What BMW Models Have Paddle Shifters?

The 2020 BMW 3 Series 320i Sport, 2019 BMW 3 Series 330i M Sport, and 2019 BMW 3 Series 330e M Sport all have paddle shifters.


You’ll see two paddle shifters on the steering wheel on the most modern BMW models.

A plus sign (+) is written on one lever, and a minus sign (-) is written on the other.

Paddle shifters in sports cars

The times are changing, however many enthusiasts would never consider purchasing a sports car without a manual transmission. The future belongs to high-performance automatics with paddle shifters. Today’s most powerful sports cars are only offered with automatic transmissions.

While some may regard great paddles as just “flappy paddles,” they keep your hands on the wheel and enable lightning-fast gear changes.

We made an effort to keep on the more budget-friendly side of the road while staying with one vehicle per manufacturer while developing our list of the top 10 sports cars with paddle shifters. You’ll need to seek elsewhere if you’re looking for Ferraris, Lamborghinis, or Bugattis.

Are there paddle shifters in a BMW?

You can choose your favorite driving settings, such sport or cruise mode, with contemporary BMW models. Sport mode is required if you choose to paddle shift. After starting the engine of your car, softly depress the brake pedal and shift into drive. After that, move it to the left, and it should enter sport mode.

Are there paddle shifters on the BMW x5?

It marries its engine with an 8-speed Sport Automatic transmission with Sport and Manual shift modes to help you make the most of all that power. You may change gears in manual mode at any time without taking your hands off the wheel thanks to available paddle shifters fitted on the steering wheel.

When did BMW introduce paddle shifters?

Your driving experience will be improved with the 2007 Paddle Shifters, which let you change ratios safely without ever taking your hands off the wheel. In automobiles manufactured after 2007, paddles must be struck to operate.

What do the paddle shifters on a BMW do?

By converting automated gearboxes into semi-automatic ones, paddle shifters give automobiles a dynamic feel. Initially, sports cars were the only vehicles with this feature. However, many automakers, including BMW, have been adding paddle shifters to their automatic transmission vehicles in recent years.

What model of BMW 3 Series has paddle shifters?

The 330i is equipped with the renowned ZF 8-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel. These shifters are imperceptible when the transmission is in the relaxed automatic mode, but they are noticeable and reliable when the BMW is in the Sport or manual shifting modes.

Do paddle shifters come with the 335i?

OUR OPINION: We also thought the 335 sedan was fantastic. The 335i coupe looks fantastic, drives great, and feels amazing, which raises the bar. Period.

BMW nailed the suspension set-up on this car for a strong and communicative ride. The car shines in the corners with a trace of body roll. Although it is stiffer than ideal, it is still livable. With a quick stab of the throttle and complete disabling of traction control, it can be readily managed.

Anyone who enjoys the art of driving will appreciate how the 335i involves the driver in every element of the experience, even if their talents are below what the car is capable of.

The interior of the automobile, with its tranquil yet somber colors and gray wood trim, is extremely attractive. In fact, “serene and serious” would be the perfect way to sum up this specific 3 Series model.

The function of paddle shifters


Drivers can effortlessly transfer ratios without using the brakes and deliver a livelier, smoother driving experience by pushing the paddle shifters that are situated behind the steering wheel.


With paddle shifters, you may quickly and safely change gear while still holding the steering wheel without having to transfer your hand to the gear lever. As you’re driving, you can upshift or downshift the transmission by using the paddle shifter.

Initially, a sequential transmission for racing automobiles employed the paddle shift. Although it has a structure very similar to a manual transmission, it allows for quick and secure gear changes by connecting the paddle to the transmission via mechanical or electronic components. The operation of paddle shifters is similar to how gears are changed in a sports vehicle or a race car.

More torque and speed are guaranteed when you make a corner and utilize a paddle shifter to shift into a lower gear. By pressing the left paddle shifter while driving downhill, you can slow down the vehicle without applying the brakes. To ensure you have enough power when the slope gets steep, you may quickly downshift when traveling uphill by using the left paddle shifter at a high rotation. Additionally, you may use an upshift to get your car out of the snow more quickly and a downshift to slow down in heavy rain without using the brakes, giving you more control over your car. Despite all the amazing technological advancements in automatic gearboxes, they occasionally struggle to read the road in bad weather. Paddle shifters make the ideal backups in this situation.

