Is A Honda Fourtrax 250 4X4?

Contrary to popular misconception, the Honda FourTrax 250 was introduced a year earlier than 1986. However, because the Honda debuted the same year “Few people noticed the small wheeler because the Big Red ATC250R dominated the scene. Consumer interest in the FourTrax series of products didn’t really take off until the industry started moving toward four-wheeled vehicles. Learn more about this underdog by reading this article until the end.

Earlier than the 1985 Honda FourTrax 250, which was a sport/rec quad, “The 1986 Honda TRX250R was the ATV of the Century. The 246-cm3 engine, front and rear baggage racks, and tough appearance were all features of the 44. Additionally, it laid the foundation for Honda’s range of excellent utility vehicles.

Does a Honda FourTrax 250 have four wheels?

A pioneer in the industry’s sport-utility class, the 1986 Honda FourTrax 250 was renowned for its ergonomics and reliable handling. This four-wheeler was portable, tough, and a pro on sand and dirt roads. The TRX250R barely lasted four years on the market, so its abrupt discontinuation in 1989 left devoted fans wondering why it was discontinued.

The 1986 Honda FourTrax 250 (also known as the TRX250), named “ATV of the Century” by 4-Wheel ATV Action Magazine, set the standard for today’s high-performance ATVs. Honda created this four-wheeler for both hobbyists and skilled riders looking for the ultimate quad, as well as to compete with Suzuki’s Quadracer.

Does a Honda FourTrax have four wheels?

The Honda FourTrax 300, one of Honda’s best ATVs ever, was designed to give customers a robust quad perfect for work and play. Its 44 variant has a heavy-duty steel frame, a double-wishbone front suspension, and a limited-slip front differential.

The best-selling ATV manufactured by Honda is the FourTrax 300. Due to its ground-breaking design, it was a big hit, selling more than 500,000 copies during its 12-year production cycle. A more compact chassis and four-wheel drive were both included on the 300 and 300 44.

Read this article to learn more about this renowned all-terrain vehicle, including its specifications and characteristics.

A Honda FourTrax 250 is good, right?

The 1987 Honda FourTrax 250 (TRX250X), one of today’s most sought-after collectable ATVs, is renowned for its water-cooled engine and other improvements. This 246-cm3 44, which is quick and exudes sportiness, gave the Suzuki QuadRacer a fight for its money, outselling the sport quad both on the road and in sales. But this four-wheeler had no idea that it would serve as the model for more famous, larger-displacement quad bikes decades later.

The 1987 Honda FourTrax 250 is regarded as “one of the top sport ATVs of all time” by many ATV publications. This iconic four-wheeler, also known as the TRX250X, set the design parameters for modern competitive ATVs with its invisible frame, 4-stroke engine, and industry-leading suspension geometry.

The 1987 Honda FourTrax TRX250X maintained the reputation of the FourTrax brand while also adding engine and design upgrades to the lineup. Discover how the Honda FourTrax’s reputation as one of the best sport ATVs ever strengthened with the 1987 model by reading the rest of this article.

Honda TRX 250: Is it automatic?

Honda is renowned for producing engines that, when properly maintained, survive for decades. The 250X’s 229cc, longitudinally mounted, single-cylinder engine produced light power with sufficient torque to haul the bike across challenging trails.

The air-cooled, carbureted engine was created by Honda to use with a 5-speed semi-automatic transmission. The rear wheels of most sport quads are spun by a tried-and-true chain-drive system, but this TRX is shaft-driven. Chain slack and chain lubricant are no longer necessary with a shaft, and they also require significantly less maintenance. With fewer system twists and turns from the crankshaft out to the wheels, Honda’s longitudinally positioned engine and transmission are able to send power out more effectively.

On the left side of the ATV, there is a foot-operated lever that is used to change the 5-speed semi-automatic transmission. On the TRX, Honda debuted the SportClutch. Although it includes an auto-clutch mechanism that allows you to shift or take off without using the clutch lever, as riders gain experience, they can utilize the clutch lever like you would on a typical sport quad.

If you bog the machine down too much, it will never stop working. For new riders to learn how a clutch and gear configuration works without the hassle, this method is ideal. You must be in neutral to start the vehicle because it is at the bottom of the gear pattern.

While shifting upward, there are five forward gears that can be selected. By placing the vehicle in neutral, turning the lever located under the right side of the 2.5-gallon fuel tank, and pulling the shifter down (from neutral), the reverse is activated. Before you can continue shifting to move forward, you must shift back upward into neutral. Honda has a parking brake built in that is connected to the clutch-lever mechanism for when you wish to park the electrically started machine.

