How To Subscribe To BMW Connecteddrive?

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You can now find the whole range of our Services & Apps online in the BMW ConnectedDrive Store on the customer portal “My BMW ConnectedDrive,” whether you’re looking for Online Entertainment, the useful Concierge Services, or all BMW Apps ready applications.

You can choose from a variety of clever services and apps with the unique equipment option of ConnectedDrive services to keep you informed and entertained while driving.

You may quickly download routes suggested by BMW or your own ideas to your car using the interactive route planner BMW Routes, then access them using the navigation system.

Making travel plans using Google Maps? Simply send your destination from Google Maps to your BMW, where the navigation system can use it to provide route directions. You may totally focus on driving while on the road in this manner.

Real-time traffic information updates you on traffic conditions as they change, alerts you to traffic jams, and reroutes you as needed.

The Intelligent Emergency Call is initiated automatically in the event that an accident activates the airbags or belt tensioners. The SOS button on the car can also be used to make an emergency call if, for instance, you need to help another driver.

With Remote Services, you can easily, comfortably, and securely control your BMW from a distance using a smartphone or the BMW Call Center.

You get limitless access to millions of audio tracks with BMW Online Entertainment. There is a song for every circumstance, every route, and every emotion.

Extremely useful: BMW Teleservices connects you swiftly and simply with BMW Mobile Care when you need to schedule a service appointment for your BMW, for instance.

For BMW ConnectedDrive, is a subscription required?

Vehicle Requirements: All 2014 model year and newer Navigation-equipped vehicles, with the exception of the 2014 X6, are compatible with the new BMW Connected app. A current membership to BMW AssistTM/ConnectedDrive is necessary. Not every vehicle will have every feature and function.

Can I upgrade my BMW to ConnectedDrive?

You can, indeed. Link your Vin to a different linked drive account you create online. Later, you’ll have to approve it on the vehicle. then click “Add” under “Profiles” and enter the login information for the newly created account you just created.

How can my BMW ConnectedDrive be renewed?

Updating BMW ConnectedDrive: Instructions On the BMW website, go to the Accessories Update page. Utilize your BMW adapter cable to connect your computer to your car. The most recent BMW ConnectedDrive update can be downloaded. Open the app after completing the steps to complete the update.

Is my BMW app the same as BMW ConnectedDrive?

The common interface to your BMW and to all other products and services from BMW is the My BMW App. You are always kept informed of the state of your car thanks to the My BMW App. It also enables remote access features, such as finding the vehicle, locking and unlocking the doors, or capturing the surroundings of the vehicle, depending on the equipment used (Remote 3D View). You can submit destination addresses to your car’s navigation system using the My BMW App on your smartphone. For example, you can always see your electric range thanks to the app’s wide range of essential features for electrified vehicles.

  • Vehicles made in 2014 and later are best suited for the My BMW App.
  • Individual app features may be available depending on your vehicle’s specification and your BMW ConnectedDrive contract.
  • App features might not be available in all countries.

The My BMW App is free to download from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Why can’t I find the BMW Connected App on the App Store and why does it no longer function?

As of July 1, 2021, the My BMW App totally replaced the BMW Connected App. To continue using our digital services in the future and take advantage of the features of the following generations, you may now download the new My BMW App. Use your standard BMW ID (e-mail address/password) to log in.

It does, indeed. The My BMW App uses the amount of data included in your mobile phone contract if WiFi is not available. For instance, it makes use of this volume to transfer locations seen on the integrated map to your vehicle.

The My BMW app can be used without owning a car in demo mode. Choose a stylish BMW sample car from the App Garage to learn more about the many App features, such as those related to electric mobility.

What is an account with BMW ConnectedDrive?

Your mobile devices, smart home technologies, and your vehicle’s intelligent interfaces are all effortlessly integrated into a full driving environment via BMW ConnectedDrive.

What is the price of BMW ConnectedDrive?

The initial three months of BMW ConnectedDrive are cost-free. After your free trial has ended, a paid subscription will be needed to access BMW ConnectedDrive features. Following the free trial, a $50 annual fee is required to keep enjoying BMW Connected Drive services.

Our overview of the BMW Connected Drive is now complete. Visit one of these BMW dealerships in the UAE if you’re interested in purchasing one, or look at these well-liked used BMW vehicles listed on Dubizzle.

When does BMW ConnectedDrive end?

