What Is BMW Certified Warranty?

Two-part warranties are included with each BMW CPO vehicle. The remaining four years and 50,000 miles of the BMW new car warranty come first. When that component runs out, whether in terms of time or mileage, a different, less extensive one-year/unlimited-mile warranty takes over.

Even BMW notes that the original warranty is not being extended by this. There are many things that are not covered, and the list makes a strong argument for thinking about getting an extended auto warranty.

In-Depth Warranty

A four-year/50-mile manufacturer warranty is included with every BMW for both light vehicles and passenger automobiles. A CPO BMW comes with an extra year of protection beyond the new vehicle limited warranty when you buy one. This indicates that you have a total of five years of coverage. If you travel regularly, the additional year has no mileage restrictions, which is useful.

The company also provides optional plans that allow you to pay extra to extend the coverage of your vehicle for a total of six years and limitless miles.

Vehicles must have more than 300 miles but fewer than 60,000 miles on the odometer in order to qualify for BMW’s CPO program. Before being authorized for the program, factory-trained technicians put the vehicles through a rigorous inspection process.

Repairs that are covered are carried out by professionals with training in BMW utilizing only original BMW replacement parts. The following things are covered by the CPO warranty:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • suspension at the front and back
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Electrical
  • heating, cooling, and air conditioning systems
  • energy system
  • propeller shaft and the final drive assembly

The CPO warranty can be passed on to a new owner, and repairs must be done at a BMW repair facility.

How does the warranty work?

Customers are most attracted to the CPO program by its BMW warranty. The second-largest purchase a person may make is an automobile, just after a home. Customers want to feel secure in their purchases, especially when it comes to a costly, complex luxury vehicle like a BMW. Because of this, warranties are crucial.

The CPO warranty from BMW adds an extra year and unlimited miles to the end of the vehicle’s initial new-car warranty. Therefore, if you purchase a CPO BMW with two years and 20,000 miles remaining on its original new-car warranty, you will receive the remaining time under the new-car guarantee as well as an additional one year warranty. However, it must be noted that because it is less comprehensive than the original guarantee, the CPO warranty is not a continuation of it.

For instance, the CPO warranty no longer applies to certain wear-and-tear equipment. such as engine drive belts, suspension bushings, shock absorbers, and specific body pieces. Since the accessories are no longer covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee and the automobile is being purchased used, they are excluded. Although that is understandable, purchasers should be aware that it is still not quite a new-car warranty.

The three year/36,000 mile maintenance plan for the new car must also be highlighted because the CPO customer is not at all covered by it. In actuality, the moment the automobile is granted CPO status, the maintenance program is lost.

What is the BMW new vehicle warranty?

Every brand-new car has a warranty when it leaves the factory. For a predetermined amount of time, this agreement protects specific mechanical parts and systems from manufacturing flaws. A

External body panels, emissions equipment, bumper-to-bumper, and other components are all covered by separate warranties. The first to reach the specified amount of years and miles wins.

The standard new-vehicle limited warranty from BMW protects you from faults in materials or workmanship for a period of four years or 50,000 miles. The BMW new-vehicle standard warranty covers the engine, transmission, and suspension, among other components. If something breaks within the warranty term, BMW-certified mechanics will fix it for free using authentic BMW parts.

The 12-year, unlimited-mile rust perforation warranty offered by BMW attests to the superior build quality, durability, and paintwork of their vehicles.


Additionally, BMW offers a government emission warranty that lasts for two years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first, to make sure your vehicle operates cleanly and reduces pollution.


With the BMW Ultimate Care Program, you now get the added benefit of free routine maintenance for the first three years or 36,000 miles when you buy a new BMW. This practical curriculum, which addresses oil changes, spark plugs, brake fluid, and other topics, makes sure your BMW operates efficiently. A

The length of the BMW manufacturer’s warranty.

On both our Genuine BMW Parts and our BMW vehicles, we provide exceptional warranties. While new vehicles come with a three-year warranty, the majority of Genuine BMW Parts come with a two-year warranty as standard.

Why not get a BMW Insured Warranty for added protection when your BMW New Car or Approved Used Car warranty expires? The information about each of our warranty options is listed below.

What nullifies the BMW warranty?

I want to change a couple things with my BMW. It is still covered under warranty at the moment, but I don’t want to unintentionally void it by performing any of these changes. Do certain modifications or other actions nullify a BMW warranty?

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A modification that results in mistakes or issues with components of the automobile covered by the initial BMW warranty is the only thing that could void the warranty. For instance, if replacing the exhaust system or changing a turbocharger for a supercharger results in the failure of a covered component, the warranty may be nullified.

The guarantee wouldn’t be nullified, though, if you switched to larger wheels or tires, tinted your windows, or covered your taillights in black. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 provides federal protection for warranties, so as long as you don’t harm other components, you should be fine to go.

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What does an automobile that is BMW certified mean?

What makes a pre-owned BMW certified is as follows: Must pass a rigorous inspection by a team of technicians, service managers, and pre-owned managers who have received BMW training. The maintenance history must be current. Genuine BMW parts are required. CARFAX and AutoCheck reports are required.

How long is the warranty on BMW CPO?

