Is A Honda Grom A Good Beginner Bike?

The Honda Grom is a fine entry-level motorcycle for folks with no prior motorcycle riding experience, but it isn’t really practical outside of parking lots or the suburbs. You don’t have to worry too much if you drop it because it’s cheap and simple to ride.

What makes Grom so unique?

Continue reading to learn more about the qualities of the Honda Grom that make it so well-liked, valuable, and potent.

The success of the Honda Grom surprised the executives. Dealerships nearly instantly ran out of stock when it first hit the sales floor in 2013, and customers kept going back multiple times a week. To get a Honda Grom, people made higher-priced offers and created waiting lists. The Honda Grom is a highly desired motorcycle among all demographics due to its affordable pricing, noticeably high fuel economy, user-friendliness, quick maintenance, and light weight. People are also taken aback by how well the bike handles on busy streets and how well it can keep up with certain full-size motorcycles. Even today, the bike is still very popular and has undergone various upgrades.

Can you ride a grom two up?

Even more astounding is the Grom’s capacity to carry two adults. The main issue is that because of the low torque, it requires a lot of power to start moving from a stop. Once it’s moving, it will easily pick up speed, even two-up.

The Honda Grom is comfortable, right?

The majority of my time riding the bike was spent negotiating city traffic because CT’s office was located in the heart of London; the MSX is perfectly sized for this job. I must admit that when I initially saw the little Honda, I had the impression that it would be crowded to ride and extremely uncomfortable over long distances. However, as it turned out, I could not have been more mistaken.

The Grom is surprisingly roomy with broad bars, an upright riding stance, and a 29.7-inch seat. Additionally, you are seated high enough to have a dominating vantage point over other drivers, which is essential for navigating traffic. In fact, I never once felt exposed while riding in congested traffic while riding with the Grom.

Unfortunately, not every component of the MSX is perfectly ergonomic. Taking a passenger presented the toughest challenge. Even though the MSX can accommodate a passenger, I’m not sure I’d recommend it after spending the afternoon traveling around with my girlfriend in the rear. Even at city speeds, the extra weight overpowered the rear damper, the brakes became difficult after repeated usage, and the acceleration away from traffic lights was severely limited. Not optimal.

Can the Honda Grom handle highway travel?

Although it is permitted to drive on the highway in several states, the Grom is absolutely not recommended. The claimed top speed is 56 mph. Only once, while in a full aero tuck, on a downhill with a tailwind, did I reach 62 mph.

How far can a Grom travel?

A Honda Grom should last between 120,000 and 130,000 miles with proper upkeep and routine maintenance.

The Honda Grom can last for many years on the road because the typical yearly mileage for a motorcycle is about 5,000 miles.

Your Grom will breakdown much before it logs 130,000 miles on the odometer if you neglect routine maintenance or ride it roughly.

You must maintain your Honda Grom in excellent shape if you want it to endure as long as possible.

You may achieve this by making sure you routinely replace filters, rotate your tires, and perform oil and coolant changes.

What does the name Honda Grom mean?

The term “grom” refers to a young surfer who is going places and pursuing a professional career in the world of waves and riptides.

According to the rumor, if Honda America had called their new motorcycle the “MSX125,” it would have violated trademark laws. So, after some deliberation over coffee and doughnuts, a creative mind came up with the name “Grom.”

And what about that? Even in nations where the MSX125 name was retained, the rest of the globe quickly started referring to it as Grom.

Five minutes on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram will demonstrate why Grom is so pertinent. Thousands of young riders treat their Grom like a surfer rides a board, pulling tricks at every chance, all around the world.

A devoted group of owners also enjoys nothing more than ordering parts to modify their bikes, giving them a unique flair and making them the topic of forums and get-togethers of Grom owners. Everything is allowed, including unique chassis extensions and custom paint jobs, which turn it into a low-rider with the attitude—if not the performance—of a race bike found at a drag strip.

What is the smallest motorcycle made by Honda?

There is no doubting that there are a plethora of various motorbike brands and models available on the market today. Honda Mini Motorcycles, on the other hand, are a great option if you want to stand out from other road users. Especially since not everyone is trying to wrangle a big, hefty bike just to get around town, these bikes clearly don’t get the attention they deserve. The model’s maneuverability may become more difficult as it grows in size. It’s especially challenging for new riders who are just learning the sport. Larger vehicles may also be more expensive to buy and maintain.

Fortunately, Honda Mini Motorcycles are made to capture the thrilling and adventurous sensation you anticipate from riding a bike. When you go tiny, you can leave all the extras behind. The amazing performance, lightweight design, and vibrant color schemes will appeal to you. To find out more about the models, continue reading. When you’re prepared to shop, go visit Timbrook Honda in Winchester, Virginia to find your ideal Honda Mini Motorcycle!

