What Is BMW Certified?

The 4-year/50,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks is not extended by the BMW Certified Protection Plan, which offers specific coverage against material and workmanship flaws (Valid in U.S.A. including Puerto Rico).


Yes, every Certified Pre-Owned BMW is put through a thorough inspection and comes with a 1-year Unlimited Mileage Protection Plan, making it one of the best investments available.

  • One of the most thorough new vehicle warranties in its class has always been offered by BMW. The same holds true for Certified Pre-Owned automobiles. After the 4-year/50,000-mile warranty has expired, every Certified Pre-Owned BMW offers you a year of coverage with no mileage restrictions.

After the 4-year/50,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks (Applicable Only in the United States, Including Puerto Rico) expires, BMW Certified Pre-Owned covers you for an additional 1 year with unlimited vehicle miles for a total of 5 years/Unlimited vehicle miles. Included is BMW Roadside Assistance for 5 years. Up to 6 years and limitless miles of coverage for your car are possible with additional plans.

The 4-year/50,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks is not extended by the Certified Pre-Owned Protection Plan, which offers specific coverage against material and workmanship flaws (Valid in U.S.A. including Puerto Rico). These warranties exclude a number of things from their coverage.

The BMW Certified Pre-Owned Protection Plan is not transferable except inside the BMW authorized dealer network or under the following circumstance for Certified Pre-Owned vehicles retailed on or after January 1, 2014:

The Certified Pre-Owned Program by BMW is what?

The CPO program at BMW is comparable to that of its rivals. Essentially, it’s a means to purchase a used car that has undergone inspection, certification, and warranty coverage from a licensed BMW dealer. A CPO BMW will come with a warranty and will have undergone a comprehensive assessment to determine whether it qualifies as CPO. Even though the guarantee isn’t as good as the one for a brand-new car, it still exists.

These two facts provide comfort when considering a used car purchase. A buyer’s concerns can be greatly reduced by the knowledge that the automobile was thoroughly inspected by licensed BMW mechanics to ensure there were no obvious flaws and that it passed its inspection. More than that, a client may feel much better about their purchase if they know that anything that does go wrong will be covered by a warranty for the following few years.


The first is referred to as CPO Elite.

The balance of each Certified Pre-Owned BMW model’s 4-year/50,000-mile BMW New Vehicle/SAV Limited Warranty is included.

What does “certified BMW” mean?

What makes a pre-owned BMW certified is as follows: Must pass a rigorous inspection by a team of technicians, service managers, and pre-owned managers who have received BMW training. The maintenance history must be current. Genuine BMW parts are required. CARFAX and AutoCheck reports are required.

How can I become certified by BMW?

A late-model car must have more than 300 miles but fewer than 60,000 miles on the odometer in order to qualify for enrolment in the BMW Certified Program. They must pass a demanding inspection and a thorough evaluation by technicians qualified by the BMW manufacture.

BMW Certified Pre-Owned: Is it Priceless?

Since you’re looking for a used BMW, it’s difficult not to suggest a CPO model. A CPO BMW will cost you a little bit more than a regular used BMW, but it’s almost certainly worth it. The added cost of the car is well worth the assurance that comes with knowing that it has undergone a rigorous inspection and has been given an additional year of warranty coverage. It also demonstrates that any maintenance performed on the vehicle over its lifetime was carried out by a qualified BMW dealer rather by a haphazard mechanic, as the BMW would not have passed certification otherwise.

Any automobile purchase is made a little bit easier and living with a car is a little bit less stressful when you know that your CPO BMW was certified, inspected, and then warrantied. A CPO is definitely worth it, unless you’d like a more older and less expensive BMW.

How long is a certified BMW’s warranty?

There is no mileage cap on the length of your BMW CPO Warranty, which can last up to six years. This is how it goes: A 4-year/50,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks is included with every new BMW vehicle. You will benefit from the remainder of this first coverage when you purchase CPO.

How much is the BMW warranty?

The New BMW Limited Warranty Covers What? You are covered against manufacturing-related flaws in materials or workmanship when you buy a new car from BMW. This warranty period lasts for four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first, and it begins on the day the new car is sold.

How do you define vehicle certified?

A certified car, commonly referred to as a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle, is a used car that has undergone a dealer inspection and restoration. Certified automobiles offer additional benefits including manufacturer-backed warranties and financing options, reducing the risks associated with purchasing used cars.

Is there a lifetime warranty for BMW?

As long as you own your car, you are covered. You are covered FOREVER as long as you carry out the routine maintenance specified in your Warranty Forever(r) agreement.

What does the BMW warranty not cover?

