading up into the San Gabriel Mountains after touring the Steady Garage shop in Irwindale, California, and admiring some of their incredible Grom builds.

I’m 200 pounds overweight and 6 feet tall. Honda hasn’t disclosed the curb weight of the 2022 model, but the 229-pound weight of the outgoing model has been supplied. The Grom is swift and ready to leave stops even with my large sack of potatoes on board. Since keeping the Grom in the go zone demands the appropriate gear and all the throttle you can twist out of the right grip, the clutch pull is incredibly light, and shifting through the gears is effortless.

The ascent into the mountains was a little slow, but the descent was a complete riot. The Grom is all about corner speed and drafting the person in front of you, despite having 12-inch wheels and only 10 horsepower. For a $3,399 motorcycle, its brakes and suspension are as rudimentary as you’d expect, but they are reliable and consistent. (You can have ABS for an extra $200.) The Grom is resilient and tolerates abuse without complaining.

By the time we returned to the valley, I had almost completely forgotten the source of my anxiety. All of my worries had been replaced by enjoyment as I was so preoccupied with keeping up, being smooth, and smiling under my helmet at how ridiculous it was all.

There’s a myth that a motorcycle is never parked in front of a psychiatrist’s office. This is especially true if it’s a Grom motorcycle. Go ahead and enjoy yourself!

Who has the most motorbike collisions?

Motorcycles are not all made equal. Similar to how some cars are riskier than others, so are motorcyclists. These motorcycles frequently cause more collisions:

  • Supersport bikes: Supersport bikes have the potential to be riskier. Riders are more likely to get into an accident, and they’re more likely to go into a catastrophic one as well. Despite the fact that these bikes can travel on roads, the majority of riders still use them for off-road or track riding. The most frequent factor in supersport accidents is speeding.
  • Street bikes: Street bikes are also more frequently involved in motorcycle collisions. Street motorcycles often have a smaller size and a higher top speed. The majority of riders who acquire them desire to test their speed and feel the wind in their faces. They are a well-liked motorcycle among those who desire to perform tricks.
  • Motorcycle cruisers make up as much as 50% of the current motorcycles on the road. This also implies that they are a significant contributor to accidents. In order to retain their “cool image,” cruisers may also encourage riders to don fewer safety gear.
  • Motorcycles for MX/Enduro: MX motorcycles are made to deviate from the path. This may lessen the likelihood of getting involved in a car accident, but it does not lessen the risk. Motorcycle accidents with trees and branches are a possibility for riders.

Although having these kinds of motorcycles does not guarantee that you will be in an accident, it may indicate that you need to take additional safety measures.

The likelihood of a motorbike accident?

In the modern day, automakers are continually creating safety features to lower the number of fatalities globally caused by traffic accidents. Accidents are being steadily reduced by technical developments, yet negligent human nature must also be held accountable.

Here are some figures to illustrate how motorcycle accidents and car accidents differ from one another:

Motorcycle Accidents

  • About 30 times more people are likely to die in a motorbike accident than in one involving a car.
  • Compared to automobile drivers of the same age, motorcycle riders over 40 have a roughly 20-fold higher risk of suffering injuries in an accident.
  • Motorcycle accidents have a startling 80% injury or fatality rate, compared to only 20% for car accidents.
  • Motorcycles account for just 3% of all registered cars, but they cause more than 5% of fatal traffic accidents.

Car Accidents

  • According to the National Safety Council, there are over 20 million automobiles on the road in the US at any given time.
  • According to statistics, car accidents result in over 2 million permanently disabled people being injured annually.
  • The average motorist will have a vehicle-related collision every six years, with close calls occurring as frequently as twice a month, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  • According to a National Highway Traffic Administration survey, 6% of car passengers get serious or fatal injuries.