Is BMW M2 A Good Investment?

There’s a significant possibility that if you frequent our site, you desire a BMW M2. In actuality, regardless of the person’s preferred brand, everyone desires an M2. So, we really don’t need to give you any justifications for purchasing a BMW M2. Here are several justifications to purchase BMW’s most recent M Division invention, the M2, if you are still on the fence about it, which is hard to believe.

4. Price/Value: As the smallest and least expensive vehicle from the renowned motorsport division, the BMW M2 is the new baby M automobile from BMW. However, the M2 is not just the most affordable way to join the most illustrious performance subcategory in the world, it is also a tremendous bargain. The BMW M2 is practically completely equipped out of the box, including every option imaginable. Simply choose your color and sign the paperwork to purchase an M2 as a result. Therefore, for not much more than the price of a moderately loaded M235i, you can purchase an almost completely loaded M2 with significantly increased performance and power while maintaining the same level of utility. Therefore, the BMW M2 is a no-brainer in terms of deals.

3. Rarity: The BMW M2 won’t be as seldom available as the 1 Series M, but it won’t be offered in the same quantities as the M3 and M4. Due to its rarity, the BMW M2 will likely have a high market value for its owners. The M2 will be distinctive on the road in addition to being most likely a smart investment. Owners will thus be able to buy a M vehicle that is unique from the M3 and M4 models they typically see on the road.

3. It’s Still Usable: Most people who can afford vehicles like the BMW M2 are old enough to have families, so purchasing a sports car isn’t necessarily a wise choice. The BMW M2 still boasts a nice-sized trunk and back seats, although one for kids only. Therefore, the M2 has no worse practicality issues than the regular 2 Series and can be utilized as a daily driver. Additionally, despite being rather firm, its suspension is not overly rigid, allowing daily driving without causing back pain or tooth filling loss. So it’s a daily driver sports car that can also be a thrilling daily driver sports car.

1. It’s An M Car From The Past: Ever since the E46 M3 left our lineup in 2006, BMW fans have yearned for a vehicle similar to it, but the company hasn’t completely met their expectations. That is, up until the BMW M2. The M2 is the pinnacle of the M Division and everything a M vehicle should be. The M2 brings back memories of the original M vehicles, which were compact, light, and maneuverable sports cars that were more concerned with how they made you feel than with actual power or performance. Although it may not be the fastest automobile in the world, the M2 gives you a positive, assured, and exciting feeling. Similar to what the classic BMW M vehicles provide, excitement is often the top consideration when purchasing a sports car. The BMW M2 delivers that adrenaline and comes the closest to vehicles like the E46 BMW M3. Want a classic M vehicle? Get an M2.

Driving the BMW M2 will be enjoyable, but it will be a terrible investment.

Not every BMW will end up being a collectable. We already discussed which ones we anticipated would be, and the impending M2 was conspicuously absent from that list. The M2 is a horrible investment, and that is the only explanation for it. That doesn’t equate to stating the car is a lemon. The M2 is a fantastic vehicle that is a delight to drive, according to all the evidence. It also has a really nice appearance. It is very lovely, as we have seen numerous times in metal over the previous few months.

What makes the M2 a poor investment, then? Easy: there will be an excessive number of these on the road. Not at all difficult, is it right? BMW has been coy about the M2’s production figures. Although the automobile “wasn’t a mass market product,” production would be “a little more relaxed,” it was stated at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. According to rumors, BMW will continue to produce the M2 until 2020. What a horribly lengthy manufacturing run! Even though the new M is a spiritual successor to the E30 M3 and 1 Series M Coupe, its production should easily surpass those cars’ limits. There were just 6,342 1 Series M Coupes manufactured. 16,584 E30 M3s were produced for the entire world, which was a substantially higher output.

Even fewer of these cars were produced for the US. Only 983 NA-spec 1 Series M Coupes and 5,300 M3s were produced. These negligible quantities account for the high resale prices of the autos. While the E30 M3 was listed for sale last week for an astonishing $200,000, the 1 Series M Coupe is currently reaching highs of roughly $60,000. BMW could produce the M2 for four years, but that does not guarantee that it will. Right? Sure, the M2 might only be produced in small quantities, but we doubt that will happen given how much money the carmaker wants to earn off the letter “M.” Naturally, some of that involves introducing new models, but some of it also involves producing more M vehicles like the M2.

The M2 is indeed unique, but its standing as an investment will be harmed by high manufacturing rates. Don’t expect it to ever be sold for a ridiculous amount of money like the E30 M3, but enterprising investors will be able to make money by flipping the car as soon as you take it. In that case, you’re paying to cut the line. The M4 GTS is the vehicle you should be considering if you’re hoping to quickly become wealthy with the letter M. Because there will only be 700 manufactured and the car is track-focused, it has an advantage over the M2, which is designed for both spirited daily driving and tearing up the track. The M2 might be a steal at $51,700, but just because it won’t make you wealthy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy one.

