Who Is The Ceo Of BMW?

German businessman Oliver Zipse (born 7 February 1964) has been the Chairman of the Board of Management (CEO) of BMW since 16 August 2019.

CEO and President of BMW of North America, LLC

BMW of North America, LLC’s (BMW NA) President and CEO and Head of the BMW Group Region Americas is Sebastian Mackensen. In these capacities, Mackensen is in charge of all aspects of BMW Group operations for the BMW, MINI, and Motorrad brands in the United States.

Before taking on overall responsibility for the British brand in 2015, Mackensen started his career with the BMW Group in 2013 as the president of the global sales department for the MINI brand. Since October 2018, he has effectively run the BMW and MINI companies in Germany, including the factory-owned dealerships. Mackensen spent many years working for various premium automobile manufacturers in Spain and the US before joining the BMW Group. He was in charge of another premium auto brand’s Americas region at the time. The German American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. has Mackensen on its board of directors.

Bernhard Kuhnt will be replaced as CEO of BMW of North America by Sebastian Mackensen.

After serving as CEO of BMW of North America for four years, Bernhard Kuhnt is returning to Germany to lead the domestic market. Sebastian Mackensen, a seasoned executive who held many positions at BMW Group, will take over as his successor. In addition to serving as president and CEO of BMW of North America, Mackensen will now oversee all sales, marketing, and distribution activities for the BMW Group from Canada to Argentina. Pieter Nota, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Customer, Brands, Sales, is his direct supervisor.

Mackensen began working for the BMW Group in 2013 as the global head of the MINI sales department. In 2015, he assumed general management of the British brand. During the Dakar Rally in Peru, we first met Mr. Mackensen at MINI. Following his time at MINI, Mackensen assumed leadership of the BMW and MINI businesses in Germany, including the brand-owned dealerships, in October 2018.

Sebastian Mackensen was born in Braunschweig and finished his education in 1995, earning a degree in business administration and economics. He successfully finished an international sales management development program with the sports car manufacturer Porsche in Stuttgart after earning his global MBA in Madrid and Los Angeles. Mackensen came to Audi AG in Ingolstadt in 2008, where he oversaw the sales division for the entire American region, which included five companies and more than twenty importers, after holding professional roles for the same firm in Spain and the USA.

Pieter Nota, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Customer, Brands, Sales, observed that Bernhard Kuhnt and Sebastian Mackensen exchanged the responsibility for Germany and the Americas. “Both Bernhard and Sebastian have proven that they are skilled at leading in a dynamic and unpredictable environment, overcoming obstacles to secure a successful outcome in their respective territories, notably in the past year. The good work of Sebastian and Bernhard is highlighted by the strong dealer networks’ coordination and favorable sales developments in both regions. I am confident that we will continue to see excellent development of the BMW Group in each region as each leader assumes the helm with their substantial knowledge and unique talents.”

As executive vice president & CFO, Stefan Kramer will also join BMW of North America. Stefan Richmann, who will take over as CEO of BMW Group Financial Services in the US and Region Americas, is replaced by Kramer. On September 1, 2021, all appointments become official.

As Knudt Flor retires, Engelhorn will be in charge of the South Carolina plant.

S.C.’s Spartanburg The new president and CEO of BMW Manufacturing is Dr. Robert Engelhorn. Knudt Flor, who has retired from the firm, handed over control of the facility to Engelhorn on Wednesday in a discreet ceremony at the BMW Zentrum.

According to Engelhorn, “Plant Spartanburg has been a crucial component of BMW’s global production network for decades, and the plant’s impact is wide-ranging.” Their performance, both in terms of quality and output, is astounding, and I am thrilled to be in charge of this exceptional team.

Engelhorn joined the BMW Group in 2011 and worked in a variety of capacities in the German factories in Munich and Regensburg. He relocated to the BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) joint venture in China in 2016 and took over as the division’s head of technology and production for the Dadong and Tiexi factories. Engelhorn assumed control of BMW Group Plant Munich in 2018, where he set up the facility to produce the all-electric BMW i4.

“Plant Spartanburg is the ideal fit for Robert. He has extensive technical knowledge and extensive worldwide experience, particularly in the production of electric vehicles “said Dr. Milan Nedeljkovic, a production-related member of BMW AG’s board of management. I have no doubt that he will successfully lead this plant towards a bright future.

Knudt Flor, who spent 33 years working for the BMW Group and nearly five years serving as president and CEO of the BMW Group Plant Spartanburg, is being succeeded by Engelhorn. He has been the Spartanburg plant’s president for the second-longest period of time.

