Who Is In The BMW Electric Car Commercial?

The Greek gods Zeus and Hera are portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek Pinault in BMW’s newest Super Bowl commercial for the iX electric SUV.

A 60-second Super Bowl commercial for BMW’s new iX electric vehicle features Salma Hayek Pinault and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Greek gods.

The advertisement portrays the former governor of California and actor as Zeus, the sky god and monarch of the ancient Greek gods. Hayek is the goddess of women, childbirth, marriage, and family known as Hera.

The two make the decision to leave their jobs and relocate from Mount Olympus, the mythical location of the gods in Greece, to Palm Springs, California.

Zeus struggles to deal with humans and his new ordinary life, while Hera seems to be settling to life in the human realm just well. He reluctantly uses his abilities to assist people in charging electronic items even though he has trouble regulating a microwave and the electricity in his house.

The BMW iX, which goes on sale in American dealerships next month, fills that need. Zeus receives the electric SUV from Hera as he prepares to ride their miniature winged horse for a stroll. Zeus’ energy is restored by the vehicle, and the two continue their journey while belting out Eddy Grant’s 1980s hit song “Electric Avenue.”

Since 2015, BMW has not run an advertisement during the Super Bowl until this one. Back then, BMW also promoted a new EV and used the Eddy Grant song, but Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel, the hosts of NBC’s “TODAY” show, were featured instead.

Goodby Silverstein & Partners, a San Francisco-based advertising agency, created the new advertisement.

It was made available online by BMW on Tuesday and will air during the third commercial break of the first quarter of the game on Sunday. This is it:

The electric SUV is actually given to Zeus in the advertisement just as he prepares to ride their miniature winged steed. The fabled beast was misidentified in an earlier edition.

Watch as Arnold Schwarzenegger portrays Zeus in the most recent BMW Super Bowl ad.

Car manufacturers are doing everything in their power to sell their battery-powered automobiles as electric vehicles quickly expand beyond merely early adopters to the mass market.

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For its most recent Super Bowl ad for the electric iX, BMW chose Arnold Schwarzenegger, in which the former governor and terminator portrays Zeus, the Greek god of lightning. He is accompanied by Salma Hayek, who portrays his wife Hera and cheers him up by surprising him with the BMW iX.

In the 60-second commercial, Schwarzenegger portrays Zeus, a cranky character who retires to Palm Springs and occasionally steals his neighbors’ golf carts and hedge trimmers. He doesn’t appear content though, so Hera gives him an iX. Zeus is surprised by this and asks, “All-electric?” After singing a song, the pair drives off in an all-electric BMW iX.

This weekend’s 2022 Super Bowl will include a new BMW iX electric car (EV) commercial starring Salma Hayek Pinault and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This weekend, on Sunday, February 13, BMW will unveil a brand-new 60-second commercial during the Super Bowl to highlight its brand-new BMW iX sporting activity vehicle (SAV). Next month, this new model will reach the US.

There is no better setting than in front of one of the biggest television audiences in the world for a brand to make a statement. Frequently, audiences watch as much of the ads as they do of the game. The fact that BMW promoted the BMW iX electric vehicle (EV) during the event proves that the electric vehicle revolution has arrived.

Famous actresses Salma Hayek Pinault and Arnold Schwarzenegger appear in the star-studded commercial, which was directed by two-time Academy Award nominee Bryan Buckley. It will be broadcast during the third commercial break in the game’s opening frame.

The Greek god of lightning Zeus is portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Hayek Pinault plays his wife, the goddess Hera, as they settle down in Palm Springs, California, after leaving Mount Olympus.

Zeus’ frustration with earthly technologies and his annoying mortal neighbors’ persistent pleas for him to charge their electric golf carts and hedge trimmers quickly adds to the monotony of retirement.

Hera, the story’s protagonist, has adjusted perfectly and is prospering in her retirement. She gives her husband an all-electric BMW iX as a gift in an effort to rekindle the thrill in his life, which soon restores her husband’s electric spirit.

Zeus uses his electric power to turn the traffic lights green as the joyful couple cruises down the street in their new BMW iX to Eddy Grant’s Electric Avenue.

Senior Vice President for Customer and Brand at BMW AG, Jens Thiemer, stated: “The BMW brand is built around electric vehicle technology.

“In front of one of the largest television audiences in the world, when viewers tune in as much for the advertisements as they do for the game, is the best possible setting in which to make this remark.

We are able to introduce the new BMW iX to the globe in a remarkable and dramatic way thanks to Arnold and Salma.

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger stated: “This mythical lightning deity, who is meant to be unbreakable, fighting with common electronics is what makes it funny. Zeus is only impressed by the immense power of electricity and is entirely revitalized when his intelligent wife gives him the gift of an all-electric BMW iX.”

Actress Salma Hayek Pinault said: “In a marriage, women make 75% of the decisions about how to spend the money, and in this advertisement, it is the woman who chooses the best car to help her husband get back on track. Although the advertisement is amusing, there is also some genuine human truth in it.”

BMW’s Super Bowl commercial features Greek gods (spoilers)

The US is buzzing with excitement as the cherished Super Bowl, a matchup of two NFL teams, is just four days away. The Super Bowl serves as an expensive platform for different businesses to market their goods to the public, ideally in innovative and humorous ways.

BMW has released information about its iX commercial, which stars Zeus as he looks for happiness in Palm Springs, California, after his retirement, in an effort to generate excitement for its upcoming :60 spot on Sunday. We won’t give too much away, but if you’d like to, you can watch the whole advertisement below.

