Why Is My BMW Wifi Not Working?

Go to Settings for Mobile Devices. Only switch on CarPlay after turning off everything else. That ought to activate Bluetooth and WiFi (CarPlay uses both). If I recall correctly…

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We appreciate you contacting us regarding CarPlay. You may be sure that we’ll make every effort to help you or point you in the correct path.

We recognize that the “No Internet Connection” notice you keep receiving prevents you from using the CarPlay capabilities.

Does your car have a Wi-Fi capability, too? If so, do you use a service or a plan that connects your car’s Wi-Fi network to the internet?

Your description of the problem suggests that your iPhone is linked to a Wi-Fi network without internet connectivity.

We advise that you unplug from the Wi-Fi network in your car if your iPhone keeps automatically connecting to it, then see whether the problem still exists.

I appreciate your response. If you mean a “Hot Spot” by a “Wi-Fi network,” then I do not have one in my BMW. As soon as the car starts up, it joins the CarPlay Wi-Fi network. When Apple Car Play is not active, a BMW Bluetooth connection is utilized (it is in a “Not Connected” state). The bluetooth would be in a “Connected” condition when iDrive is activated.

Is the fact that there isn’t a “No internet connection” notice after turning off and back on the Wi-Fi the true problem? If there is no hot spot installed, there is no internet connection, period, according to your inquiries and other facts I have discovered in online forums. Even though the phone recognizes it as a Wi-Fi connection, CarPlay uses phone data.

We appreciate you keeping us informed. Have you had a chance to determine whether the problem continues if you turn off your Wi-Fi access while CarPlay is active?

Have you had a chance to test your iPhone with a different CarPlay-enabled vehicle or with an alternative iPhone?

I’ve discovered that the notice “No Internet Connection” does not appear for a while if I unplug and reconnect the wifi. I don’t have access to an iPhone or another CarPlay-compatible vehicle to test with. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I believe this is simply a problem with the message being inconsistent. I don’t have a hotspot, so I can’t connect to the internet.

You responded: We’d like you to navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi while CarPlay is activated and you receive the “No Internet Connection” message. Find the network to which your iPhone is currently logged in, press I and then choose Forget This Network.

CarPlay is the Wi-Fi network that the iPhone is linked to.

I noted earlier that my car does not have a hot spot installed. This, in my opinion, explains why the notice “No Internet Connection” is displayed.

I currently have a 21 x 3m with the most recent iStep update. Two 12 Pro iPhones running the most recent software (but problem existed before the istep update and with older iOS 14 versions.).

My phone’s wireless CarPlay functionality is as intended. My fiance can use her phone to access the internet when it is in the car, but not when CarPlay is enabled. She needs to turn off her WiFi. That problem doesn’t exist on my phone, and her phone functions normally when she uses CarPlay.

I have attempted to fix the phone, delete networks, reset networks, and disable wireless hotspot. All of it is useless. I’ve been getting around that by paying $20 each month for hotspot:

You must deactivate the built-in WiFi in your car in iDrive. It will instantly connect to iPhones. While your phones may connect, there won’t be any internet access unless you pay for the WiFi Hotspot through AT&T (new cars include a 3-month trial).

EDIT: I should also mention that disabling the HotSpot WiFi has no impact on wireless CarPlay.

I have it off, yes. But it’s still connected to it. even when I misplaced the iPhone’s network.

You don’t need to entirely off WiFi on your phone if it connects to the BMW WiFi network; simply disconnect from it. Whenever I encounter this issue on my phone, I simply follow those steps, and it always resolves the issue.

Yes, but every time you get in the car, you have to disconnect from WiFi. That’s what we’re attempting to prevent.

Did you tried unchecking auto-join on the iPhone and under the BMW WiFi network?

It’s off, that’s true. I actually attempted to reset network settings and forget the network.

Verify the WiFi antenna.

did not assist either? Put your phone as close to the head unit as possible against your iDrive console to see if your WiFi antenna is configured correctly. If it receives a signal and you can see your CarPlay in the iDrive settings without being able to rejoin it, this indicates that the antenna is not properly positioned or plugged in and needs to be moved physically toward the center of the vehicle.


My phone has been removed and added numerous times. My iPhone 12 Pro, on iOS 14.6, has the issue of showing a WiFi symbol and attempting to use WiFi for the first three to five minutes before switching to cellular. I wouldn’t need the aforementioned workaround if it simply performed it the first time I joined the network and remembered I always use cellular on that network. In my MachE, I have the same issue.

You must disregard your phone’s network. After that, enter Sync and set aside your phone. then unpair your phone’s bluetooth device. Make sure the device is in low data mode when you repair it. After deleting it, restart your phone as well.

