Is BMW Navigation System Worth It?

There is virtually no comparison between the two, as Google Maps/Traffic is superior at providing a wealth of useful information and routing real-time traffic.


The experience provided by the latest generation of iDrive is undoubtedly much smoother than it was in the past. Furthermore, because it was created especially for BMWs, it seamlessly integrates with your car’s factory features. Because of this, iDrive is your best choice if you want an all-in-one answer. Through a single interface, you can change your vehicle’s settings, check its status, get navigational data, and — due to mobile phone connectivity with BMW Apps — use services like Pandora and Spotify.

Traffic Updates in Real Time

Utilize BMW’s iDrive navigation system to learn in real time what is occurring with the traffic. It keeps an eye on the roads and gives information to assist you in planning your route, avoiding congested areas, and making timely arrivals at your destination.

Unlike a personal GPS system, the BMW iDrive navigation system interacts with the car to provide you real-time information and shows the maps on a larger screen.

Waze and Google Maps are not necessary because BMW Maps now has modern features.

Pre-installed navigation systems in new automobiles are now practically irrelevant due to the explosive growth of smartphone navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze over the past several years.

However, this does not necessarily imply that the auto industry has given up the fight. In no way. Many of them have actually adopted plan B, and as a result, they are currently collaborating with navigation experts to develop new features that would update their mapping solutions with contemporary capabilities.

BMW, for instance, has partnered with HERE Technologies, a pioneer in the field of navigational software and the creator of a number of cutting-edge mobile applications.

This time, the goal is as straightforward as it can be. As part of the collaboration, HERE Predictive Routing is being upgraded for BMW Maps, a component of the BMW Operating System 8.

Predictive Routing’s intended use is something you may infer from its name, to put it briefly. Your routes and destinations are learned by the system, which then tries to identify patterns that could be used to anticipate future journeys.

But because it can monitor things like traffic conditions, the location you’re about to utilize, the usual departure time, and more, the whole thing is considerably more complicated. Additionally, depending on all of these variables, it makes an educated guess as to where you want to go, after which it offers the best route there as well as a more precise departure time.

For instance, if you use your BMW for your daily commute, the predictive routing feature should be able to quickly figure out what time you usually leave for work and should then provide you the fastest route to take before you leave the garage.

BMW is the first user of the cloud-based predictive routing, according to HERE, who also noted that multiple OEMs’ mobile devices and automobiles can also use the same capabilities.

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Leasing is preferable to buying for navigation systems based on those in other cars (rather than judging BMW’s implementation), as they become out of date after a few years, both in terms of information and technology. With a lease, at least, you may return the vehicle and likely receive a new vehicle with an updated system.

Consider it this way: How convenient do you think using a Google Maps app on an iPhone 3GS would be today?

What kind of GPS does BMW use?

The primary navigation system for BMW is called iDrive. A control wheel that resembles a volume knob is included. Similar to a joystick, it can also be moved forward, backward, and side to side. In the middle is a button that you can press to pick or confirm your choice.

Does the BMW come with navigation as standard?

Given its long history of setting the bar high for standard features, BMW of Munich is now the only automaker to provide navigation as standard across such a wide variety of market categories.

How can I link the navigation on my phone to my BMW?

1 To begin, choose “Connections” then “Bluetooth” in the “Settings” section of your Android device to make your device visible. 2 Select “COM” from the menu on the BMW iDrive display. Next, choose “Mobile Devices.” 3 Select “+ New Device” on the following screen.

What advantages does BMW ConnectedDrive offer?

  • eCall for BMW Assist. Get the emergency assistance you require.
  • Roadside Assistance by BMW.
  • Information from traffic cameras.
  • Recorder for drives.
  • Animal & Pedestrian Detection in Night Vision

Is Google Maps compatible with my BMW?

In your BMW, Android Auto access to smartphone applications (like Spotify, your calendar, and Google Maps) in your BMW that is safe and practical

How can I get free map updates for my BMW navigation system?

