What Is BMW Connecteddrive Subscription?

BMW ConnectedDrive creates a fluid driver experience by fusing together your mobile devices, smart home technology, and your vehicle’s intelligent interfaces.

What does BMW ConnectedDrive cost?

All eligible BMW vehicles with the software installed are eligible for free registration with ConnectedDrive. For three years, most BMW vehicles come standard with it. BMW offers the majority of the Digital Services capabilities separately or as a trial since it understands that not all owners will want or require all of the ConnectedDrive functions.

The majority of these have different prices, ranging from PS1 for a one-month trial of real-time traffic data to PS79 for a map update for the My Journey system. BMW, on the other hand, offers four ConnectedDrive packages that range in price from PS59 to PS239 and run for a full year. As the price rises, each bundle includes more ConnectedDrive features.

Only BMWs with the most recent OS7 infotainment system and up receive Apple CarPlay for free, which may surprise some BMW owners. When their BMWs reach their third anniversary, some owners will still be required to pay up to PS265 for Apple CarPlay. In 2020, BMW vehicles finally offered Android Auto connectivity as an option, providing wireless integration to the vehicle’s infotainment system at no additional cost.

Technology of the 21st Century for the 21st Century Driver

At its core, BMW ConnectedDrive is a technology package packed with the kinds of services and applications that allow you stay connected to the world around you at all times, even while you’re moving through it at 60 mph. Numerous well-known mobile applications, including Yelp, Pandora, Napster, Stitcher, Twitter, and others, are accessible directly from your dashboard, simplifying your necessary duties without diverting your attention from driving.

The iDrive system, which consists of a controller, a screen, and a touchpad, is the heart of the BMW ConnectedDrive system. It enables seamless operation of all the entertainment, information, communication, and navigation systems of a vehicle from a single point of access. There are several “direct access” keys to ensure that you can always operate everything you need as a driver with only one hand, in addition to making frequently used items like the radio or GPS navigation conveniently accessible.

You can enhance these advantages with the BMW Connected smartphone app, which is accessible on both the iOS and Android operating systems. Without ever taking up your phone, you can instantly sync your contacts and calendars, view emails, and check SMS text messages. Even better, you may use a search engine like Google to conduct an Internet search or use your dashboard to get turn-by-turn instructions to your favorite sites or discover new ones.

Simple navigation

GPS, parking, and point-of-interest navigation are all made easier by BMW ConnectedDrive technologies. BMW Maps even makes it possible to get crucial traffic information in real time, such as delay notifications, viable routes, and even projections of how the delay will affect your journey. This is made feasible by the use of a cloud-based system, which combines real-time data with forecast models to make route calculations quicker and more dynamic. The dynamic routing circuitry in the vehicles’ own connected sensors ensures that the high-speed technology operates without a hitch. You can also command the BMW to perform additional tasks, like playing music or audio books, while still being able to easily access real-time information thanks to interconnected multi-board assemblies.

What benefits does BMW ConnectedDrive offer?

Features for integrated navigation and assistance BMW ConnectedDrive keeps you fully in control with everything from real-time traffic updates and parking information to concierge services and emergency support.

Is BMW ConnectedDrive no longer available?

ATHENS — To make place for the speedier 5G cell networks, phone providers will begin to phase out 3G service later this month. Will your automobile lose important safety components? Don’t wait to ask for assistance before you find out.

BMW states that from February 2022, ConnectedDrive services cannot be supported. BMW car owners who qualify for a technological upgrade will receive notice via mail.

General Motors: Vehicles made in 2015 and after may be affected. By 2/22/2022, OnStar over-the-air updates must be deployed in order to maintain service.

Honda: If an over-the-air update is not deployed before 2/22/2022 on certain 2018–2022 models, HondaLink and WiFi hotspot functionality will be lost.

Hyundai/Genesis: Some 2012-2016 models of automobiles will no longer offer Bluelink service. Jan. 2023

Certain 2013–2019 vehicles will stop receiving Infinity InTouch servicing on February 22, 2022.

Jaguar/Land Rover: A spokesman stated that they are switching to the T-Mobile 2G Network to guarantee the continued operation of the most important connected car features linked to safety and convenience. This month, we will immediately inform all pertinent clients of this.

Porsche: Affected automobiles range from 2014 to 2019. A technological upgrade will be available for some models.