The Honda Cub

The Honda Cub is the most widely used and produced motorcycle ever, which may surprise you. It won’t surprise you as much once you learn about all the wonderful features. The 2019 Honda Cub combines new, cutting-edge technology that keeps you safe on the road with all the famous features of the original, such as the head-turning style and free spirit. You’ll realize why this Honda Mini Motorcycle is a popular choice for many riders as soon as you get on it.

The Honda Monkey

The Honda Grom will be perfect for you if you need to change up your mundane driving habits. You can put an end to the times when being stuck in a tight traffic jam made you antsy. When you start riding this Honda Mini Motorcycle, your commute will go from being a boring journey to an exhilarating experience. With the 125cc engine, single-cylinder construction, and four-speed transmission, you’ll experience excellent performance. You may rest assured that the Honda Grom will have all the power and speed you require at your disposal. With this incredibly lightweight bike, agility is key.

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The Honda Grom

Honda Monkey certainly sounds familiar to you when you hear its name. After all, this particular model was first introduced in the 1960s and became popular among many MiniMoto lovers. This Honda Mini Motorcycle has improved over the years while still retaining its carefree, youthful attitude. Both novice and experienced riders will enjoy riding this bike. The combination of contemporary technology and classic style gives you the ideal balance of old and new aspects. The Honda Monkey has a ton of thrilling rides for you to choose from.

A grom is it a moped?

With its new Grom, a kind of supermoto-moped that bridges the gap between various classifications of two-wheeled vehicles, Honda is further muddying the waters.

The Honda Grom is air cooled, right?

  • new 124 cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine
  • gearbox with five speeds
  • quicker than the previous model
  • 7.7 pounds of torque and 9.7 horsepower

The Grom is powered by a brand-new, air-cooled, 123.9 cc thumper that this time around delivers EU-5 emission compliance. With a 50 mm bore and 63.1 mm stroke, up from 52.4 mm by 57.9 mm, it boasts an under-square, long-stroke configuration. Its claimed 10-to-1 compression ratio has also been increased from 9.3-to-1. The engine produces the same amount of power as last year, 9.7 horsepower, at 7,200 revolutions per minute. However, in order to reduce pollution, the engine produces 7.7 pound-feet of torque at 5,500 rpm rather than the even 8 pounds of the previous generation.


Stroke x Bore

Ratio of compression:




Last Drive:


The Grom is simple to flat-foot at stop lights or in parking lots thanks to its 30 inch height. Additionally, the seat has extensive padding, making it comfortable, particularly for taller riders.


Owning and riding a Grom is exciting in part because of how it looks. Additionally, if you wish to further personalize it, you can easily remove its distinctive bodywork. Additionally, for a more aggressive appearance, the engine, exhaust, wheels, and swingarm are all blacked out.

How long does it take a Honda Grom to break in?

Invasion Period Follow these instructions for the first 300 miles (500 km) of operation to guarantee the reliability and performance of your car in the future. acceleration. Avoid abrupt downshifts and heavy braking. Drive cautiously.

Are Grom bikes reliable?

Honda seemed to be suggesting it’s still good to be a kid at heart when it introduced the Grom in 2014. According to buyers, it was difficult to find a Grom at MSRP and much more difficult to find one on the showroom floor. Fortunately, it’s still available in the Honda lineup today.

The Grom is not a rocket, producing only 10 horsepower, but despite its low weight of 229 pounds, it avoids traffic lights with skill. The Grom’s cornering skills are where his strength really shines. Together, the rear mono-shock and the front 31mm telescopic inverted fork, with nearly 4 inches of travel in each, dig the 12-inch tires through turns like they are in the MotoGP. The Grom is said as be “tossable” since it can change sides with just a thinking.

Although the Grom is little, it is designed with adult-sized ergonomics. A 125cc fuel-injected single-cylinder motorcycle with bars that sit you comfortably upright and pegs that only start to feel cramped to riders over 6 feet tall. Honda offers an LCD digital dash with a speedometer, odometer, clock, and fuel gauge—not that you’ll be looking down much, of course.

Speaking of fuel gauges, I frequently ponder whether the Grom even requires one. Even when you are wringing it hard, the 125cc mill is a complete fuel sipper. 134 mpg are delivered by The Grom! This amounts to a 1.5-gallon tank having a 200-mile range and costing $5 to fill up.

Returning to my original query, is the Grom a suitable bike for a learner? Yes, it’s a wonderful bike for learning the fundamentals. The Grom is a wonderful platform for developing clutch control, developing cornering skills, and learning to modulate the brakes. Do you need to buy one? I would advise against buying it if it was going to be your only bike because the restrictions outweigh the fun. as a backup bicycle? Hell yeah, count me in.

Conclusion: Riding a Grom is a great fun. The bike is particularly approachable because the ergonomics fit a wide variety of adults. Although the 125cc engine does its job well, you’ll be happy with the handling, braking, and fuel efficiency. I would have a lot of fun learning to ride on a Grom as a beginner, but it wouldn’t be practical as my main bike. You will have more fun than is permitted if you get a Honda Grom as a second motorcycle.