What BMW X5 Has 7 Seats?

A third row of seats is an option for the 2023 BMW X5 sDrive40i and X5 xDrive40i, making a total of seven seats available. There are five seats available in the typical arrangement.

Check out this Demo to see the third row of seats that are available for the BMW X5.

You can now bring 7 people on your next excursion with the BMW X5 thanks to the addition of a third row of seats. This row can be folded flush into the floor when not in use to maximize the amount of storage and freight room available.

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F15 BMW X5

Since a dedicated third row of seating is not included as standard equipment, the BMW X5 is not a true seven-seater. A third row of seats was available for the F15 generation X5, although it was basically only two very tiny seats in the trunk. Those optional seats are uncomfortable for anyone who is not extremely small because it is not a true seven-seater.

However, the F15-gen X5 isn’t a bad alternative if someone has a small family and can fit two of their young children back there, especially given that secondhand ones can currently be found for reasonable costs. Simply look for one with the third row, which is an optional extra but admittedly not always simple to find.

third-row seats

Despite being in its third generation, the 2016 BMW X5 does not come standard as a 7-Seater. You must select the third row of seats as an option in order to have 7 seats (or buy a second hand X5 with the third row seats in situ). In contrast, every variant of the new BMW 2 Series Grand Tourer includes seven seats.

When all seven seats are upright, the BMW X5’s cargo space (enough space for a reasonable sized handbag).

The steps listed below must be followed in order to view new ones on the BMW website:

  • visit the BMW homepage;
  • Choose “Build your BMW”;
  • To build your BMW x5, click;
  • Choose the auxiliary equipment;
  • Third Row seats is an option when you scroll down to the interior equipment section;
  • You may even click on an image icon to see a picture of the BMW x5 7 Seater seats.

Be patient because the website uses a lot of Javascript (website coding), which makes it difficult to quickly navigate between sections. However, the location is stunning.

According to the main BMW website, the third row of seats costs an additional PS1,380 and uses 4UB technology. A Please keep in mind that not every BMW x5 has seven seats. A On some models, it is an added option.

Are there seven seats in the BMW X5?

Contrary to the XC90 and Q7, seven seats are not included as standard. The X5 only has five seats unless you pay extra to add the third row, and the PHEV xDrive45e doesn’t offer this option.

In a BMW X5, how many seats are there?

The normal seating capacity of the BMW X5 is for 5, but a third row seat option allows you to raise the number of passengers to 7. The new BMW X5’s measurements for its regular seating capacity are as follows: headroom of 40.8 inches. Front and rear shoulder room is 60.0 inches and 58.1 inches, respectively.

Has the hybrid BMW X5 seven seats?

The X5 hybrid offers fantastic space and comfort for all passengers, but keep in mind that it can only seat up to five people at once; unlike the petrol and diesel X5s, which have a seven-seat option. The interior of the car offers plenty of storage, including a large lidded bin between the front seats, a sizable glovebox, and roomy door bins for all your miscellaneous items. The driver has a commanding view of the road ahead and has plenty of adjustment options to find the ideal position.

Has the BMW X5 a third row of seats?

Is there third-row seats in the BMW X5? Yes! Two variants come with the option of the third-row BMW X5. The BMW X5 can now accommodate seven passengers, making it ideal for your school carpools.

Which SUV by BMW has seven seats?

Seating for seven people is provided across three rows in the 2023 BMW X7, with bench seats in the second row coming standard. Alternately, select the six-seat variant with all-electric Captain’s Chairs.

When did the X5 receive seven seats?

Review of the 2008 BMW X5’s interior. Note that the 2008 BMW X5 was brand-new when this inside evaluation was written. The 2008 BMW X5 offers seven seats and a ton of high-tech amenities to keep passengers entertained and comfortable.

Has the BMW X3 got a third row of seats?

The X5 features a third-row seat as an optional upgrade, but the X3 can only accommodate five passengers. The X3 has 28.7 cubic feet of cargo space behind the second row, while the X5 provides 33.9 cubic feet as standard.