Can an F30 be upgraded with paddle shifters?

You recently bought an F30, and you adore it.

However, it lacks paddle shifters. These can be retrofitted into your vehicle! A few materials will be needed for this refit, as well as some code work. A steering wheel with paddles is required.

The value of paddle shifters

Do Paddle Shifters Have Any Use? More control over your car is the key benefit of paddle shifters. You can change with just a flick of your finger, eliminating the need to constantly reach for the shifter. Due to this, the entire journey is seamless, intense, and far more driver-focused.

Can the f10 have paddle shifters added?

Can I put paddle shifters to my F10 535i Msport in some way? I want to be able to use paddles to shift even if I don’t have the sport transmission. Thx

The short answer is yes. It will require some and, depending on the wheel you have, perhaps an airbag. I wrote about my experience someplace.

In order to enable the 2TB SAT option, you must first equip the steering wheel with the proper cabling and a paddle shifter.

I didn’t require any wiring. The wheel fit perfectly. I did need to move my airbag into the new cover because the wheel’s airbag was a single-stage European kind.

I’m pretty sure the OP wasn’t interested in hearing people’s individual perspectives on the utility of paddle shifters. I myself use them frequently.

In any case, the retrofit is simple. On the F10, a paddle shifter steering wheel is a direct replacement. There isn’t any more wiring required. Depending on your present steering wheel, you could require a different airbag.

Lastly, you must program the vehicle as follows:

Are there sport modes on all BMWs?

The accessibility of BMW Sport Mode is arguably its best feature. It is an available feature on the majority of contemporary BMWs; sportier cars can also have it. That provides everyone the chance to occasionally go a little sporty behind the wheel, even if you don’t want to go full-on Fast and Furious with a powerful M Sport vehicle.

Sport+’s narrative is a little unique. BMW’s sportiest drive mode is typically only offered in vehicles with the higher-spec performance options because it doesn’t seem to think the average driver will be very interested in the high-stakes adventure it offers.

Are paddle shifters able to harm engines?

My automobile has seven gears and paddle shifters. I have a tendency to shift quickly, going from sixth to third, for example.

I used to immediately change from fourth to second gear while I was operating a manual transmission car. My manual car’s gearbox wasn’t harmed back then. But will I harm or prematurely wear out the transmission if I do it with the paddle shifters on my present vehicle?

In contrast to manual transmissions, an automatic car cannot go straight from sixth to third. Before getting to third, you must go via fifth and fourth in the order.

The computer controls the actuator in an automated manual gearbox, such as a double-clutch transmission, and makes all the decisions.

There is no risk of shifting to a lower gear if the speed exceeds the ratio because the system is computer-controlled.

If you flip the paddle repeatedly while traveling at 80 km/h, it will never move from sixth to first.

It also functions for upshifts. If the speed is too low, the transmission won’t let you choose a high gear.

In other words, paddling quickly down (or up) won’t harm your car’s drivetrain.

What does M’s on a BMW gear stick mean?

The transmission first enters its sport automatic program when you switch to M/S mode. In comparison to standard Drive, this software maintains you in a lower gear for a longer period of time and downshifts more quickly. I think it will also result in more forceful engine breaking.

By manually moving the stick up or down or utilizing the paddle shifters, you can easily enter manual mode. The transmission won’t upshift automatically when in manual mode unless the engine is in danger of being damaged. Stability control can be turned off to disable this safety feature.

Is there a sporty mode on the BMW 3 Series?

The 2021 BMW 3 Series is a sport sedan that will give you more adrenaline at every curve around the racetrack. While doing laps, turning on SPORT mode can help with smoother turn stability and a faster rev

If you paddle shift, do you let off the gas?

This is what? Similarly, you release the gas pedal to coast down or apply the brakes when downshifting. By doing this, the engine can idle at a lower RPM before the left paddle shifter is activated.

Addition of horsepower in sport mode?

There are a lot of advantages to activating Sport Mode, as you can see from the list of features. No other degree of performance can be matched, and it increases the enjoyment of driving any car. Unfortunately, there is a drawback to activating Sport Mode. Increased horsepower and torque, as well as quicker acceleration, impose greater strain on the engine, which raises fuel consumption. Sport Mode is a function that may be turned on and off because of the decrease in fuel economy. As a full-time system, it wouldn’t be feasible.