Who Does The Voiceover For BMW Commercials?

The actor is currently featured in BMW commercials, such as these ones promoting the manufacturer’s 3-Series series of cars.

What advertising does Will Arnett do in light of this? GMC, Will Arnett The Arrested Development actor has also contributed his distinct voice to a number of GMC truck commercials.

Chris Pine is the voice of BMW. Chris Pine, who starred in Unstoppable in 2010 and Star Trek in 2009, makes his Super Bowl commercial debut as the voice of BMW.

Furthermore, is Jon Hamm a spokesperson for Mercedes? Jon Hamm, the Golden Globe-winning star of the popular series Mad Men, has been named the new voice of Mercedes-Benz. The new Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid luxury sedan was the subject of a commercial on the Academy Award Oscars presentation that featured Hamm, or at least his voice.

Some Unexpected Stars That Voice Car Commercials Include Jon Hamm and Paul Rudd

A recognizable voice can be very helpful when choosing your next vehicle, at least some of the top automakers appear to believe this. Even if the celebrity doesn’t appear on-screen, automakers are prepared to pay top dollar to have them speak their commercials. Many celebrities, such Paul Rudd and Jon Hamm, find it simple to lend their vocal talents to commercials because merely chatting may earn them millions of dollars! Here are nine celebs whose auto advertisement voices you might not be aware of.

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With a lavish commercial for its all-electric SUV, the BMW iX, and a supposedly gravity-defying installation using the vehicle, BMW is celebrating Earth Day. The commercial has a voiceover by actor Chris Pine.

The goal of “The Future Finds Us” is to draw attention to the BMW iX’s sustainability. Epic pictures of a desert environment are used to set the scene before Pine muses on “balancing progress…with beauty,” and the video ends with a shot of the car perched precariously on what appears to be an ancient rock.

In order to create the advertisement, FCB New York collaborated with FCBX, Lord & Thomas, and other agencies to erect a real-life BMW iX display in Yucca Valley, California. The iX replica was raised into the air and supported on its head atop a 12-foot tower of stone following 12 weeks of fabrication that included designing and engineering, metal manufacturing, and additional automobile preparation. Then, as part of a live action movie shoot, the installation was documented. Adam Nelson, an internal director at Lord and Thomas, collaborated on the movie’s visual effects with the production and technology group Preymaker.

The advertisement will air on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and all of BMW’s owned social media sites.

Laura Wimer, executive creative director of FCB New York, claims that the concept “represents the connection between art, engineering, and nature. The development of the natural world, the engineering process, and the creative process are all unified by a certain reality.”

The voice actor for the Mercedes-Benz advertisements is who?

Since 2010, the actor Jon Hamm, best known for playing Don Draper on the television series Mad Men, has provided the voice for Mercedes-Benz. He took Richard Thomas’s place as an actor (The Waltons, The Americans). The S400 Hybrid was the subject of the first Jon Hamm-voiced Mercedes-Benz ad (below). Hamm has been in numerous Mercedes-Benz advertisements since 2010.

The most current one is for the C-Class range from Mercedes-Benz in 2017. Sedan, coupe, and the brand-new Cabriolet are all members of the C-Class family. Every one is instantly recognizable as a Mercedes-Benz while yet having its own unique flair. The commercial features Hamm’s distinctive voice-over and all three iterations of this car. If you’re looking for superlative performance, cutting-edge intelligence, or breath-taking style, there’s a C-Class designed for you, Hamm reveals through his slick language. View the complete video down below.

Who appears in the newest BMW ad?

A 60-second Super Bowl commercial for BMW’s new iX electric vehicle features Salma Hayek Pinault and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Greek gods. In the advertisement, Schwarzenegger plays Zeus, the ruler of the Greek gods, and Salma Hayek plays Hera, the goddess of women, marriage, and childbirth.

Who else appears in the BMW ad with Pete Alonso?

The luxury automaker has chosen four All-Stars to help promote its new electric vehicle and to champion the benefits of carpooling for the environment, just in time for Major League Baseball’s opening day today.

Major League Baseball (MLB) and BMW today unveiled a new advertising campaign to promote the new BMW iX luxury SUV, which is totally electric, as well as baseball season, which is the nation’s favorite season.

The automaker unveiled two 30-second commercials featuring four MLB All-Stars: Pete Alonso of the New York Mets at first base, Tim Anderson of the Chicago White Sox at shortstop, Walker Buehler of the Los Angeles Dodgers at pitcher, and Ozzie Albies of the World Series-winning Atlanta Braves at second base.

The four players are shown traveling together in Alonso’s brand-new BMW iX in one of the lighthearted advertisements. Buehler speaks up from the backseat, suggesting that the squad engage in more joint activities. The stars suggest learning astronomy or purchasing matching flannel shirts. They decide it would be fun to camp together. A terrible camping excursion follows, complete with chaotic tent building, animal noises, and, yep, matching flannels. The four baseball players eventually come to the conclusion that they might be better off continuing to carpool.

The new campaign’s “carpooling” theme aims to persuade baseball fans to take shared transportation to and from games. According to Albi Pagenstert, head of BMW brand communications, BMW of North America, “the new spots are a joyful reminder that whether you’re an MLB All-Star like Pete, Tim, Walker, and Ozzie, or just on your way to the neighborhood field, carpooling with friends is an enduring piece of the baseball experience.”

