Is The BMW M240I Reliable?

The 2 Series is BMW’s most dependable vehicle overall. The TrueDelta owner-reported survey database might be helpful. Previous dependability discussions on…

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Choosing Sport Plus would add weight but not feel, so if anything, I liked the steering feel and responsiveness in regular mode. Thankfully, you can alter that individually in the car’s iDrive menu, and once again, I found this to be a really useful tool while the car was in my possession. Although I tended to press Sport + whenever a really good road showed up in the windscreen, this was mostly because doing so also switched the esp system into a slightly more fruity mode. My preferred everyday setting was to have the engine and transmission in sport with the dampers and steering in comfort.

Regarding the quality and/or reliability of the M240i, I could discover absolutely nothing to criticize. During the seven months that I drove the vehicle—first as a convertible and then for the final four months as a coupe—not a single fault occurred.

Even the rear Michelin Pilot Sport tires held up nicely, but I did have an odd encounter with a Kwik Fit employee who refused to fix a little nail puncture because he thought the tire was unsafe because its shoulders had been buffed (slightly) during some cornering photos the day before. Strangely enough, the repair was made with no issues at all by the employee at the nearby Kwik Fit, who also claimed that the tire was in perfect condition.

Given the car’s performance capability, the overall fuel usage was just under 33 mpg, which is quite respectable. The convertible’s boot, in my opinion, pales in comparison to the coupe’s, and neither vehicle’s back seats are really useful for full-size adults on anything resembling a long trip. Otherwise, however, the longer I drove the M240i, the more I came to love it, especially the stiffer, sharper, much lighter coupe.

In the end, I have nothing but the highest praise for it. I’m not sure there’s anything else exactly like it, not even the full-fledged M2, as a deeply swift Q-car that’s also shockingly refined and dead easy to live with at the same time.

Costs on a daily basis as well as reliability and safety

Since the BMW M240i is a sporty offering from a prestigious German manufacturer, you surely aren’t anticipating a low price. Despite this, it is far less expensive than the bigger BMW M440i and has a more appealing price when compared to, say, the Audi RS3.

In our real-world tests, the M240i averaged 32 mpg despite its moderate thirst. If you’re searching for the highest miles per gallon, there is a diesel (220d) version of the 2 Series Coupe, but BMW anticipates that the vast majority of customers will choose a petrol vehicle. Simply put, Diesel isn’t particularly trendy right now.

My first BMW, and I adore it.

I have too much to say. I could immediately see past the feminine lines when I first saw it. You may give your vehicle an aggressive appearance by changing the wheels, tires, front splitter, rear wing, and side skirts. Performance is exceptional for its category. A quick JB4 tune will give you a 400 horsepower Mini M4 (but faster). I still kind of regret not choosing the m2, but I am in no way dissatisfied with this vehicle. After three years and 70k miles, reliability has been 10/10. The latest BMWs are simply amazing vehicles.

The BMW 2 Series is dependable.

dependability of the BMW 2 Series In our 2018 Driver Power owner satisfaction study, the BMW 2 Series placed 50th out of 75 models, with an average dependability score and 16.5% of owners reporting at least one issue during the first year of ownership.

Is maintenance on the BMW M240i expensive?

Costs of BMW M240i auto maintenance and repairs A BMW M240i is expected to require maintenance and repairs between $95 and $1988, with a typical cost of $300.

Is Mercedes more dependable than BMW?

Both BMW and Mercedes are recognized for their high-end, high-performance automobiles; yet, because of the engineering intricacy, should something go wrong, this could result in pricey repair work.

According to the J.D. Power 2021 Vehicle Dependability Study, the most recognizable brands in the world’s 2018 models were evaluated for the number of issues per 100 vehicles. With a score of 108 problems, BMW placed 11th. Mercedes-Benz came in at number 15 with 122.

Where is the BMW M240i produced?

G42/G43; second generation; 2021 The 220d mild hybrid diesel, 220i and 230i petrol engines, and the flagship M240i xDrive are the launch models. Exclusive production of the G42 2 Series will take place at the BMW facility in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Which motor powers the BMW M240i?

Engine: The B58 3.0L turbocharged inline-6 cylinder engine powers the 2022 BMW M240i. It generates 382 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque in this M240i configuration (285 kW & 500 Nm)

What is the B58 engine’s reliability?

It’s difficult to talk about dependability and engine issues with a recently developed engine. The BMW B58 has just been around for six years, which is not nearly enough time to determine its long-term dependability. But up to this point, the B58 engine has proven to be dependable. Some people assert that the B58 is trustworthy by “BMW standards,” but we think it is reliable by any measure.

Again, the newest Supra models from Toyota are powered by the B58 3.0L turbo engine. They often meet the greatest levels of reliability. Toyota purportedly made some minor tweaks and underwent reliability and longevity testing on the B58. Uncertainty surrounds whether or not the modifications were applied to the B58 found in BMWs.