Despite only promising to use 50% electric vehicles by 2030, BMW’s top executives want to project the image of a brand that is committed to electric vehicles. According to Jens Thiemer, BMW AG’s senior vice president of customer and brand:

The BMW brand is built around electric vehicle technology. In front of one of the largest television audiences in the world, when fans tune in as much for the advertisements as they do for the game, is the best possible setting in which to make this argument. We are able to introduce the new BMW iX to the globe in a distinctive and powerful way thanks to Arnold and Salma.

In a comic character, Schwarzenegger, who in the 1990s established the standard for gas-guzzling combustion cars by operating a Humvee, searches for meaning and renewal in the desert and discovers it in an electric BMW. Now all we need is for the actor to really drive an electric vehicle (EV) rather than mowing them down in another massive combustion SUV. Perhaps a free iX is included in his deal. The unknown!

Who appears in the newest BMW electric car advertisement?

The iconic actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Academy Award nominee Salma Hayek Pinault appear in the star-studded advertisement, which was made by two-time Academy Award nominee Bryan Buckley.

In the electric BMW commercial, who is the woman?

Although the idea of Zeus leaving Mt. Olympus for Palm Springs, California is at best absurd, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek do a fantastic job in their respective roles. The commercial does a good job of keeping both performers in character. Given all the amazing things this man has experienced, it seems unlikely that a BMW will keep Zeus in America, but it is still a great gesture from the firm. The commercial, right down to the cast and settings, reflects the luxury brand’s desire to grow its customer base and demonstrate its diversity as an organization. Although it’s difficult to predict whether this will wow the audience, the advertisement does its job.

The actors in the BMW commercial are who?

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Since the 1970s, when Arnold Schwarzenegger won the Mr. Olympia physical competition year after year and rose to fame as a bodybuilder before transitioning to acting, people have been comparing him to a Greek deity. It becomes official with the Terminator actor’s most recent performance as Zeus, the lightning deity.

You can now watch the complete advertisement, which also stars Salma Hayek as Zeus’ wife, the goddess Hera, and which Schwarzenegger first revealed in a brief sketch where a barista fails to pronounce his name correctly.

The king and queen of the gods (dressed in full sword-and-sandal fashion) decide that it is time for them to retire and move from Mount Olympus to somewhere a bit more commonplace: Palm Springs, in the Super Bowl ad. Schwarzenegger’s Zeus, however, finds himself having to utilize his lightning skills over and over to help their new friends and neighbors with their finicky equipment, to his increasing degrees of annoyance. It’s not all golf and walking their pet Pegasus, either.

Hayek’s Hera gives Zeus a new car because she thinks he needs a “pick-me-up”: the BMW iX, “the ultimate electric driving machine,” which won’t need any lightning strikes to start. The final image of the TV ad shows Zeus and Hera driving lazily through Palm Springs while humming “Electric Avenue” by Eddy Grant.

It’s pretty cool to see Schwarzenegger and Hayek playing the mythological figures on screen, even if it is only for a brief period of time. Anyone who knows even the slightest bit about ancient Greek mythology will be able to tell you that Zeus and Hera were not the sort of couple to comfortably retire together—infidelity, illegitimate children, and blood-soaked vengeance were more their thing.

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Where was the latest BMW ad shot?

According to a new BMW Super Bowl commercial, Zeus, also known as the god of the sky, retired from his position at Mount Olympus and relocated to Palm Springs.

Zeus, as portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the advertisement, is shown complaining about his quality of life in Palm Springs. He has been observed attempting to use a microwave while also charging his neighbor’s electric hedge trimmers using his lightning-throwing abilities. As a result of his frustration with trying to fix the lights in his mid-century modern home, he even creates a power outage in his new city.

However, things turn around when Salma Hayek Pinault’s character’s wife Hera gives him an electric BMW iX. Zeus is revitalized by the new vehicle, and the commercial ends with the couple taking a drive through downtown Palm Springs’ Palm Canyon.

In a statement to BMW, Schwarzenegger stated, “The fun is in this mythological god of lightning, who is meant to be unbreakable, battling with ordinary gadgets.” Zeus is only struck by the immense power of electricity and is entirely revitalized when his intelligent wife gives him the gift of an all-electric BMW iX.

In addition to playing the title character in “The Terminator,” Arnold Schwarzenegger served as governor of California from 1999 to 2003. He served as president until 2011.

According to a press release, the Bryan Buckley-directed 60-second ad will air during the third commercial break of the Super Bowl’s opening frame. The most recent BMW Super Bowl ad featured actors Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric.

Visit Greater Palm Springs, the area’s coordinating tourism and marketing organization, was not engaged with the advertisement, according to Joyce Kiehl, director of communications.

Despite having the classic look of a Palm Springs advertisement, the majority of it was really shot in Los Angeles using a green screen, claims independent location manager and scout Aric Bednarik. Due to scheduling conflicts, Schwarzenegger and Hayek Pinault were unable to visit the city.

The shoot for the commercial’s Palm Springs-based scenes happened on December 4, the day following the Festival of Lights parade. Around 6:30 a.m., scenes of downtown Palm Springs were captured, and it took about two hours. According to Bednarik, the Palm Springs Police Department intermittently controlled traffic so that the two Greek gods might be seen driving down Palm Canyon Drive. The automobile would pass a traffic light for around two minutes at a time.

A piece of a scene involving Zeus and Hera playing golf was filmed at Indian Canyons Golf Resort.

The golf course was crucial to include since it personifies Palm Springs, according to Bednarik. “The major roadway was actually the most significant factor. There isn’t much you could do with that that wouldn’t make it obvious that this is Palm Springs.”

A two-minute longer version of the commercial will be made available online the following day after it airs, according to Bednarik, for those who want to witness even more of the antics the Greek gods get up to.