Several times a year, changes to the maps are released. They are offered in the BMW Shop as a one- or two-year subscription. If you have a current subscription, you can use the BMW Update Manager to obtain the most recent refresh from the BMW Connected Drive portal and update your map data. You’ll need a 64GB FAT-32 formatted USB drive and the methods below to accomplish this.

  • First, use the icon in the site top to connect into your My BMW Account. Go to “My Vehicles” by navigating.
  • Choose the vehicle for which a map update is desired.
  • Go to the “Map update” section. If a new map version is available, a notification will appear.

Do I have to purchase a BMW ConnectedDrive subscription?

For the first three years, ConnectedDrive is included with every new or relatively new BMW; after that, owners must pay a yearly fee for the service. New users with qualifying models can sign up on the ConnectedDrive website and connect their vehicle using their VIN number and personal information.

What distinguishes BMW iDrive from Apple CarPlay?

Apple’s foray into the infotainment market, CarPlay, makes it simple to use iOS apps on the iDrive display in your BMW. CarPlay is an obvious answer for iPhone users who want to stream music through Spotify or Apple Music, compose and receive WhatsApp messages while driving, or replace the native maps provided by BMW with Waze. Without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road, you may make calls, ask Siri for directions, skip to the next song, and more.

Increased safety is the apparent result; Siri is typically more powerful than the BMW native voice command, and with the iOS app ecosystem supporting it, you’re unlikely to miss out on things you need. Additionally, you will be able to utilize the same Siri instructions that you do on your iPhone, which adds to the familiarity factor.

Only iPhone users can use CarPlay; if you have an Android phone, you’ll need Android Auto, which has many of the same capabilities. In a moment, we’ll examine it in more detail.

Is sat-nav available on every BMW 3 Series?

A razor-sharp 10.3-inch infotainment touchscreen is standard on all 3 Series variants. Sat-nav, Bluetooth, a DAB radio, smartphone mirroring for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (so you can use phone apps through the screen), and subscription-based connected services that offer internet access are all included as standard equipment.

What is the price of BMW iDrive?

It costs nothing to update the software on your BMW through BMW ConnectedDrive. The iDrive software update from BimmerTech starts at $249.

There are three ways to update the software on your BMW iDrive:

  • With the iDrive software upgrade from BimmerTech
  • through the webpage for BMW ConnectedDrive
  • by means of the BMW ConnectedDrive App

By 2022, BMW will have updated its software to version 21-07. The most recent BMW software updates will always appear on your BMW control panel and My BMW App if you wish to stay informed.

Does the WIFI on the BMW cost money?

The BMW ConnectedDrive connectivity plan includes unlimited pleasure surfing at LTE speed among other features. You need a phone provider with wireless charging and at least the most basic Connected Package option to use this service.

How can I get Google Maps to appear on my BMW?

Visit Google Maps in any web browser, log in using your Google userid, and then search for and select the “gear” icon. You may register your BMW with Google there by entering your BMW Assist user name and password.

Does every BMW have IDrive?

Here is all the information you need to know about BMW’s iDrive infotainment system and control, which was first introduced in the company’s flagship saloon, the BMW 7 Series, in 2001. Since then, it has developed into a completely different creature and is now installed in every BMW model, from the base BMW 1 Series to the flagship BMW 8 Series.

How can I turn on my BMW GPS?

  • Start the BMW, go to the infotainment system’s main menu, and then go down to Settings.
  • Select GPS tracking after one more scroll down the page.
  • Make sure the checkbox next to GPS tracking is selected.

Is IDrive a good investment?

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How can I get Google Maps to appear on the screen in my car?

  • Select “General.” Perino.
  • Choose “CarPlay.” Perino.
  • Select the car whose home screen you want to edit by tapping it. Perino.
  • Select “Customize.”
  • Including Google Maps
  • Your “Include” list will now include Google Maps.