Why Did Mr Turner Leave BMW?

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Actually, Anthony Tyler Quinn’s personal workload may have led to his departure from “Boy Meets World” because he was cast as the main character in Fox’s short-lived comedy “Ask Harriett” around the same time.

Since leaving “Boy Meets World,” Quinn has kept himself extremely busy by appearing in dozens of small-screen shows, ranging from “Melrose Place” to “Dexter.” Additionally, he appeared in episodes of “Feud: Bette and Joan,” “Days of Our Lives,” “Caroline in the City,” and “Pretty Little Liars.” He made a cameo in the drama “The Man from Nowhere” in 2021.

Quinn was also able to clear his calendar when the “Boy Meets World” revival series “Girl Meets World” arrived on the Disney Channel so he could reprise his role as Mr. Turner (without the mullet) for a three-episode storyline.

Boy Meets World: The 18-year mystery surrounding Mr. Turner

Shawn Hunter found Mr. Turner to be a friend and a mentor on Boy Meets World, but why did he abruptly vanish during season 5 of the show?

Shawn Hunter, who had missing parents, found an odd father figure in Mr. Turner, his teacher, only for the Boy Meets World character to abruptly disappear. Although Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) was the show’s major subject, many fans came to love Shawn (Rider Strong), who was his best buddy. Shawn developed became John Adams High School’s resident bad boy heartthrob while Cory was often a rule-following, upstanding young person.

In the end, though, Shawn was usually a decent person at heart, despite the fact that his disorganized family life didn’t help. Shawn’s mother Virna left the family around season 2, and shortly after, Shawn’s father Chet left the Boy Meets World cast of characters for an unknown period of time. Shawn makes friends with and moves in with his English teacher Jonathan Turner in need of advice from adults and a place to live (Anthony Tyler Quinn). Overall, the arrangement turns out to be quite successful. Sadly, Shawn’s erratic parents showed up again and quickly caused chaos in his life.

In the “Cult Fiction” episode from season 4, a depressed Shawn joins a cult but leaves it after learning that Mr. Turner was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident. Turner is claimed to have lived despite spending time in a coma. This didn’t really matter, though, as Turner vanished mysteriously not long after. He was mentioned a few times more, but he never made another live appearance on Boy Meets World before it was cancelled. Fans were perplexed by this for years, while Quinn has since claimed that Turner’s departure was a creative choice in which he had no say, implying that he wasn’t enthusiastic about leaving the program. Quinn’s quick transition from Boy Meets World to the short-lived FOX sitcom Ask Harriet in 1998 may also have played an influence. Unfortunately, Quinn was cast in that show’s cringe-worthy premise as a fired reporter who dressed up as a woman to appear as a female advice columnist.

There was obviously no animosity between Anthony Tyler Quinn and Boy Meets World creator Michael Jacobs after the actor left the show, despite the unclear circumstances surrounding his exit. Quinn contacted Jacobs when it was revealed that the Girl Meets World sequel will feature old characters returning, and Jacobs was happy to give him the chance to finally put an end to Mr. Turner’s plight. Boy Meets World fans had to wait 18 years for resolution about the character, but Girl Meets World’s solution was well-received.

According to Girl Meets World, a now-married Turner eventually rose to the position of superintendent of the New York Board of Education and hired Cory to teach history at the John Quincy Adams Middle School in New York City. Riley referred to Turner as “Uncle Jon” because of his continued friendship with Cory and Topanga. In another touching exchange, Turner confessed that he ought to have taken Shawn back when he had the chance. On Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World, the mystery surrounding Mr. Turner’s abrupt Boy Meets World disappearance was finally resolved after nearly two decades.


  • Delay becoming Shawn’s legal guardian, and Shawn’s father came home before he was compelled to do so.
  • even after Shawn moved out, I continued to be close to him (and to a lesser extent, Cory).
  • was hurt while riding a motorcycle in Cult Fiction. Although he didn’t pass away, he was never again seen on Boy Meets World. He addressed Shawn in his series-ending comments, “The Center is teeming with atheists who are lost souls. They are the people he wants to convert to his point of view. The Shawn Hunter I know is among the most original people I’ve ever encountered. The worst decision you can make, Shawn, is to allow this place to change who you truly are. You made the decision.”
  • It was alluded to in the season 5 episode “Near Graduation” when Minkus ran after Mr. Turner in the hallway, calling out, “Hey Mr. Turner, wait up.” if you go down, you’re never seen again.
  • On the Girl Meets the New Teacher episode of Girl Meets the World, he made a comeback after more than 18 years.
  • After his motorbike accident, the nurse who cared for him became his wife.
  • He hired Cory Matthews to teach history at John Quincy Adams Middle School. He is the superintendent of the New York Board of Education.
  • He continues to ride a motorcycle.
  • Soon after meeting Farkle, he learned that he was Minkus’ son.
  • Maya Hart learns that Shawn was and still is to him like a son.