Why is there a lack of Internet connectivity on my BMW WiFi?

Most likely, the phone is attempting to connect to the car’s wifi, which isn’t operational. It should be possible to either ‘forget’ the network from the phone or disable it in the CarPlay settings. Click on Mobile Devices and Settings.

What is the WiFi password for my BMW?

In iDrive, find the “Communication” menu. Select “Internet hotspot” after choosing “Manage mobile devices” and “Connect new Device.” 2. You will see your hotspot name and a case-sensitive key, or password.

Is there free WiFi at BMW?

A user can use Personal eSIM to link their BMW to their current mobile phone plan, utilizing the car’s 5G antenna and creating an in-car WiFi hotspot.

Why won’t my iPhone connect to the car’s Wi-Fi?

Ensure that Wi-Fi is activated and that your network is visible. Make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on by going to Settings > Wi-Fi. To connect, tap the name of your Wi-Fi network. A network name with a blue checkmark next to it indicates that you are connected. Tap it to enable Auto-Join if you see Auto Join Disabled next to your Wi-Fi network name.

Why does the WiFi connection not work?

online and network Remove the power wires from the modem and router for 15 seconds. Reconnect the power cords. Verify that all wires and cords are closed securely on both ends. Wait a few minutes until the modem and router’s lights are operational.

What is the price of BMW WiFi?

Magenta Drive for BMW, the new connected car plan, costs $20 per month with autopay, plus taxes and fees. It is currently accessible and supported on BMW iX and x4 cars manufactured after 2022.

How can I fix my car’s WiFi?

There have been a few instances where customers have purchased a potent Wi-Fi car router only to discover that they are unable to power it using the outlets in their vehicles.

It is imperative that you first check the voltage of the accessible sockets (either by researching your car model online or going to a mechanic).

Who pays for BMW WiFi?

For the first three years, ConnectedDrive is included with every new or relatively new BMW; after that, owners must pay a yearly fee for the service. New users with qualifying models can sign up on the ConnectedDrive website and connect their vehicle using their VIN number and personal information.

How can I resolve the WiFi problem?

A built-in troubleshooting tool in Windows 10 may detect and fix network connectivity issues on your device automatically.

Although you can’t rely on it to find complex problems, you might as well try it since it’s free and already included with your operating system.

Select Troubleshoot settings after pressing the Win key and typing troubleshoot.

Is there a SIM card in my BMW?

Every new BMW now includes a SIM card, enabling owners to connect to the vehicle using a smartphone from any location. You may operate numerous features remotely after downloading the BMW Connected app to your Android or iOS device from the app store. For instance, you may check your car’s location if you forget where you parked it, make sure it’s locked while out to dinner, or adjust the climate control to cool it on a hot day or warm the cabin in the cold.

For instance, the BMW Connected+ sat-nav can access data from the internet and other users, so the map can provide weather forecasts for your destination as well as real-time alerts for delays or inclement weather en route.

The ability to control the cabin’s heating and cooling remotely is another feature. The air conditioning can be pre-programmed to operate for up to 30 minutes before departure using this method.

BMW Connected also enables your car to access your work calendar, pulling meeting information from Microsoft Exchange and guiding you to your next appointment without the need to explicitly set a destination. You can dictate messages, have emails read aloud, and accept or reject meetings while you’re on the go.

When using BMW Connected features, drivers must always be in complete control of the car because it is unknown how safe or harmful this could possibly be.

The navigation system will keep track of current traffic conditions and suggest when you should leave your desk, calculating how long it will take you to walk or ride a bike to your car while taking the time of day and traffic flow into account.

All of this data can be transmitted to an app on your phone or to digital devices like the Apple Watch, Samsung wearables, or Amazon Echo, making the “last mile” portion of your travel easier because you won’t need to fiddle with your phone’s navigation for the final leg of the route on foot.

Does the BMW WiFi hotspot make sense?

Does it merit it? The “Connected” Services and the WiFi Hotspot are distinct. You can access all the remote services, such as traffic information, updates, weather, etc., over the cellular connection in your car. The WiFi hotspot will only be valuable if you need to provide wifi connection to passengers.

What happens if WiFi won’t connect?

Restart the computer. Tap Network & internet or Connections after launching the Settings app. These options could differ according on your device. Turn off Wi-Fi and turn on mobile data to see if there is a change. If not, switch on Wi-Fi and turn off mobile data, then recheck.

How can I turn on my BMW ConnectedDrive again?

  • Type your VIN’s final seven characters here.
  • Choose whether you are the primary or backup driver of the car.
  • On the infotainment screen on your car, look for the security code. It may be accessed by going to Main Menu > ConnectedDrive > Messages. Your phone’s ConnectedDrive app will ask for the same code.