In any case, the B58 is developing into a fantastic engine. Rewinding briefly to the N54, there were many issues with the engine that became clear within the first 2 to 6 years of use. That is absent from the B58. The N54 still provides amazing internal reliability despite reliability problems. At factory power levels, the entire cylinder head, rods, rod bearings, pistons, rings, etc. are almost indestructible. The timing chain from BMW is likewise very good.

These engines frequently surpass 250,000 miles in usage. They just cost more to transport because of other issues including fuel injectors, coolant leaks, water pump failures, carbon buildup, and oil leaks. The B58 ought to have a similar lifespan without nearly as many ancillary system problems.

Is the M240i a quick vehicle?

The BMW M240i’s stated 0-60 mph time is 4.3 seconds with 368 horsepower and four-wheel drive, but in our tests, it was even faster. Of course, there are other factors to consider besides power delivery and noise because handling is crucial in all of the top performance automobiles.

The M240i: An M vehicle?

I salute you if you’re thinking about purchasing one of them. But the child who is currently about 12 is also the target audience for this review. The M240i will make a fantastic used vehicle.

Wait for the M2 if the true M version is indeed required. However, you’d be missing out on a vehicle that offers the same performance as the M from the previous year in a considerably more complete package.

BMW superior to Mercedes?

If you desire a sporty drive with superior fuel economy statistics, a BMW might be a better option for you. Mercedes vehicles, on the other hand, are renowned for their safety and contain a variety of cutting-edge technology. You are free to make your decision.

If you’re looking for a luxury vehicle, you can’t go wrong with a BMW or a Mercedes. They both have the luxurious features you want and a range of models to choose from.

Does the M240i outpace the M2 in speed?

There will always be comparisons between a new M Performance vehicle and its full-on M Division sister. The M Performance variant is typically far more comfortable, less compromised in daily usage, and less expensive. There will therefore always be debates over whether the M-lite is superior to the M car’s full caloric content. In this instance, Rory Reid and AutoTrader UK are the ones asking whether the BMW M240i is superior to the M2.

Reid’s justification is a typical one. The fantastic B58 engine in the BMW M240i gives it an advantage over the M2 in terms of speed. Because of its all-wheel drive’s grip, it accelerates more steadily and moves more quickly in slick conditions. Its cabin is quieter, and its suspension and steering are easier to use. Therefore, it is simple to argue that the M240i is superior as a daily driver. That is only true, though, if you desire something gentler.

The M240i can’t compete with the M2 if you’re looking for a sports car that will thrill you and make you smile. Now, if you’re talking about the first-generation M2, which has a 365 horsepower N55 engine, I suppose I can see a case for the M240i in a straight line, but the latter still doesn’t excite in the corners. The BMW M2 is more nimble, sharper, better handling, and, most importantly, more enjoyable. Ignore it if you’re bringing up the M2 Competition. In terms of fun, it’s miles ahead of the M240i.

However, the BMW M240i does provide a ton of value if you’re searching for a daily driver. It is faster than even the M2 Competition, more practical for daily use, and will be safer in inclement weather thanks to its xDrive all-wheel drive technology. But does it perform better on the road than the M2? Without a doubt.

Do BMWs require a lot of upkeep?

BMWs are by far the most expensive car manufacturer to repair, claims Your Mechanic. The competition is not even close. With an average maintenance cost of $17,800 over ten years, BMW comes in #1. Mercedes-Benz came in second with an average maintenance cost of $12,900 during a 10-year period. In contrast, the typical Toyota only cost $5,500 to maintain during a 10-year period because they are recognized for requiring less maintenance.

According to Your Mechanic, such high maintenance costs are usual in German premium vehicles. Audi comes in sixth with an average $12,400 maintenance expense over a 10-year period. This is primarily a result of the pricey, high-end parts that these luxury vehicles require. Naturally, it will cost a lot of money to fix those pieces when they break or need maintenance.

However, while being premium vehicles, they also have ongoing problems. For instance, according to Your Mechanic, a BMW is four times more likely to not start than a typical automobile. It was ranked seventh overall as a result. Additionally, the window regulator on the BMW required replacement 18 times more frequently than the window regulator on the ordinary car.

The M240i is not a sports vehicle.

Does a “M-light” have the potential to be the greatest car in the BMW sportscar lineup this year? If you’ve been reading our reviews, you’re probably already well-versed in the BMW M series. We had the opportunity to uncover what makes the M240i unique by pulling back the curtain on one of the most thrilling sports cars now on the market. If the M240i is a preview of the next-generation BMW M2, then boy will that car be crazy. Let’s examine the 2022 BMW M240i’s operating system.

What does an M240i cost?

The 2022 BMW 2 Series M240i xDrive 2dr Coupe AWD is the model with the lowest price (3.0L 6cyl Turbo 8A). It has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of around $48,550 when destination charges are added.