For that, you get a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six with a six-speed manual transmission that produces 370 horsepower and 343 lb-ft of torque. To us, that sounds like a fun investment. If you are determined to get someone to scratch off your M2, try to get it painted in a strange color and with unusual options. What, this isn’t exactly feasible, is it? Ignore it then.

New vs. Used BMW M2 Purchase

When compared to buying new, buying a used BMW M2 that is only two years old can save you $6,639 while giving you a relatively new vehicle with lots of usable life left. Your total cost of depreciation for this vehicle during its expected 3-year lifespan would be $14,504. To see where this cost is lowest during depreciation, try different vehicle or age/ownership length combinations. Try autos that are between two and four years old; brand-new cars depreciate quickly. Also, think about another car, or maybe wait till more used M2 models become available, if purchasing a few years old isn’t an option as this is a recently produced model.

Here Are Some Arguments In Favor Of The BMW M2 Competition Over The M2 CS

A select few people managed to obtain the final BMW M2 before it is discontinued after the fall of 2020.

BMWs are renowned for their comfort, technology, and pure driving enjoyment. But as far as true M enthusiasts are concerned, BMW has entirely lost the plot with more current vehicles and has subsequently turned into a churn. This is somewhat accurate; the F90 BMW M5 has lost a lot of its driving feel and is more of a 600-horsepower wafter than a genuine M vehicle.

Nevertheless, in the midst of everything, BMW unveiled the 2-series, a tiny sedan that replaced the 1-series and is less expensive than the midsize 3-series. People at M chose to treat it properly, and the M2 resulted from their decision. The M2 competition recently took its place, and it didn’t take long for the Comp to establish itself as a favorite among aficionados.

A select few people were able to purchase the M2 CS, a $25,000-premium farewell to this agile BMW, before it was discontinued after fall 2020. Many people questioned whether the M2 CS was worth the extra cost over the M2 Competition, despite the fact that there were only about 2,200 examples produced of this sort of limited-run variant. Okay, no.

In fact, the M2 Competition has consistently received higher ratings from reputable reviewers than the M2 CS, and we don’t disagree.

BMW M2 dependability

One of the most dependable used cars is the BMW M2, a fantastic small German coupe.

German engineering is often faultless, yet even Germans are fallible people who occasionally make mistakes. The Mercedes S-Class or the BMW M series are examples of what they look like when they operate flawlessly. Honorable mention goes to the BMW M2, which has set the standard for dependability in the contemporary vehicle industry. First and foremost, you can rely on the BMW name, but you can also be sure that the BMW 2 series you are looking at is a high-performance model thanks to the M-badge. The German automaker is very serious about its luxury brand.

We are not claiming that the M2 is the most dependable car on the market; it does have problems, but they are minor and infrequent enough that they are hardly apparent. You should credit BMW engineers and designers for creating a superb small German coupe that is regarded as one of the most dependable used cars.

Are BMW M2 still worth anything?

The anticipated depreciation over the following ten years is shown in the figure below. These outcomes apply to cars that travel 12,000 miles annually on average and are in good condition. Additionally, it counts on a new-car selling price of $67,334. Enter the purchase price, anticipated length of ownership, and yearly mileage estimate. Our depreciation estimator can forecast the BMW M2’s anticipated resale value.


Is the BMW M2 enjoyable?

The M2 Competition is just enjoyable to drive on the road or in a race. This small monster has plenty of power to move swiftly, and it has strong brakes to control it.

A BMW M2 is swift.

The BMW M2 Competition is a rather powerful vehicle, even in stock form. With a 3.0-liter inline-six engine under the hood producing 405 horsepower (302 kilowatts), it has a top speed of 155 mph and can accelerate from a stop to 60 mph (0-96 km/h) in under 4.2 seconds (250 kph). However, the vehicle is already capable of doing that.

The S55 engine from BMW powers the M2 Competition and can manage astounding power levels when used properly. The model you can see in the video above is producing 850 horsepower (600 kW), which is almost twice as much power as it did at the factory thanks to multiple hardware upgrades and new software. The HC-Performance crew completed it, and this video demonstrates its full potential.

The driver of this customized M2 Competition unleashes the wrath of the hot hatch along an open stretch of the Autobahn, reaching speeds of up to 186 mph (300 kph). And it is absolutely amazing how quickly the car accelerates from 50 mph (80 kph).

But there’s something we should mention. Even though the car is traveling at an incredible rate of speed, it seems to be bouncing and sliding sideways. According to the video, it appears to be unstable at times and even dangerous to drive; possibly some additional suspension adjustments would be a big improvement over how it is now.

Nevertheless, this is unquestionably one of the fastest BMWs we’ve seen on the Autobahn in recent months. Assuming it makes it through the grueling Autobahn runs, it will be quite interesting to see how this M2 Competition performs on the drag strip.