What Is BMW Cold Weather Package 3 Series?

– COLD WEATHER PACKAGE, INCLUDING heated front seats, heated rear seats, and retractable headlamp washers.

The BMW Cold Weather Package is what?

A collection of options called the BMW Cold Weather Package is designed for owners who occasionally use their cars in regions with cold and slushy weather. It typically incorporates heated front seats and retractable headlamp washers. A neck warmer is part of the cold weather package on some convertibles, and some models also come with a heated steering wheel and back seats. A ski bag is often included in the package with some versions to protect the interior when transporting longer goods. Ski packs, wheel and tire packages, tire chains, winter care kits, and winter driver training are additional optional extras offered by BMW.

Does the 2011 335xi sedan only have heated front seats and foldable back seats? Although the Cold Weather Package costs $1000, buying it separately only costs $975. Does the “package” contain anything else that I’m missing? A brand-new 2011 335XI Manual, Sport, Cold Weather, Bluetooth, and Comfort Access is what I recently ordered. Since I don’t care about the folding rear seats, I’m unsure if I should call the dealer and ask them to change the cold weather package to only heated seats.

Is the stock audio system for the 2011 model year superior to that for the 2009 and 2010 model years? Should I instead visit the Harmon Karden upgrade?

Although the standard sound system is identical, the basic sound system is terrible; even the HK one isn’t that great. The HK model is identical to the previous Logic 7.

In order to reduce expenses, BMW switched the 10 speaker system to 6 speakers for 2010. For 2011, I believe they increased it once more to 8. I can’t say for sure.


For optimal road lighting and improved driving safety, retractable high-intensity headlight washers help maintain lights free of ice, mud, road salt, and other coatings.

An advantageous feature in cooler weather for the driver and front passenger. The seat surface and backrest are heated at the touch of a button and rapidly radiate cozy warmth in one of three levels.

I avoided the cold weather bundle because I didn’t want headlight washers and instead purchased the heated seats and fold-down rear seats separately. That you may choose individual products in this way is really wonderful (when you order).

With the pass through are fold-down seats. Uncertain if they provide a bag for 2011.

I have reclining seats. For the few occasions when you might need it, it is a great choice to have. Not a “Must Have,” but a handy choice to have in case you ever have more cargo to transport than you can fit!


Additionally, the ZCW option adds fold-down rear seats, which I personally find to be quite convenient and are now a common feature on a large number of sedans. Even though we live in Texas, I order the Cold Weather package because of the standalone cost of the heated seats and the added convenience of the fold down back seat. Your results may differ.

Even without the Cold Weather Package, the 335i Coupe’s rear seats are foldable. Even though the booklet essentially supports it, I had my dealer check orally before I placed the transaction.

The heated front seats, headlamp cleaning system, and ski bag in the back seat are all included in the CWP, claims BMWUSA. steering wheel not heated. While the headlight washer runs automatically every few times the windshield cleaning system is utilized, I suppose there are controls to turn on the two heated front seats.

I don’t have the ski bag or the headlamp washers, but I do have heated seats. I suppose the previous owner incorporated it as a feature.

I ordered my car in that manner since I don’t care about the ski bag on the M3 and will never use the headlamp washers or bumper guards. I also made a few cents in savings. I’ll use my SUV if I need to ski.

Yes, I made the same decision because I simply wanted the heated seats and didn’t want the warts.

If your hands are becoming a little cool at the OP, there is a two-step procedure to cure that: hit the small M-shaped button and then pump the pedal to the right. You’ll forget about the frigid numbers completely.

The E90 CWP comes with split rear seats, headlamp washers, and heated seats. Split back seats are supposedly standard on E92/3 models.

There is no heated steering wheel option for the M3. I am aware that my friend’s 2011 E90 335i has it. So perhaps just non /M is available.

a quick query If you get the M-sport steering wheel along with the Cold weather package, is it heated? I am aware that the heated steering wheel included with the Cold Weather package is something I appreciate having on my 5, but after doing some research, it appears that there is some confusion on whether the Msport steering wheel can be heated. I’m unsure if ordering the 2 packages simultaneously will prevent me from enjoying this privilege. Thank you!

Because I only thought of heated back seats for the occasional passenger (family) and headlight washers, which I will never use in California, I almost forgot that I have a heated steering wheel.

What cutting-edge features come with the BMW 3 Series?

A cutting-edge operating system, smooth safety technologies, and individualized entertainment options are all standard on the BMW 3 Series. You can lock and unlock your BMW using the most recent Comfort Access technology without taking your key out of your pocket. You can simply locate attractions and keep track of your BMW’s status (including tire pressure, fuel, and battery levels) with the help of the My BMW App. You may also utilize Remote Engine Start from your app to start the engine and heat or cool the cabin. This feature is available on the 330i and M340i models. With the help of advanced real-time traffic information, you may streamline your journey with the most recent traffic updates and accident warnings. Apple CarPlayTM and Android AutoTM, which are both wireless by default, can keep you occupied while driving.

