Which Mercedes Is Comparable To BMW X3?

Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S in 2022

Prices for the 2022 BMW X3 range from $43,700 to $69,900, not including a $995 destination fee, for consumers. BMW offers three basic variants of its small luxury SUV. The popular X3 30i is available with rear-wheel drive (RWD) sDrive30i or all-wheel drive (AWD) xDrive30i and boasts a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. The price increases by $2,000 when AWD is chosen.

Choose the BMW X3 M40i, which boasts a turbocharged 6-cylinder engine and standard AWD, if you want something with more panache. BMW also offers the X3 M, which features an even more potent 6-cylinder and a modified suspension, for those looking for a high-performance compact SUV. The X3 xDrive30e plug-in hybrid model is no longer being produced by the carmaker as of 2022.

The 2022 X3 features a variety of linked services, including remote locking and engine starting, live emergency support, concierge services, digital key access, and even a driving recorder, as is characteristic of small luxury SUVs. A Wi-Fi hotspot is also available. To activate desired features, you might need to make additional purchases. After that, you’ll need to manage them on the My BMW app.

If you own an X3 for the first three years or 36,000 miles, BMW will provide free scheduled maintenance.

A 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLC costs between $43,850 and $85,600, not including a $1,005 destination fee, if you’re in the market for one. Mercedes provides both normal and “coupe” body types for its small premium SUV. Both are 5-seater, 4-door utility vehicles, but the GLC Coupe is pricier and has a more svelte, curved roofline. (BMW sells it as a separate vehicle and offers a similar feature in the X4)

The 2022 Mercedes GLC comes in three different variants. The GLC 300, a 4-cylinder turbocharged vehicle, comes first. Rear-wheel drive is standard, but you can upgrade to 4Matic AWD for $2,000 more (AWD is standard on the GLC 300 Coupe). Customers seeking more thrill should consider the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43, which comes standard with 4Matic AWD and a turbo V6 engine.

The BMW X3 M’s major competition is the high-performance 2022 Mercedes-AMG GLC 63, which sits at the top of the lineup. It comes in ordinary and somewhat hotter S states of tune and features a turbocharged V8 engine under the hood. Previously only available in a coupe body style, the GLC 63 is now offered in both the standard SUV and coupe body types for 2022.

Every 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLC includes a free, three-year subscription to the Mercedes me connect network of linked services. Remote access, emergency assistance, quick access to roadside services, and Wi-Fi are among the features that are comparable to those on the BMW. A warning will be sent if another car strikes your GLC while it is parked thanks to a parking damage detection system.

Scheduled maintenance is not provided without charge by Mercedes. Instead, customers can buy prepaid plans from the provider.


Compare the 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class to the 2021 BMW X3’s performance, pricing, and other attributes.

Compare the 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 to the 2022 BMW X3.

The GLC or the X3 is bigger, right?

Both of these SUVs comfortably seat five occupants. Compared to the BMW X3, the GLC’s interior is a little bit smaller and can store less cargo. X3 holds 56.5 cubic feet compared to GLC’s 62.7. However, the GLC has a half-inch greater space for the front legs. The Mercedes is only 183 inches long, whereas the X3 is 185.9 inches long, so there isn’t much of a difference in terms of parking in the Trader Joe’s lot.

GLC-Class Mercedes-Benz 8.3/10

Mercedes couldn’t afford to make a mistake with the new GLC because more than 2.6 million of them have been sold worldwide across two generations since 2008.

It should therefore come as no surprise that the X254 is finally the medium-sized luxury SUV that the series should have always been given all the upgrades and innovations that the most recent iteration has made. It is a significantly quieter and more sophisticated offering that also looks nice from the outside, inside, and when driving, addressing the majority of the shortcomings of the prior incarnations.

Of course, the ultimate judgment will depend on how it performs on Australian roads and it won’t be cheap, but the new GLC 300’s debut in Spain is quite promising.

If you’re in the market, you might as well join the line since it will undoubtedly be lengthy.

Cargo Room

The X3 outperforms the GLC in terms of the “U” portion of SUV. The BMW has a rear cargo area that measures 28.7 cubic feet and expands to 62.7 cubic feet when the second row of seats is folded flat. In both measurements, the Mercedes competes with 19.4 and 56.5 cubic feet.

In terms of passenger capacity, the X3 and GLC trade benefits. The X3 has 41.1 inches of front-row headroom, compared to the GLC’s 37.8 inches. The headroom on the second row is exactly 38.5 inches. With 40.3 inches compared to 40.8 inches, the X3 has slightly less front-row legroom than the GLC. The Mercedes offers 37.3 inches of second-row legroom, compared to 36.4 inches for the BMW.

BMW X3 vs. Mercedes GLA: Which is superior?

Raj is who I am. The vehicle in use is a 2021 Tata Safari XZA+. Range Rover Evoque, BMW 320d (F30), Porsche Cayenne diesel, Audi A4 2.0 tdi, and more vehicles were previously owned. Want to purchase a high-end SUV that will largely be used in cities, with only one 600 km national highway excursion each month.

Taking into consideration the BMW X3 30i MSport and Mercedes-Benz GLA 220D 4matic. Despite not being in the same segment, both of these are on my list of the top candidates. Several more vehicles were taken into consideration and eliminated from portions above and below. I’ll be the only passenger in the automobile and I’ll be the one driving it. I’m looking for recommendations on the best vehicle for my needs and the best vehicle overall for 90% city driving and 10% interstate driving.