A Honda 250 four-wheeler travels how quickly?

Driving your Honda Recon across difficult terrain, deep muck, rugged paths, and rocky roads while taking in the crisp, clean air is an experience unlike any other. You’ll be traveling at speeds you didn’t anticipate before with the Honda Recon250. You might be curious about your maximum speed.

What is the highest speed of the Honda Recon 250? The Honda Recon 250 has a 45 mph peak speed. This sturdy and reliable vehicle will get you where you need to go and is a dependable option for anyone who enjoys outdoor exploration.

Although the peak speed is 45 mph, several people have claimed going a little faster, up to and including 50 mph. Your Honda Recon should travel smoothly and may go faster than 45 mph with regular maintenance.

What causes this monstrous machine to function as it does, then? We need to look more closely at the specifics to determine what causes this machine to operate at its top speed in order to respond to that query. Let’s go into the details and discover more about the features that make this an excellent ATV.

How many gears is a TRX 250 equipped with?

The transmission has an automated clutch for convenience and five forward gears with a reverse. Electric and auxiliary recoil are used for starting.

Honda Fourtrax Recon has four wheels?

The real work is done at low rpm, when a specifically developed 250-class engine is engineered for lots of low-rpm torque and power. Honda’s renowned longitudinal engine arrangement is used in its two-wheel-drive system for more effective power transmission.

Honda still produces 250 ATVs?

American Honda today unveiled the TRX250X sport variant and the FourTrax Recon multipurpose model, two of its smallest ATVs for 2021. While the TRX250X is available in new Reactor Blue and Magenta variants, the Recon has undergone some aesthetic updates and is now available in Active Yellow and Beige colors. Both are nimble, light, and portable while yet providing great performance, and both are currently offered in red.

“According to Brandon Wilson, Manager of Advertising, Experiential and Sports at American Honda, Honda continues to be the maker of the most well-liked small-bore ATVs because of models like the FourTrax Recon and TRX250X that are capable. ” Every day, these 250-class models are seen across the nation proving that powerful performance is still feasible in compact, lightweight vehicles.

Three Trax Recon Honda’s smallest, most nimble multifunctional ATV is a better bargain than ever for 2021 thanks to updated aesthetics. The FourTrax Recon boasts a sleek new appearance thanks to updates to the fenders, front grille, and headlights, and its 229cc air-cooled engine is dependable and efficient while producing plenty of power and torque. Cargo can be transported on steel front and rear racks, while the rear suspension is handled by a swingarm system and single shock. The Recon is equipped for arduous work or enjoyable trail riding and is available in manual foot-shift and ESP push-button shift models.

What is Honda TRX stand for?


TRX equals ATV. The engine size for the TRX680 model is 680cc. The “F” stands for four-wheel drive following the engine size. Automatic Transmission is indicated by the “A.

A Honda TRX 250 has two or four strokes.

Honda produced the sport ATV known as the TRX250R between 1986 and 1989. It had a liquid-cooled, two-stroke engine with a six-speed close-ratio transmission, a light frame, and outstanding handling. Even though it was only produced for four years, the “250R,” as it was called, was for a long time the ATV racers’ preferred model until manufacturer participation increased and four-stroke engines started to be used in sport ATVs starting in 2003 and 2004.

What 4 wheel Honda vehicle is the largest?

The Rincon’s 649cc, four-stroke, overhead-valve engine is the largest and most potent of any Honda ATV engines. It is robust yet surprisingly small.


Strong internals, quick shifts, superb control, real compression-braking capability, and an automatic program that upshifts and downshifts while you focus on riding are all features of the Rancher’s Honda Automatic DCT transmission. One of your finest options is to choose this.


Anyone who relies on their ATV must be able to depend on precise performance and starting in any situation. With Honda Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI), the Rancher not only ensures trouble-free operation in the cold and at various altitudes, but also reduces emissions and improves fuel efficiency. PGM-FI features a 34mm throttle body, 12-hole injector, and an oxygen sensor that allows the fuel mapping to instantly adjust to any riding condition.


Over 8 inches of travel and 9 inches of clearance are available with the Rancher Automatic DCT with Independent Rear Suspension (IRS). This has two significant advantages: first, it keeps your tires in constant touch with the ground for better grip; and second, it provides a smooth ride across unforgiving terrain so you don’t get bruised on the route.


The racks on the Rancher have a substantial flat area and sturdy steel construction. And to further increase the versatility of your Rancher, they are made to be simple to mount and detach cargo boxes and other accessories from our Honda Pro-ConnectTM line.