While aligning with the automaker’s broader electrification initiatives, the emphasis on carpooling also drives home the idea of fuel efficiency and sustainability reflected in the new SUV. The BMW iX has a range of up to 324 miles and 516 horsepower, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The model is one of two new all-electric cars BMW has introduced this year; the other is the four-door coupe known as the i4. The brand’s Super Bowl efforts, which featured a high-profile in-game spot starring Salma Hayek and Arnold Schwarzenegger to highlight the two cars, preceded the launch of the new campaign.

The Home Team Sports subsidiary of sports marketing and media company Playfly Sports assisted in the creation of the new advertisements, which are planned to air across all regional US sports networks throughout the 2022 MLB season. The promotion is the fifth MLB season-specific marketing effort produced by BMW of North America and Home Team Sports.

According to Playfly Sports’ chief operating officer Craig Sloan, “showcasing BMW in this fashion gives a fresh alternative to expand the brand’s footprint at the local and regional levels.” “BMW has a long history of creating captivating marketing campaigns to connect with Major League Baseball’s most ardent supporters as they tune in to local sports networks around the nation to watch their favorite teams. The humorous approach used this year has allowed the brand and baseball fans all across the world to engage on a new level.”

Who plays whom in the BMW?

Have you ever considered what might occur if Zeus stepped down from Mount Olympus?

In a funny new Super Bowl 2022 commercial for its all-electric vehicle, the BMW iX, BMW recreated the Greek god Zeus with a little help from Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus and Salma Hayek as his wife, Hera.

Zeus is navigating life as he moves from Mount Olympus to Palm Springs during the 30-second spot. His efforts to acclimate to retired life on Earth include learning to use the many electric powered devices he must now use in place of relying solely on his own abilities.

Zeus may not have anticipated everything about life on Earth. He can’t even enjoy a swim in his pool or a round of golf without someone asking him for help to jump start their golf carts or yard tools with a little of his magic touch. At one point, he struggles to operate a microwave by manually punching the buttons.

“I’m done now! I’m through with this location! “He says in frustration at one point, which Hera finds hilarious. The city’s electricity is mistakenly lost as he attempts to operate the light switch in his house in the following scene, which suggests that his rage has grown.

Hera resolves to buy her husband an all-electric vehicle after observing his mounting dissatisfaction with life on Earth.

Do commercials featuring Queen Latifah have voiceovers?

Pizza Hut and Queen Latifah If you’ve ever questioned why you suddenly had a craving for episodes of both Living Single and Pizza Hut, the answer is simple: For many years, the voice of the pizza chain’s ads was provided by rapper and actress Queen Latifah.

Is Jon Hamm credited as the Mercedes-Benz voice?

Jon Hamm, the Golden Globe-winning star of the popular series Mad Men, has been named the new voice of Mercedes-Benz. On the 2010 Academy Awards show, Hamm made his voiceover debut in a commercial for the brand-new Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid luxury automobile.

The 2010 Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid luxury car is the first production vehicle in the world to be powered by cutting-edge lithium-ion battery technology, which is more efficient and compact than traditional batteries.

Who will be the voice of the 2021 Home Depot commercials?

Who is the voice actor in the Home Depot commercials? The voice of the Home Depot advertisements is Josh Lucas. His IMDB page states that he started voicing the part in September 2013. Before Lucas, the Home Depot ad spokesperson was voiced by Ed Harris and Brian Cummings. For his part in “Sweet Home Alabama,” Lucas made a name for himself as an actor. Additionally, he has made appearances in a number of other movies and television programs, including

From the Earth to the Moon on HBO, and “A Beautiful Mind.” Lucas has performed voice work for video games and other advertising in addition to his work in film and television. His previous voice acting credits include parts in “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes,” “Spider-Man 2,” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” Josh Lucas’ selection as the current voice of Home Depot is not surprising given his background in character and commercial voice acting.

Who performs the Home Depot commercials?

The home improvement company has previously employed a number of well-known celebrities to speak the company’s own commercials. Home Depot is not the only company using this marketing tactic; several rivals and other companies do as well. This is done in an effort to get clients interested in the good or service that the business is introducing.

  • Another well-known American voice actor, Brian Cummings, provided the voiceover for Home Depot’s ads in the 1990s. The American voice actor performed not only for Home Depot but also for a variety of other media, including radio, television, numerous advertisements, movie trailers, cartoons, and more.
  • Ed Harris was chosen to replace Brian Cummings after many years of service to the corporation as a voice actor for advertisements.
  • Another well-known American director, actor, producer, and screenwriter is Edward Allen Harris. He has appeared in a number of big-budget films, including The Truman Show, Apollo 13, The Hours, and many others.
  • Josh Lucas is the actor that currently does the voiceover for all of Home Depot’s advertisements.
  • The performer and the business have been in communication for a while.
  • The American actor has reportedly been working on the project since September 2013.

Since there is currently no information about him leaving the company, he will continue to work for the home improvement company.

How much money does Jon Hamm make from the Mercedes ad?

How much money does Jon Hamm make from his Mercedes ads? A well-known actor like Hamm often does not receive payment for each commercial with a company like Mercedes. A long-term contract covering a predetermined number of commercials annually will be signed by him. Based on similar actors’ reported endorsement deals, Hamm is most likely working under a 5-year, $15–25 million Mercedes contract. If you choose to conceive of it that way, that amounts to $3–$5 million annually. However, it is probably paid in full up front.