What GTO had to say about it was as follows:

Not even a dialogue exists here. All-out BMW X3 support. In practically every respect, it surpasses the GLA by a wide margin.

  • Larger, with more room, pleasant to drive, and of much higher quality. It comes from a prior section.
  • In the past, you’ve owned some extremely luxurious vehicles. I don’t think the GLA will make you happy. Considering your past experiences with cars, you’ll quickly grow bored with it even if you bring it home right away.

What BHPian NarediAni7518 has to say about it is as follows:

In comparison to the GLA, the X3 is a model that excels in every way. It is significantly bigger, more powerful, newer, and feels like a true luxury SUV, in contrast to the GLA, which is simply too small for the price at which it is offered. Additionally, compared to the GLA, the X3’s materials are of far higher quality. Proceed with the X3, as I would advise.

What BHPian adi.mariner has to say about it is as follows:

There is no need to even consider the GLA if you can afford the X3. Since the room and engine given with the X3 are significantly superior to those of the GLA, there is really no comparison at all.

What Mercedes SUV compares favorably to the BMW X5?

BMW X5 vs. Mercedes-Benz GLE is one of the biggest rivals in the midsize luxury SUV class. The X5 and GLE are comparable in size, as well as in terms of features, performance, pricing, and even location—both of these German-made SUVs are produced in the United States. There are significant changes, of course. Mercedes has an advantage in driver-assistance and infotainment technologies, while BMW offers a plug-in hybrid X5.

The X5 and GLE are certainly likely on your list if you’re looking for a medium premium SUV. To assist you in choosing between two luxurious family cars, here is a comparison between the 2022 BMW X5 and 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLE.

What resembles a BMW X3?

We find it difficult to resist the Alfa Romeo Stelvio’s endearing blend of genuine utility and performance-focused personality. Larger crossover SUVs are available. There are crossover SUVs that are less pricey. SUVs exist that might be safer options. But we adore the Stelvio’s fiery temperament.

The crossover’s 280-horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and standard all-wheel drive make it built for speed. The 8-speed automatic transmission’s 306 pound-feet of maximum torque is used to great effect by the chassis and suspension. You are in a tall sports car, so by all means, move the gears yourself. The inside has a muscular Italian vibe and includes features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, a 6.5-inch infotainment screen, and a 7-inch instrument display.

Are Mercedes and BMW of higher quality?

Both automakers create cars with excellent performance and robust components. Both brands are renowned for their dependability.

BMW, however, has an advantage thanks to its more lightweight, smaller engines. You may anticipate a strong yet compact motor in the 3-Series, 4-Series, M series, and X5.

Mercedes would be the best option if you desire great power from a large engine. Please allow us to suggest the CLS-Class sedan to meet your needs.

Which is more popular, Mercedes or BMW?

While the two manufacturers have historically shared many technological and innovative traits, this tendency is beginning to shift. For instance, because to a 9% rise over 2020 volumes, BMW surpassed Mercedes to become the world’s preferred luxury automobile brand last year. In comparison, Mercedes-Benz saw a 5% decline (excluding Smart and vans).

The Stuttgart brand has suffered from the deteriorating C-Class and E-Class, while BMW has profited from a rising demand for its most well-liked models. While Mercedes saw reductions in these four areas, BMW saw volume sales rise in China, Europe, the US, and Japan-Korea. Sales in China and North America differed significantly from one other, increasing by 8 and 21 percent vs decreasing by 3 and 1 percent.

Is BMW more dependable than Mercedes-Benz?

Both BMW and Mercedes are recognized for their high-end, high-performance automobiles; yet, because of the engineering intricacy, should something go wrong, this could result in pricey repair work.

According to the J.D. Power 2021 Vehicle Dependability Study, the most recognizable brands in the world’s 2018 models were evaluated for the number of issues per 100 vehicles. With a score of 108 problems, BMW placed 11th. Mercedes-Benz came in at number 15 with 122.

Is BMW getting rid of the X3?

Is the BMW X3 being phased out? A: No, BMW has not stated that it intends to stop selling the X3 as of December 2021. But according to BMW, the X3’s plug-in hybrid model, the xDrive30e, will be replaced by a mild hybrid model for the 2022 model year.

Does BMW require less upkeep than Mercedes?

BMWs are by far the most expensive car manufacturer to repair, claims Your Mechanic. The competition is not even close. With an average maintenance cost of $17,800 over ten years, BMW comes in #1. Mercedes-Benz came in second with an average maintenance cost of $12,900 during a 10-year period. In contrast, the typical Toyota only cost $5,500 to maintain during a 10-year period because they are recognized for requiring less maintenance.

According to Your Mechanic, such high maintenance costs are usual in German premium vehicles. Audi comes in sixth with an average $12,400 maintenance expense over a 10-year period. This is primarily a result of the pricey, high-end parts that these luxury vehicles require. Naturally, it will cost a lot of money to fix those pieces when they break or need maintenance.

However, while being premium vehicles, they also have ongoing problems. For instance, according to Your Mechanic, a BMW is four times more likely to not start than a typical automobile. It was ranked seventh overall as a result. Additionally, the window regulator on the BMW required replacement 18 times more frequently than the window regulator on the ordinary car.