What does BMW’s cold weather package entail?

SUV models of the BMW X5 are available with either rear-wheel drive (sDrive) or all-wheel drive (xDrive). The X5 has a cold weather kit that includes heated rear seats, a heated steering wheel, and retractable headlamp washers. All trim levels come with heated front seats, a temperature display for the outside air, and automatic front climate controls with separate settings for the driver and the passenger. Optional 4-zone automated climate control lets you choose different temperatures and fan speeds for the front and back of the house.

What is the BMW x7 cold weather package?

You spend a great deal of time driving. The 2022 BMW X7’s numerous interior comforts ensure that your journeys are as comfortable as possible.

A standard convenience, three-stage heated front seats let you and your front-seat companion determine the degree of heat required to keep your muscles at ease while you travel. Additionally, a standard automated 4-zone climate control system allows front- and second-row passengers to separately select and modify climatic settings to suit personal preferences for temperature.

The BMW X7 offers a number of add-on packages that further improve your interior, including:

  • Executive Package: With extra features like the Panoramic Sky Lounge LED Roof, heated and cooled cupholders, and more, you may feel like the boss while traveling.
  • Cold Weather Package: With the 5-zone automatic climate control option, extend heated seat functionality to passengers in the backseat and provide third-row passengers their own personal temperature controls.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic chairs with 20-way multi-contour seat adjustments for a customized driving experience are part of the luxury seating package. With the installation of front vented and massing seats, comfort is increased.

The BMW X7’s interior may be entirely customized to meet your comfort needs.

The BMW climate package is what?

A $1,110 climate comfort option with heated rear seats, heated front armrests, a heated steering wheel, and four-zone climate control is helpful for Snow Belt shoppers.

Does the Tesla Model 3 have a package for cold weather?

The Model 3 and Model Y can both be equipped with the Telsa subzero weather package, also known as the cold weather package in other circles. Wide-ranging comfort in chilly regions and weather is provided by this bundle. With this package, Tesla drivers and passengers may relax while driving and riding.

The package has changed over time since it was first introduced. Camera heaters, heated seats, heated steering wheels, heated washer nozzles, heated rear seats, heated side mirrors, and heated windshield wipers are all included in the full range subzero weather package.

It will cost you between $750 and $1,000 to add this functionality to any Tesla car manufactured before 2017. Depending on the year that you ordered your Tesla, this cost will change.

You tap the controls, choose cold weather, and then use or activate the Tesla subzero weather package. Following this, you will see a number of options, including seat warmers and the ability to heat the steering wheel. Additionally, you have the option of turning off functions that you do not require.

The Audi cold weather package is what?

The package often comes with heated front seats, but it may also come with heated rear seats, a heated steering wheel, heated side mirrors, heated windshield washer nozzles, and a split-folding rear seat, depending on the car.

The BMW Sport Package is what?

Many BMW models come with the option package (or trim level) known as the BMW Sport Package, which improves the car’s looks and performance. Most vehicles with the Sport Package have improved wheels and tires, Sport or M Sport suspension, and Sport seats, which all improve performance. Anthracite headliner and premium upholstery are common visual enhancements for automobiles, while aluminum inside trim, aluminum satin design elements on the front and rear bumpers, and high-gloss black exterior components are added for SUVs. A sport steering wheel and an enhanced top speed for the speed limiter are also available on some versions.

How do the BMW packages work?

  • Package for comfort.
  • High-end package.
  • technology bundle
  • Visualization Packet.
  • The Diamond Surround Sound by Bowers & Wilkins.
  • ambiance air bundle
  • Package for Pure Excellence Interior Design.
  • Personalized Customization

What is the BMW driver comfort package?

The X5’s Comfort Pack makes daily tasks much simpler. It has keyless entry, a hands-free tailgate, more comfortable front seats, and front and rear seat heaters.

What exactly does a “cold weather package” mean?

Nissan automobiles come with a feature known as the “cold weather package” for this reason. This has features like heated outside mirrors, heated steering wheel, and heated passenger cloth seat.

How much does the BMW Premium Package cost?

The Premium Package offers comfort in addition to some extra heating components, navigational help, and other features. The package can be adjusted so that it contains the features you want. This package includes heated front seats as standard equipment.

What is the Camry cold weather package?

The heated front seats, heated side mirrors, and heated steering wheel are included with the Cold Weather Package. Costing $26,520 once the $1,025 destination fee is added, the 2023 Toyota Camry LE.