What Is BMW Combox Controller?

I’m sorry to bring this up again, but I’m also curious about the requirements for Bluetooth music streaming. The following are my choices: (I think I grabbed all the audio related ones).

Is there anything else I should stream? The vehicle is an LCI e92 without iDrive or Navigation. What does the combox do in my case?

Your Bluetooth phone and the USB port in the center console are handled by the Combox.

Basically, no Bluetooth streaming means no navigation. Although the Combox has the hardware to support Bluetooth streaming, the conventional radio does not have the necessary software.

The best option is to buy a product like Tune2Air, which is what I had to do because I lack a navigation system.

I regret having to mention it once more, but I have a combox, iDrive, pro nav, but no bluetooth calls or streaming. Is it simple enough to add a mic and a bluetooth adaptor to the combox? If so, could someone please give me some parts and instructions?

A section of the specifications for my x5 that states “6vc combox controller” was just supplied to me by my dealer. My salesman and I haven’t heard anything about it either. Anyone who can identify this?

People on the 3-series boards have observed this has been included to September builds, thus I think this might be the new iPod module. a reliable approach to determine whether you undoubtedly receive the Sept (now Oct) upgrades.

TCU, ULF, and Ipod are all integrated via the Combox Controller. It significantly improves on how everything previously operated. Now, you may stream music from your phone using Bluetooth while using the steering-wheel controls to change tracks. If you connect your phone via USB, though, you’ll have full access to the music, including the entire track listing and album artwork, etc.

“People won’t be certain you’ve done anything at all when you do things perfectly.” FutureMa, Bender

Even though this enhances the iPod’s album art integration, the recently revealed “iPod out” capability, which essentially imitates the iPod user interface on the idrive display, is still not included. You’ll have to hold out for that for a little while.

The October builds received the new iPod functionality. He might receive the new features if their dealer does not have any September builds left in their allocation. Due of this, I extended my production date to October. The salesperson called BMW on my behalf, and they informed me that installation would begin in October.

Available BMW Combox Installation

The future of how we connect while driving is represented by the unique equipment option known as BMW ConnectedDrive. You can connect to anything that gives you a sense of safety, security, and connectivity with the help of a wide selection of intelligent services and apps that provide you with the information and entertainment you need while traveling. ConnectedDrive is an essential advancement in BMW efficiency, whether it is for work or play. Our Combox Retrofit improves the multimedia capabilities of your car’s communication system, giving you daily access to even more functionality!

How can I tell whether the BMW I own has a combox?

You may learn how to use your BMW head unit by watching the video below. If your map data version has “Premium” inscribed on it, your head unit is a CIC.

CIC (Pro Nav) – If your car has a CIC head unit installed, you’ll need a factory-installed combox.

The carpet in the boot must be taken out in order to determine whether your automobile has a combox installed (please do not ask us to check via VIN, please follow the steps below).

  • Open the boot and remove all of your stuff before continuing.
  • The boot liner carpet readily pulls out, so remove it completely and lay it down.
  • The flat supporting hard board in the boot should be removed, not just lifted up.
  • The item circled on the left in the image above is the combox (just forward of the battery). A fuse box will be visible to the right if you are searching in the proper spot (just forward of the battery).
  • You don’t have a combox if the area to the left of the fuse box is empty.
  • If the combox in the circle is installed. Great! You can be coded.

Unfortunately, due to the length of time and complexity of the installation, we do not refit comboxes.

The cost of the coding retrofit, PS91.67 + VAT, remains the same if the combox is already in place. For PS91.67 plus VAT, we can currently add this extended Bluetooth option to your car. Simply phone one of our team members at 0118 958 3481, and they will schedule you.

Please go back one set and check out one of the other tutorials if you have Next, Move, or Motion.

The purpose of a combox

The automated phone answering service provided by Swisscom is known by the trademark Combox. Any automated phone answering service, including those provided by other telecom service providers like Sunrise and Salt, is commonly referred to by this term in Switzerland.

Officially, Salt’s call answering service is referred to as Voicemail, whereas Sunrise’s is referred to as Mailbox.

When the person they are phoning is unable to (or does not want to) answer their phone, a call answering service (also known as a combox in Switzerland) allows the caller to record a voice message remotely over the phone. The call answering service is automatically triggered when a call is not answered, and the caller can record a message on the call answering service remotely over the phone. The recipient can access the call answering service and afterwards use their phone to hear the messages that were recorded. Most call answering providers now send SMS notifications to users of their phones when a message has been recorded on their call answering service.

It’s important to note that calling your call answering service from outside Switzerland may result in roaming charges.

What does BMW CIC stand for?

With the F01/F02 7 Series, it made its debut in September 2008. The Becker-produced CIC, or Car Information Computer, runs on the QNX operating system. It is an optional feature for the following automobiles:

  • 1-Series E81/E82/E87/E88 from September 2008 to March 2014
  • 1-Series F20/F21, 2009 to 2013,
  • E90/E91/E92/E93 3-Series – 09/2008 – 10/2013
  • F30/F31/F34/F80 3-Series – 02/2012 – 11/2012
  • 5-Series E60/E61, November 2008 to May 2010.
  • 5-Series F07 – 2010 to 2012
  • 5-Series F10, March 2010–September 2012
  • 5-Series F11, 2009 to 2012
  • 6-Series E63/E64: November 2008 until July 2010
  • 6-Series F06, March 2012 to March 2013
  • F12/F13 6-Series, 12/2010 – 03/2013
  • 11/2008 – 07/2013 7-Series F01/F02/F03
  • 7-Series F04: November 2008 to June 2015
  • X1 E84 – 10/2009 – 06/2015
  • X3 F25 – 10/2010 – 04/2013
  • X5 E70 – 10/2009 – 06/2013
  • X6 E71 – 10/2009 – 08/2014
  • Z4 E89 – 04/2009 – 2016

A significant improvement to iDrive is the CIC system, which swaps out the controller, computer, and display. To address one of the frequent iDrive issues, the display is more responsive and has a greater quality than CCC. There is also support for internet access.

TeleAtlas maps, which are stored on an inbuilt 2.5″ 80 GB hard drive, are used by CIC-based systems (HDD). Additionally, this HDD has an 8 GB capacity for playback-ready music files. A USB connector is available in the glove box to make it easier to upload music files to the HDD.

All CIC-based iDrive systems support DVD video as of 2009 LCI manufacture. However, for automatic transmission cars, this only works when the parking brake is engaged, and for manual transmission cars, only while the car is in the “Park” position. While driving, DVD audio will still be playing.

Updates to BMW iDrive are possible?

It costs nothing to update the software on your BMW through BMW ConnectedDrive. The iDrive software update from BimmerTech starts at $249.

There are three ways to update the software on your BMW iDrive:

  • With the iDrive software upgrade from BimmerTech
  • through the webpage for BMW ConnectedDrive
  • by means of the BMW ConnectedDrive App

By 2022, BMW will have updated its software to version 21-07. The most recent BMW software updates will always appear on your BMW control panel and My BMW App if you wish to stay informed.

Can you connect BMW with Bluetooth audio?

To connect your phone and car:

  • Launch your BMW as usual.
  • Go to the Bluetooth menu on your phone and look for nearby devices two minutes after you start your car.
  • Select the “BMW” device you see when you see it.
  • Put in your BMW Bluetooth pairing code when requested.
  • For verification that pairing was successful, check your iDrive menu.