What Is BMW Connected Drive Uk?

All digital services that intelligently connect the car to the outside world are included in BMW ConnectedDrive. These also include connections for mobile devices, driver aid systems, entertainment options, and traffic services in addition to telematics services. In order to use ConnectedDrive, you must:

  • A SIM card is permanently present and functional in your car.
  • You are a BMW ID holder.
  • Your car has been added to your BMW ID.

Download the My BMW app to take use of all the services it has to offer. For instance, you can use the app to schedule your travel and submit the destination in advance to your BMW.

On the ConnectedDrive overview page, you may discover a list of the services provided.

A SIM card is permanently fitted and always operational in BMW automobiles as of 2013. This SIM card is a requirement in order to utilize ConnectedDrive and to comply with legal obligations such as making a lawful emergency call. The exchange of data between the car and BMW via the mobile network is used to provide ConnectedDrive services like the BMW Intelligent Emergency Call, Concierge Service, Teleservice, etc.

To access all BMW ConnectedDrive services, you also need an active SIM card and a BMW ID.

  • Save the configurations of your vehicles.
  • Hire ConnectedDrive services and use them.
  • Upkeep of your profile information.

You can utilize the BMW ConnectedDrive suite of services after creating a BMW ID and adding your vehicle to it.

Having an active SIM card and a BMW ID are prerequisites for adding a vehicle (registration). You can access digital services* after adding the vehicle, including viewing it in the My BMW app or My BMW portal.

  • Verify the condition of the car.
  • Send a car to the destination
  • Using a smartphone, view the latest location
  • BMW Electronic Key
  • plus a lot more!

There are numerous nations across the world where ConnectedDrive services are accessible. The variety of services may differ from one country to another depending on the market. You may be able to utilize the services across borders, such as inside Europe, depending on the location.

How effective is the BMW ConnectedDrive app?

You may use your Apple or Android smartphone, smartwatch, or even an Amazon Echo to control the BMW ConnectedDrive software. You can use it to plan your schedule, remember appointments, or schedule destinations before getting in your car.

With the help of BMW Connected, your smartphone effectively functions as a digital key to unlock and lock your BMW. Similar to a remote control, you can use it to lock doors, activate the climate control, or flash your headlights.

Learn everything there is to know about the cutting-edge connected services and infotainment system offered by BMW.

You may have already heard the term “Connected Drive” used to describe a BMW because it was initially introduced in 2008 and marked an improvement over the previous BMW Online system.

Connected Drive began as a straightforward web browser but has now undergone numerous changes to include a variety of internet services, security features, and convenience features. The central entertainment screen and a SIM card that is installed in the car as a means of sending and receiving data via the Internet are the brains of the Connected Drive system.

The i-Drive controller, the touchscreen interface, voice activation, or a combination of all three can be used to control the screen, depending on the age and specifications of the car.

As practically all of the digital services provided by BMW fall under the umbrella of “Connected Drive,” it is important to split them down into their numerous features and amenities. BMW Online, which offers features including weather, news, surfing, office services, and BMW Routes, which enables you to find routes on other devices and transfer them to your car, is one of the Connected Drive Services.

BMW Apps, a component of Connected Drive Services, enables you to use specific smartphone applications like Audible, Spotify, and Deezer while driving.

Tele Services is another feature of Connected Drive; it is an automatic connection between your car and BMW regarding the status of the vehicle so that your preferred dealership can get in touch with you when servicing is necessary.

If your car is parked and the battery charge has dropped below a specific level, you can utilize this option to alert you automatically in case of a breakdown. All Connected Drive packages come with this as well as Intelligent Emergency Call, which immediately contacts a designated help center in the event that the airbags or seat belt tensioners activate. A specific button can be used to manually control this function as well.

Real-time traffic updates are one of the Connected Drive Services’ optional features, as is the Online Entertainment option, which enables music streaming through Napster or Deezer without the use of a smartphone.

Concierge Services, a 24-hour contact center that can help you obtain hotel and restaurant reservations, flight information, sports information, weather information, and a variety of other localized information, is another choice provided by Connected Drive. Your chosen location’s information can also be sent directly to the navigation system by the service assistant.

Depending on the model of BMW you own, BMW’s website features a Connected Drive Store where you may browse these and other features and make online purchases.

The group of Driver Assistance systems is another subset of Connected Drive. The Reversing Assist Camera, Park Assist, and Head-Up Display are just a few examples of the features that fall under this category. Other features include Gesture Control, which is available on some models, and particularly Remote Services. With the help of this service, you can use more of BMW’s Connected Services and remotely activate a few vehicle features.

You can use your smartphone to lock and unlock doors, flash the lights, and sound the horn, among other functions. Furthermore, it has the ability to find local POIs, show the vehicle’s location on a map, and manage the auxiliary heating.