Has the 2018 BMW X5 a third row?

The X5 is a 2-row SUV with seating for five passengers in its usual form. In some variants, a third-row seat is available, bringing the maximum number of passengers to seven.

Audi Q5 and BMW X5 size comparison

Although the BMW SAV can accommodate seven passengers with an optional third row seat, both the BMW X5 and Audi Q5 are five-seat SUVs. The mid-size BMW X5 SUV is larger and more roomy than the compact Audi Q5, measuring 10 inches longer, four inches wider, and three inches taller.

Exists an 8-seater BMW?

The Gran Coupe of the 8 Series accommodates five passengers, compared to the coupe and convertible’s four. The front seats in every model are cozy and supportive. Each body style has limited rear headroom, although the four-door Gran Coupe has ample legroom for taller passengers.

Is there a third row in the BMW X6?

Is there room for a third row in the X6? The 2023 BMW X6 is offered in a two-row, five-seat layout, and the large interior gives plenty of room for up to four passengers

Better: The Audi Q5 or the BMW X5?

The BMW X5 might be a better choice if you’re seeking for an SUV with spirited engine specifications. However, the Q5 might be a better choice if you’re searching for a car that will go the additional mile because of its more fuel-efficient petrol alternatives. The usual EPA estimates for the BMW X5 are 21 city and 26 highway MPG.

BMW X5 dependability

Whether you purchase a new or old vehicle, dependability is crucial. The BMW X5 is a trustworthy car you can depend on thanks to its exceptional build quality and fit and finish. Looking back at the statistics for the 2021 model, prominent data analytics and consumer intelligence company J.D. Power gave the X5 a score of 81 out of 100. A

A score between 81 to 90 on the J.D. Power scale is regarded as excellent, confirming the BMW X5’s capacity to go long distances without needing expensive repairs.


Which BMW has the third row?

With third-row seating as a standard feature or option, BMW offers two SUVs. The third row of seats in the X7 is standard, while a bench seat in the third row of the X5 is an optional feature.

X5 or Q7, which is bigger?

The Audi Q7 only delivers 69.6 cubic feet, whereas the X5 gives up to 72.3. Therefore, the BMW is not only more roomy for your cargo-carrying demands, but it is also more adaptable in terms of passenger capacity.

Audi versus BMW, which SUV is superior?

In either the J.D. Power 2020 Initial Quality Study or the 2021 Vehicle Dependability Study, neither the Audi Q5 nor the BMW X3 are ranked among the top three compact premium SUVs. In both surveys, BMW performs better than Audi at the brand level.

X5 added the third row when?

The Bavarians also provide a BMW X5 7 seater with a third-row seat for their customers while the BMW world waits for a true seven-seater in the form of the X7 SUV. Customers will receive rear seats with motorized fore-and-aft adjustment if the BMW X5’s optional third row seats are ordered.

The backrests of the second and third rows can be folded down and the second row seats can be moved forward or backward using a control panel in the cargo area. Electrical tilting of the second-row seats makes it simpler to enter and exit the two third-row seats.

By pressing a button on the side doors, passengers can also move the seats forward and backward and raise them slightly. The BMW X5 has a third row seat, but there is still enough space for a considerable quantity of cargo behind it. A fairly large room for cargo is created by lowering the third row.

We chose to test the features at the X5 International Media Launch this month because none of the official BMW X5 7 seater photographs or videos showed the third-row seat in the new SUV.

The images below demonstrate how the third-row seat operates as well as how much room there is for cargo when the seats are folded or raised.

  • 31.2 inches of legroom
  • 34.9 inches of headroom
  • 45.2 inches of shoulder room

The third-row seat, just like in the previous generation, is best for kids but may also be used by adults on shorter commutes.

Originally scheduled for December 2018, BMW delayed the third row and seven seats for the X5 until February 2019. The new BMW X7 7-seater SUV is in high demand, which is what caused the delay. The BMW X5 now has a third-row seat available.

Check out this video demonstration of the BMW X5 7-seater with the third row.