The new BMW guarantee does not cover components like brake pads and filters that experience typical wear and tear. Additionally, it won’t cover damages brought on by inappropriate use or sun damage.

What does the BMW CPO warranty not cover?

Here are some examples of what the BMW CPO warranty does not cover:

  • maintenance components for vehicles such spark plugs, brake rotors, and pads
  • components of the suspension, such as shock absorbers
  • Exterior body components like rust or corrosion-related damage
  • interior decor components such as carpeting and lights
  • goods connected to maintenance, such as batteries and drive belts for engines
  • Damage brought on by abuse, disregard, car accidents, changes, or a lack of upkeep

What distinguishes a Honda approved vehicle from one that is not?

Do not begin looking for a used car unless you are aware of the distinction between certified and pre-owned vehicles.

A low mileage automobile, truck, or SUV that has undergone a thorough inspection from the headlights to the rear bumper also comes with an extension of the original manufacturer’s guarantee.

Uncertified secondhand vehicles might not have undergone an inspection and won’t have an extended manufacturing warranty. A non-certified secondhand car is available from any auto dealer or directly from the owner.

Is a BMW expensive to maintain?

Remove the Band-Aid now. Every 10,000 miles, BMW owners may anticipate paying between $150 and $400 per service. A significant service may cost up to $3,000 or more. In the end, owners spend more on maintenance and repairs than most brands, between $1,000 and $1,700 annually.

You may always purchase an extended warranty, either directly from BMW or through a third-party service contract, if you’re concerned about future ownership costs. Standard BMW maintenance expenditures are not covered by a car warranty, but it will cover pricey items that are more prone to break over time.

We’ve combed the market and selected a handful of the top third-party extended vehicle warranty companies because there are many possibilities for extended coverage. These are businesses who did well in regards to things like price, standing, and customer support.

To help you reduce your out-of-pocket vehicle ownership costs, compare the best BMW extended warranty packages above.

The cost of the BMW extended warranty

For three years of protection, a BMW extended warranty runs about $3,000, though rates vary based on the level of coverage and the condition of the pre-owned vehicle. The price of a BMW on a three-year platinum plan can reach $7,000 Year can discover more affordable costs for comparable coverage from outside providers.

Does the maintenance on a BMW come for free?

BMW Ultimate Care is standard on all model-year 2017 and newer vehicles sold or leased by an authorized BMW center for the first three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.

How many miles is a BMW good for?

But how many miles do BMW cars typically last? With good care, almost any BMW has the ability to last up to 200,000 or even 250,000 miles, and there will always be outliers that last even longer.

Do oil changes included with the BMW warranty?

Model year 2017 and newer certified pre-owned BMW vehicles include a guarantee that covers certain regular maintenance items for the first three years or 36,000 miles. Oil changes, spark plug replacements, vehicle inspections, engine and cabin air filter replacements, among other services, are included.

What distinguishes pre-owned from certified items?

A used car must fulfill a number of strict requirements in order to be certified as a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle. These vehicles, which are from more recent model years, must pass a rigorous inspection in order to be certified. Additionally, each CPO model has undergone a full restoration using original MINI parts.

Is the extended service contract for a BMW worth it?

In comparison to maintenance from independent repair shops, the BMW maintenance plan typically costs more. It might not be worthwhile if you drive fewer than 15,000 miles annually, which is the national average. However, if you use your car a lot, the maintenance plan might be more beneficial.

Does the BMW warranty cover a tire with a nail?

The BMW Tire & Wheel Protection program offers coverage in the event that metal, nails, glass, debris, potholes, blowouts, etc. cause damage to your tires or wheels (excluding cosmetic damage). You can select a plan that provides coverage for your car for up to five years.

What does a phone that is certified used mean?

It’s crucial to be aware that anyone can sell an outdated smartphone and refer to it as a “used phone” or a “pre-owned phone” if they choose to. Therefore, it’s critical to comprehend the distinction.

Refurbished phones are often described as having undergone some type of maintenance. You may set up the device just like you would a brand-new phone because the prior user’s data has been erased and the factory settings have typically been restored.

All of the used smartphones that Verizon offers are referred to as Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) devices. These gadgets have been examined, and everything is up and running. Since some cellphones are returned in complete functional order after only a few days, “Certified Pre-Owned” may be more appropriate than “used” or “refurbished.” Although some gadgets are unquestionably worn and cannot be marketed as new, some prior owners may have barely used them.

The ideal month to purchase an automobile is?

What Month Is Best for Buying a Car? In addition to specific days of the week or holidays, some months are preferable to others for leasing or buying new or used cars. Generally speaking, the best months to visit an auto dealer are May, October, November, and December.