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The definitions of BMW Connected and BMW Connected+

The digital connectivity that is now included in every new BMW vehicle is known as BMW Connected. BMW Connected+, an improved set of services that aid owners with chores like navigation and communication with friends, family, and coworkers while on the road, was added starting in July 2017.

Since its March 2016 launch, BMW Connected has been installed in 8.5 million vehicles globally. Therefore, even if you purchase a fairly new BMW, you can discover that it has more digital functions than you anticipated.

What benefits does BMW ConnectedDrive offer?

Features for integrated navigation and assistance BMW ConnectedDrive keeps you fully in control with everything from real-time traffic updates and parking information to concierge services and emergency support.

BMW ConnectedDrive is it free in the UK?

All eligible BMW vehicles with the software installed are eligible for free registration with ConnectedDrive. For three years, most BMW vehicles come standard with it. BMW offers the majority of the Digital Services capabilities separately or as a trial since it understands that not all owners will want or require all of the ConnectedDrive functions.

The majority of these have different prices, ranging from PS1 for a one-month trial of real-time traffic data to PS79 for a map update for the My Journey system. BMW, on the other hand, offers four ConnectedDrive packages that range in price from PS59 to PS239 and run for a full year. As the price rises, each bundle includes more ConnectedDrive features.

Only BMWs with the most recent OS7 infotainment system and up receive Apple CarPlay for free, which may surprise some BMW owners. When their BMWs reach their third anniversary, some owners will still be required to pay up to PS265 for Apple CarPlay. In 2020, BMW vehicles finally offered Android Auto connectivity as an option, providing wireless integration to the vehicle’s infotainment system at no additional cost.

What functions does my BMW ConnectedDrive have?

  • Type your VIN’s final seven characters here.
  • Choose whether you are the primary or backup driver of the car.
  • On the infotainment screen on your car, look for the security code. It may be accessed by going to Main Menu > ConnectedDrive > Messages. Your phone’s ConnectedDrive app will ask for the same code.

BMW ConnectedDrive: Does it track?

Does anyone have knowledge of ConnectedDrive Remote Services? A secondhand M235i was my recent purchase. Although I am aware that BMW ConnectedDrive is not a tracker, I still wanted to be able to locate my car, and this feature (Remote Services) allows me to do so without being constrained by a 1.5 mile radius.

Everything is OK, and it was incredibly helpful when my house was broken into and my baby was taken hostage. I was unable to follow the car while it was moving, but once it stopped, I was able to find it, and the police were able to recover it five miles distant. I was able to retrieve my automobile entirely because of Remote Services. Time travel 2.5 weeks. My Android phone’s BMW ConnectedDrive app has been upgraded. I tried to find my car while I was at work. “Vehicle was too far away to establish location,” it reported. I briefly panicked, believing my automobile had been taken. When I was more composed, I downloaded Fake GPS to make my phone think it was near my residence. And there you have it, my automobile was found by BMW Connected. My blood was boiling, so I wrote BMW a series of stern emails. Still waiting for them to respond.

Even though BMW has all the tools and technology to assist the owner in recovering a stolen vehicle, they choose not to do so. I requested assistance from Emergency Services after my automobile was taken. The operator informed me that she could only find my car if I was actually in it. It is understandable why auto thieves favor BMW so much. BMW supports the theft of these vehicles.

With BMW ConnectedDrive, is it possible to start your car?

You can activate Remote Engine Start by pointing your BMW key fob at your car and pressing the lock button (the BMW Roundel) three times in a row.

Is the price of BMW ConnectedDrive worth it?

What benefit does connectedDrive provide that I don’t already receive through Apple Car Play, which I use in my car for GPS, music, etc.?

I’m curious about your experience with it and whether you believe it’s worth renewing.

I paid $150 for the L package and am also from Australia. In my X3, I also have CarPlay. After using both for some time, I would advise against spending additional money on ConnectedDrive. You do have access to features like traffic updates, online tools, updated maps, remote supervision, and—most importantly—navigational guidance in HUD. You might wish to purchase that package if you consider any of those to be important. But I’ve found that Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze are all better at routing than the built-in maps now that I commute every day during rush hour, when better navigation routing can be useful. In terms of aesthetics, voice guidance, and HUD integration, I still prefer the built-in maps the best, but the routing is simply ineffective. I have recently stopped using BMW maps totally. CarPlay’s calling interface, which fills the full screen, is its only drawback. BMW has made many good interface choices, but sadly, a connection to navigation routing is not one of them. If only the routing was on pace with other major providers, I would love to use BMW maps and would gladly pay for them.

When does BMW ConnectedDrive end?

Select automobiles will no longer be supported for ConnectedDrive services starting in February 2022 due to cellular carriers’ phase-out of the 3G network.