Is BMW M2 Discontinued?

The redesigned M2 will likely make its debut as a 2023 model later in 2022. The manufacturing will take place at the BMW factory in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. It is the location of the standard 2-Series coupe’s manufacturing. Unfortunately, at least with the departing M2, rumors of an M2 CSL never came to fruition.

Model from 2023

MotorAuthority has stated that the new M2 won’t make its official debut until the summer of 2022. According to rumors, the new sports car will begin manufacturing in December of next year, and it will go on sale in 2023. This should give BMW’s M Division some time to develop and some breathing room for the ordinary 2 Series. Thankfully, the 382 horsepower M240i will soon be available to serve as a bridge for clients.

Here Are Some Arguments In Favor Of The BMW M2 Competition Over The M2 CS

A select few people managed to obtain the final BMW M2 before it is discontinued after the fall of 2020.

BMWs are renowned for their comfort, technology, and pure driving enjoyment. But as far as true M enthusiasts are concerned, BMW has entirely lost the plot with more current vehicles and has subsequently turned into a churn. This is somewhat accurate; the F90 BMW M5 has lost a lot of its driving feel and is more of a 600-horsepower wafter than a genuine M vehicle.

Nevertheless, in the midst of everything, BMW unveiled the 2-series, a tiny sedan that replaced the 1-series and is less expensive than the midsize 3-series. People at M chose to treat it properly, and the M2 resulted from their decision. The M2 competition recently took its place, and it didn’t take long for the Comp to establish itself as a favorite among aficionados.

A select few people were able to purchase the M2 CS, a $25,000-premium farewell to this agile BMW, before it was discontinued after fall 2020. Many people questioned whether the M2 CS was worth the extra cost over the M2 Competition, despite the fact that there were only about 2,200 examples produced of this sort of limited-run variant. Okay, no.

In fact, the M2 Competition has consistently received higher ratings from reputable reviewers than the M2 CS, and we don’t disagree.

In the fall, BMW M2 production will end in Europe.

This September, BMW will stop making the M2 Competition and M2 CS for the European market. The 370-horsepower coupe won over fans by providing an uncomplicated package that served as a reminder that simplicity is frequently a virtue. However, both the 370-horsepower coupe and the hard-core 410-horsepower CS model are on borrowed time on the Old Continent.

Why would BMW discontinue the vehicle that auto writers frequently identify as the best in its whole lineup? You’re entitled to make a wild guess, but most experts, including this publication, believe that tighter emission restrictions in Europe are more likely to blame.

When it first revealed the tale to the English-speaking world, BMW Blog appeared to share this opinion:

According to rumors, the early end of M2 production is directly tied to the rigorous CO2 emissions standards and tightening emissions regulations for the European new car fleet. The V12 engine in the BMW M760i is just another “victim” of these new pollution regulations.

The BMW M2 Competition was the final model to employ the S55 [straight-six, 3.0 liter, TwinTurbo] engine after manufacture of the current BMW M4 Coupe and Convertible was recently halted in Europe as scheduled. The 2014-born engine cannot therefore be modified to meet the more stringent pollution standards due to economic reasons.

Since then, BMW has announced that the current-generation M2 would no longer be sold in Europe by the end of 2020. BMW did state that the model will continue to be built for other markets, lending some credence to the theory that its demise was caused by emissions. Furthermore, we are unaware of Bavaria’s plans for a replacement or the timeline it hopes to stick to. While it tries to build something that could serve all markets, BMW may just prefer to sit on the current-generation M2 in other markets.

A new M2 is allegedly already under development. The BMW 2 Series Coupe (G42), which is anticipated to make its debut in 2021, is thought to serve as its foundation, leading everyone to believe that the upcoming M2 (presumably debuting in 2022) will be more technologically advanced than its predecessor and have a smaller powertrain. The concern is that it will undermine the M2’s crowning achievement of being genuinely entertaining to drive, even though it is unlikely to have a negative influence on lap times.

standards for emissions? If it were an American corporation, which it isn’t, I thought making three-row SUVs would make more sense as an explanation.

Before I relocated to Germany a few months ago, I reluctantly surrendered my beloved 2014 VW Jetta SW diesel (with manual transmission!) due to emissions restrictions (and, well, a general cratering of interest and sales). I agree that it’s not quite the same as dropping an M2, but the restrictions are getting more stringent and making it harder.

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New 2022 BMW M2 costs and rivals

Pricing information hasn’t been verified yet because BMW isn’t scheduled to introduce the new M2 until the end of 2022, and the vehicle may not be in UK stores until the beginning of 2023.

Despite this, the M2 Competition’s starting price of PS60,000 is anticipated; this variant will be the only one available in Britain. The coupe will therefore be able to compete with sports coupes like the Porsche Cayman and the brand-new Audi RS 3 hyper hatch.