With a daily production rate of around 1,500 automobiles, BMW Group Plant Spartanburg is the largest BMW Group facility in the world. More than two-thirds of the models produced by the South Carolina firm are exported to 125 different countries. It has been the largest value exporter from the United States for seven straight years. The model lineup consists of two plug-in hybrid electric X models, four Motorsport X models, and five of the best-selling BMW X vehicles. More than 11,000 people work at the factory, which has a production capacity of up to 450,000 vehicles.

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For the second time this year, BMW AG’s CEO publicly criticized Tesla Inc., citing quality and reliability as the reasons why the German luxury manufacturer differs from the industry leader in electric vehicles.

Oliver Zipse, the chief executive officer, repeated a criticism he made in February in which he questioned Tesla’s capacity to maintain its lead in the electric vehicle market in the face of rivalry. Since then, demand has increased dramatically, and Tesla’s Model 3 was the best-selling vehicle in Europe in September.

Who is the CEO of BMW right now?

Oliver Zipse, CEO of BMW, has been elected President of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association for the second consecutive year. Given that significant changes to emissions laws are anticipated to be made in 2022, the upcoming one-year term should prove to be quite active. Setting out the criteria for the Euro 7 standards, which might perhaps go into effect in 2027, will be one of them.

You may remember that the European Commission earlier this year put up a plan that hasn’t been put to a vote but effectively bans the sale of new cars with internal combustion engines by 2035. The Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR), which sets concrete goals for EU states in constructing EV charging infrastructure, will be a significant issue that will be debated next year. New CO2 requirements will also be created for heavy-duty vehicles in 2022.

The semiconductor scarcity continues to have a significant influence on the automotive industry, as if the schedule wasn’t already already full. He stated that “the gravity of the crisis requires a forceful and coordinated reaction across the European Union” after BMW’s senior brass warned that the shortage of microchips will persist well into next year.

As a result, according to the ACEA, sales in 2022 won’t be at pre-pandemic levels. In order to obtain millions of microchips annually, the BMW Group has reached a deal with both semiconductor producer GlobalFoundries and microchip developer INOVA Semiconductors.

These supply chain bottlenecks are especially concerning because, according to the ACEA, the EU’s automobile manufacturing fell by a staggering three million units in the first nine months of 2021 compared to the same period in 2019. In addition, compared to the same month last year, new car sales in October fell by 30%. Sales are down for the fourth consecutive month.

Oliver Zipse, who was chosen by the CEOs of the continent’s 16 largest auto, truck, and bus manufacturers, declared: “For the sake of our industry’s global competitiveness, Europe must strengthen its technological sovereignty to be able to provide essential components to the region’s core industries.”

Who is BMW UK’s CEO?

Williams Rochdale, the winner of the best BMW shop in the UK category, was visited by BMW CEO Chris Brownridge to celebrate the outstanding accomplishment.

Williams Rochdale won the best national and best regional BMW retailer awards, besting more than 140 other BMW retailers.

The CEO of the company presented the team with their prizes and congratulated them on obtaining first place in both the highly respected categories, acknowledging their achievement of the top spot on the regional and national leaderboards.

Service, product expertise, customer satisfaction, and sales performance of both new and authorized used BMWs were considered. All aspects of the Rochdale team’s performance were excellent, and managing director Guy Adams credits the devoted team’s perseverance and passion for the amazing double success.

Regarding the victory, Guy Adams said “Chris is invited to visit our retail location to give the medals and recognize the efforts of each team member. Chris’ participation highlights the value the company has on pursuing quality, and I am pleased that this dedication has been recognized at the highest level.”

BMW UK CEO Chris Brownridge continues, “They are deserving winners, as demonstrated by the team’s passion, commitment to providing excellent customer service, and deep product expertise. The addition of new models to our electric line and our increased emphasis on sustainability across our entire company make this a thrilling time for our sector. Given the supportive environment we have at Williams Rochdale, it is obvious that we are positioned for long-term success as the BMW brand expands and innovates in the UK.”

Who will lead BMW in 2022?

Vikram Pawah, President & CEO of BMW Group India, discusses the Indian EV industry and explains how BMW was able to price the i4 aggressively.

Is Oliver Zipse BMW’s CEO?

Since August 16, 2019, Oliver Zipse, a German businessman, has held the position of Chairman of the Board of Management (CEO) at BMW. He was born on February 7, 1964.

Are there any current BMW operations in Russia?

On March 1, the German corporation declared that it was ceasing production in Russia and postponing deliveries to that nation indefinitely. But it’s important to realize that BMW works with local automaker Avtotor to build vehicles locally rather than running its own factory there.

What is the BMW Group’s net worth?

The BMW Group’s total assets gradually expanded during the fiscal years of 2008 and 2021. The balance sheet total for BMW Group’s fiscal year 2021 was around 229.5 billion euros.