After the 4-year/50,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks (Applicable Only in the United States, Including Puerto Rico) expires, BMW Certified Pre-Owned covers you for 1 year with unlimited vehicle miles for a total of 5 years / Unlimited vehicle miles.

Is there a lifetime warranty for BMW?

As long as you own your car, you are covered. You are covered FOREVER as long as you carry out the routine maintenance specified in your Warranty Forever(r) agreement.

What is the price of a BMW extended warranty?

For three years of protection, a BMW extended warranty runs about $3,000, though rates vary based on the level of coverage and the condition of the pre-owned vehicle. The price of a BMW on a three-year platinum plan can reach $7,000 Year can discover more affordable costs for comparable coverage from outside providers.

What does the BMW CPO warranty not cover?

Here are some examples of what the BMW CPO warranty does not cover:

  • maintenance components for vehicles such spark plugs, brake rotors, and pads
  • components of the suspension, such as shock absorbers
  • Exterior body components like rust or corrosion-related damage
  • interior decor components such as carpeting and lights
  • goods connected to maintenance, such as batteries and drive belts for engines
  • Damage brought on by abuse, disregard, car accidents, changes, or a lack of upkeep

The BMW warranty covers suspension, right?

Your BMW CPO Warranty covers every flaw in materials and craftsmanship when it comes to the following regions and parts: Engine, Transmission, and Electrical Components. Suspension, Steering, Fuel System, and Brakes

The BMW warranty covers batteries, right?

The Basic New Vehicle Warranty that comes with every BMW includes coverage for the car’s battery among other things. If the battery is defective, you are covered by this guarantee for a free replacement for four years or 50,000 miles.

If the battery is harmed for reasons other than material faults, such as in a car accident, this guarantee will not protect you. In that situation, filing a claim to pay for battery repairs would require collision insurance.

You might be able to get a new battery installed before the Basic New Vehicle warranty expires because the normal BMW battery lasts three to five years.

What about batteries for EVs? Your lithium-ion battery should last a lot longer than a regular car battery. BMW anticipates the high-voltage electric vehicle batteries to last at least 10 years (possibly up to 20 years depending on usage).

Here is a breakdown of BMW’s warranties:

includes factory-recommended maintenance such as brake service, fluid adjustments, wiper blade replacement, and oil changes.

Key Learnings For the first four years or 50,000 miles that your car is on the road, your BMW car battery can be changed without charge if it is defective.

Does a BMW CPO warranty make sense?

The extensive protection provided by BMW’s CPO warranty is its main advantage: BMW’s Certified Pre-Owned Plan extends the manufacturing warranty of 4 years or 50,000 miles by 1 year, allowing vehicles to be covered for up to 5 years.

What are the advantages of a BMW CPO vehicle?

a BMW PRE-OWNED CERTIFIED. After the 4 year / 50,000 mile BMW New Car / SAV Limited Warranty expires, it offers complete coverage for every BMW Certified vehicle for 1 year with unlimited mileage. There are additional plans available to extend the coverage for your car.

What is covered by the bumper-to-bumper warranty for BMW?

A BMW warranty typically covers:

  • Protection from bumper to bumper Bumper-to-bumper warranties from BMW are valid for 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. This warranty, which is also known as comprehensive or exclusionary coverage, covers the majority of repairs for mechanical failure caused by subpar materials or workmanship. Instead of offering a separate powertrain warranty, BMW covers the powertrain (engine, transmission, drivetrain, seals, gaskets, and related items) as part of this guarantee.
  • Warranty for corrosion
  • This guarantee covers rust or corrosion-related sheet metal damage. It has an infinite mileage or 12-year lifespan.
  • Governmental emission guarantees
  • For two years or 24,000 miles, BMW provides coverage for the majority of emission-related items. A few particular components have an 8-year or 80,000-mile warranty.
  • Warranty for California’s emission controls
  • Most emission-related items are covered for three years or 50,000 miles if your BMW is registered in California or another state with the similar emission control laws. Specific control devices have a 7-year or 70,000-mile warranty. In these states, the emissions parts on TZEVs (transitional zero-emission vehicles) are warranted for 15 years or 150,000 miles.
  • Further itemsa
  • Up to the first 2,000 miles, tire alignment, wheel balancing, and wiper blade inserts are all covered.

For the first four years following the vehicle’s first in-service date, BMW of North America additionally offers 24-hour roadside assistance at no additional cost. The duration of roadside support is up to six years if you are a BMW Certified owner. Towing, battery jumpstarts, lockout services, fuel deliveries, tire changes, and trip interruption services are all included in BMW roadside support.

Based on the BMW year, model, and series, you can get more information online about your particular warranty.

Does the extended warranty for BMW include oil changes?

Factory Warranty for BMW It also includes factory-recommended services like spark plug replacements, brake fluid changes, oil changes, and more, in addition to the BMW warranty coverage.

Do oil changes included with the BMW warranty?

Model year 2017 and newer certified pre-owned BMW vehicles include a guarantee that covers certain regular maintenance items for the first three years or 36,000 miles. Oil changes, spark plug replacements, vehicle inspections, engine and cabin air filter replacements, among other services, are included.