New BMW M2 pricing and availability

Although there has been no official announcement from BMW regarding the release date of the new M2 Coupe, it is expected to occur in 2022 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of BMW’s M division.

Prices are also currently being kept a secret, but don’t be shocked if the new M2 turns out to be a touch more expensive than the outgoing model.

Standard M2 Coupes could cost more than PS50,000 (about PS5,000 more than the current M2), and the high-performance Competition and CS models will be even more expensive.

BMW M2 (2015-2021)

BMW will offer two transmission options for the new M2: a conventional six-speed manual or a brand-new eight-speed torque-converter automatic with shift paddles located on the steering wheel. The M2’s present seven-speed dual-clutch device will be replaced by the automatic and no longer be available.

There will be a rear-wheel drive system with an electronically controlled M differential on both the basic and Competition variants. The M2’s M3 and M4 siblings now come with four-wheel drive, but an xDrive M2 is not in the works.

The new M2 shares many stylistic cues with the new M240i xDrive. A new-look front end with a kidney grille that is lower and wider than the one on the current M2 Competition is one of the distinguishing features. Instead of using conventional fixed vertical louvres, it uses electronically controlled active elements that open and close to meet the cooling and heating needs of the new engine. It is housed inside a deep front bumper.

The basic LED headlights also take a more angular shape, and dynamic indicators with optional laser projectors will be located inside the front lenses of the headlights.

The wheel arches have been widened to accept wheels up to 20 inches, and the bonnet now features a noticeable power dome. Below the rear side windows, a more distinct shoulder line extends back to generate wider haunches. It looks more streamlined overall because the windscreen and rear glass are more steeply slanted than on the first-generation M2.

The boot slopes down towards the back and features a wider lip spoiler than today’s model for extra downforce. The taillights are similarly fashioned to more modern M models and include OLED graphics. The bottom of the rear bumper has also been combined with a bigger diffuser.

Although the M2 Competition will come with a carbonfibre roof as standard, potential buyers will have the option of ordering the new car with other carbonfibre components, including the roof and door mirrors.

The new coupe is slightly larger than the current M2 Competition, which measures 4468mm long, 1984mm wide, and 1410mm height. Along with the increase in size, the front and rear tracks have enlarged and the wheelbase has been extended by 51mm, to 2744mm. Importantly, the new M2 will match the M240i’s 50:50 weight distribution.

A substantially modified MacPherson strut front and multi-link rear suspension serves as the foundation for the new M2. The capacity of the revised setup to support more front camber is one of the advantages noted by BMW M engineers. You can have it with either lift-related dampers or variable dampers.

The next M2 will be produced alongside other 2 Series vehicles at BMW’s recently opened factory in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, signaling a fundamental change in how the M division operates. Exclusive production of the preceding M2 took place at BMW’s Leipzig factory in Germany. Official information regarding the source of important parts, such as the S58 engine, is still pending, although experts believe it will continue to be produced in BMW’s Munich engine factory.

Inside and out, a spy shot of a BMW M2 shows off a two-screen iDrive 8 setup.

Leave the M3 CSL and XM behind. The all-new M2, dubbed G87, is the high-performance Bimmer that everyone and their dog is anticipating.

The 2023 edition of the tiny sports coupe, which was first spotted last year, will go into production near the end of 2022. Similar to the second-generation 2 Series Coupe, also known as G42 internally, the G87 will be produced at the San Luis Potosi facility in Central Mexico.

The automotive carparazzi are currently working nonstop to take shocking pictures of the M2. This time, instead of the six-speed manual that purists prefer, we’ve been given a camouflaged prototype with an 8HP automatic transmission from ZF Friedrichshafen.

Recall that the dual-clutch transmission was an optional feature for the previous-generation M2. BMW removed it from the M2, M3, and M4 for a very straightforward reason. More particular, the double-clutch unit is incompatible with the M xDrive system. The M2 is rumored to have rear-drive like the now-discontinued F87, which is also noteworthy.

The leather-wrapped steering wheel with the M1 and M2 buttons can also be seen in the inside shots. We are still a long way from the real deal because the paddle shifters are not present, and BMW’s integration of the two-screen cockpit pretty well confirms this. We are treated to double-spoke wheels with black and blue calipers on the exterior.

The prototype looks to be concealing small vents at the inner bottom corner of the headlights under Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S rubber boots that appear to be broader than those on the M240i xDrive. The disguised corner-carving monster is rocking a quad-tipped exhaust, most likely made of titanium, in addition to huge side skirts.

As a last thought, you can bet your bottom dollar that the iDrive 8 system unveiled by the iX and i4 will eventually make its way to the 2 Series Coupe. Additionally, the M3 and M4’s S58 twin-turbo sixer must be mentioned, albeit downtuned for obvious reasons. In contrast, the N55 made its debut with the first-generation M2, while the S55 was used in the Competition and CS models.