Finally Appearing on Girl Meets World, Mr. Turner Proves He’s Still Alive and Smokin’ Hot

Fans of Boy Meets World have been waiting almost 20 years to learn what happened to Mr. Turner. The adored high school English teacher, Shawn’s mentor, and the object of every middle school girl’s desire last made an appearance on the show in season four’s “Cult Fiction,” in which he was seriously injured in a motorbike accident. Stuart Minkus mentioned him in passing in the graduation episode (in a rather meta joke about how both he and Mr. Turner vanished from the show), but up until this point, we were unsure of what had happened to him. In a brief cameo on the Girl Meets World spinoff of the series, Mr. Turner finally made his long-awaited entrance back into the BMW universe. Good news: He survived! In fact, he married the hospital nurse he had been dating, rose to the position of school chief in Manhattan, and eventually hired Cory Matthews as a teacher. Riley, Cory’s daughter, even refers to him as Uncle John. Awwwwww!

Boys Meet the World

Boy Meets World fans have been wondering what ever happened to Jonathan Turner for decades.

Recap for those who aren’t familiar with the story: Shawn (Rider Strong), Topanga (Danielle Fishel), and Cory (Ben Savage) had Mr. Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn) as their homeroom teacher at John Adams High. Turner had a reputation for being a reluctant but effective authority figure who served as both a friend and a mentor to his students, but by the end of the second season, when he accepted Shawn’s invitation to live with him, he had evolved into much more.

As vital as this character might appear to be, Turner was involved in a motorbike accident and vanished at the end of the third season. Sorta. Turner was evidently “on the opposite side of the campus” the entire time, as Minkus yelled out to him in the episode “Graduation,” so we know he didn’t actually pass away. But during those years when we weren’t around, what was he doing? How did he spend his life? How long did it take him to have the cast removed off his body?

We will learn on the upcoming Girl Meets World spin-off if everything goes as creator Michael Jacobs has planned. In an interview for the annual EW reunions issue, he said, “If I get my way, you will find out what happened to Mr. Turner, and you will find out what happened to everybody.” “One of the first individuals to contact me following the announcement of [Girl Meets World] was [Quinn]. And what it made me realize is that [the show] is beloved not only by the viewers but also by the cast members. Because I will respond to the question on the series, I won’t answer your inquiry.”

But he encourages his followers to be patient. He hopes the audience will give them the opportunity to introduce the new characters, such as Cory’s daughter Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and her best friend Maya, even if everyone is naturally excited to see their beloved characters (Sabrina Carpenter). Remember, it had to start somewhere, he says. “Please be patient, dear old audience. Be tolerant. You’ll adore these [new personalities] before meeting everyone.”

On “Girl Meets World,” the biggest “Boy Meets World” mystery will be answered.

Jonathan Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn), who appeared in a full body cast on Boy Meets World after suffering terrible injuries in a motorcycle accident, is actually alive and will appear in Season 2 of the Disney Channel spinoff Girl Meets World.

After Girl Meets World was revealed, Michael Jacobs, the creator of both shows, stated to Entertainment Weekly that he intended to give Mr. Turner’s plot a resolution. You will learn what happened to Mr. Turner, if I have my way, Jacobs replied. “One of the first individuals to contact me following the announcement of [Girl Meets World] was [Quinn]. And what it made me realize is that not only the viewers, but also the cast members, have a soft spot for the program. Because I will respond to the question on the series, I won’t answer your inquiry.”

Many of the original cast members returned for Season 1 of Girl Meets World, which follows the daughter of Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) from the original Boy Meets World. In the pilot episode, Mr. Feeny (William Daniels) made a brief appearance. Harley (Danny McNulty) worked as the janitor at Riley’s school. In the Christmas episode, Cory’s parents, Amy (Betsy Randle) and Alan (William Russ), as well as Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong), visited.

Many more Boy Meets World characters will make appearances in Season 2 in addition to Mr. Turner: Shawn will return for the duration of the season, and Mr. Feeny will make two appearances. Cory’s brother Eric (Will Friedle) will also make an appearance in the episode “Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels,” as well as Shawn’s ex-girlfriend Angela (Trina McGee-Davis), who was last seen moving to Europe, and Shawn’s deceased father Chet Hunter (Blake Clark).