Stellantis is adapting Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep 3G vehicles to accept 4G and is providing two subscription packages to maintain service.

Subaru: (Link: ) In February 2022, certain 2016–2018 automobiles will no longer receive STARLINK services. Customers who want to upgrade or continue receiving service must go to an authorized dealer.

Tesla: To keep some features in Model S vehicles manufactured before to June 2015, a $200 upgrade may be required.

Toyota: (Link: ) (Link: ) Beginning November 1, 2022, some cars from 2010 to 2019 won’t support Toyota Safety Connect.

Volvo: After January 2022, some vehicles from the model years 2015–2016 won’t be able to access linked services. Volvo does intend to provide customers with a “upgrade path.”

Volkswagen: Service will be discontinued for Car-Net users on February 22, 2022. Fall 2022 should see a technology upgrade at dealerships.

How can my BMW ConnectedDrive be renewed?

Updating BMW ConnectedDrive: Instructions On the BMW website, go to the Accessories Update page. Utilize your BMW adapter cable to connect your computer to your car. The most recent BMW ConnectedDrive update can be downloaded. Open the app after completing the steps to complete the update.

How long is the lifespan of BMW ConnectedDrive?

You can outfit your BMW with brand-new vehicle functionalities just when you need them thanks to the expanding selection of BMW ConnectedDrive Upgrades*. Would you, for instance, wish to subsequently add Driving Assistant Plus to your BMW iX or BMW 7 Series? The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer’s steering wheel heating? If you’d like, you can also do this quickly and conveniently through the internet for a duration of between one month and three years via the ConnectedDrive Store.

* As of right now, service is only offered for the new BMW 7 Series, BMW iX, and BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, depending on the specific model. The extent, specifications, and accessibility of BMW ConnectedDrive upgrades vary by model, piece of equipment, and nation.

What is the cost of renewing BMW ConnectedDrive?

My ConnectedDrive service would shortly expire, I was informed. I believe it came free with the purchase of a car for three years. After that, you must pay $199 per year for safety and $398 per year for convenience and safety.

Regards, folks. I contacted, and it seems that renewing ConnectedDrive and Traffic Updates will each cost $50 USD.

I intended to get updated navigation maps, but I don’t believe 2015 models can download updates wirelessly. As a result, I’ll probably need to visit the dealer to receive those.

Your dealer will bill you $250 to update your navigational systems. Use one of the forum’s remote coders. It probably costs around $50.

Does this subscription allow you to remotely track, lock, unlock, and siren your car using the ConnectedDrive app?

With car ownership, those are provided without charge. After the first three years, which are free with auto ownership, you must pay an additional $50 per year if you want Live Traffic and Apps.

Is the BMW Connected app no longer available?

The BMW Connected smartphone app will no longer be available as of June 30, 2021. To continue utilizing our digital services and learn about the newest features, download our new My BMW App right away.

What distinguishes the BMW Connected app from the My BMW app?

Every each generation of BMW apps has injected more technology into the driving experience, further fusing your personal life with that of your car. This generation was no exception. Except that the most recent premiere was meant to be a wink to the drivers of electric cars.

My BMW remote app enhanced their overview and broadened their operational range while the BMW Connected app started to enable remote access to car statistics, executing upgrades to the on-board software, or controlling specific vehicle operations. It provides direct access to service facilities, significantly improves plug-in hybrid and all-electric model functions (displays electric range, charging status, tracking of charging history, programming of charging in a time slot, etc.), and provides more practical use of maps and navigation (e.g. convenient vehicle location, sending routes from the app to BMW Maps).

How does the BMW iDrive function?

The operation of iDrive it The most basic form of the most recent BMW iDrive system includes a rotary controller that turns both clockwise and counterclockwise, may be pushed forward, backward, left, and right, and presses down to pick an option similar to a computer mouse.

My BMW app is it free?

The My BMW app is available for free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and works with both iOS and Android devices. It serves as a new, universal interface with the car, giving information on the status of the vehicle whenever needed.

Spotify is it free with a BMW?

BMW and MINI drivers can experience seamless music:

  • Use features like Radio and your personal playlists and songs to
  • Enjoy a simple viewing experience on the high-resolution vehicle display.
  • Useful and secure when paired with the iDrive Controller
  • On-demand music of an even higher caliber is available to premium customers.