Select automobiles will no longer be supported for ConnectedDrive services starting in February 2022 due to cellular carriers’ phase-out of the 3G network.

The BMW Connected package is what?

The essential BMW ConnectedDrive services are collected in the Connected Package. You receive everything you need for your journey with Remote Services, BMW Online, and Online Speech Processing, as well as seamless My BMW App integration, mobile remote access to your BMW, and flawless speech recognition.

Does my BMW app require a fee to use it?

The My BMW app is available for free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and works with both iOS and Android devices. It serves as a new, universal interface with the car, giving information on the status of the vehicle whenever needed.

Is music on BMW Connected free?

a limitless selection of music anywhere: You have direct, unlimited access to more than 30 million songs through BMW Online Entertainment. Utilize the BMW Music flat-rate certificate to sign up for an unlimited music subscription with one of the BMW Music partners (currently Deezer or Napster)

BMW WiFi is it free?

permanent WiFi integration in the vehicle Your car should already have WiFi built in permanently. Similar to all new BMW vehicles, a built-in SIM card is essential to the establishment of a WiFi connection.

Can I start my BMW with the BMW app?

A number of updates and new services for BMW automobiles have just been published. BMW owners may now choose from a variety of other options in the ConnectedDrive Store to add to their vehicles in addition to the “Uneven Road Surface alert” feature. One of them allows you to remotely preheat the temperature of your BMW vehicle, and it is called “Remote Engine Start.” While Remote Engine Start has been a feature of BMW vehicles from MY 2019, it is now also available as a new “Function on Demand” that can be added to eligible cars that weren’t initially equipped with it. This functionality can be purchased through the ConnectedDrive Store.

Through Remote Software Upgrade, the new functionality can be downloaded and installed wirelessly. This is a fantastic feature for the sweltering summer and icy winter months. You can preheat the interior by turning on the heat or the air conditioning while starting the engine from inside your house or place of employment.

Simply tap a button in the My BMW app to turn on Remote Engine Start, and your BMW’s engine will start, allowing the cabin to reach the ideal temperature. A triple-click of the lock button on the BMW key fob will also activate Remote Engine Start.

Does my BMW have a SIM card?

Every new BMW now includes a SIM card, enabling owners to connect to the vehicle using a smartphone from any location. You may operate numerous features remotely after downloading the BMW Connected app to your Android or iOS device from the app store. For instance, you may check your car’s location if you forget where you parked it, make sure it’s locked while out to dinner, or adjust the climate control to cool it on a hot day or warm the cabin in the cold.

For instance, the BMW Connected+ sat-nav can access data from the internet and other users, so the map can provide weather forecasts for your destination as well as real-time alerts for delays or inclement weather en route.

The ability to control the cabin’s heating and cooling remotely is another feature. The air conditioning can be pre-programmed to operate for up to 30 minutes before departure using this method.

BMW Connected also enables your car to access your work calendar, pulling meeting information from Microsoft Exchange and guiding you to your next appointment without the need to explicitly set a destination. You can dictate messages, have emails read aloud, and accept or reject meetings while you’re on the go.

When using BMW Connected features, drivers must always be in complete control of the car because it is unknown how safe or harmful this could possibly be.

The navigation system will keep track of current traffic conditions and suggest when you should leave your desk, calculating how long it will take you to walk or ride a bike to your car while taking the time of day and traffic flow into account.

All of this data can be transmitted to an app on your phone or to digital devices like the Apple Watch, Samsung wearables, or Amazon Echo, making the “last mile” portion of your travel easier because you won’t need to fiddle with your phone’s navigation for the final leg of the route on foot.

Is there a SIM card in my BMW?

All digital services that intelligently connect the car to the outside world are included in BMW ConnectedDrive. These also include connections for mobile devices, driver aid systems, entertainment options, and traffic services in addition to telematics services. In order to use ConnectedDrive, you must:

  • A SIM card is permanently present and functional in your car.
  • You are a BMW ID holder.
  • Your car has been added to your BMW ID.

Download the My BMW app to take use of all the services it has to offer. For instance, you can use the app to schedule your travel and submit the destination in advance to your BMW.

On the ConnectedDrive overview page, you may discover a list of the services provided.

A SIM card is permanently fitted and always operational in BMW automobiles as of 2013. This SIM card is a requirement in order to utilize ConnectedDrive and to comply with legal obligations such as making a lawful emergency call. The exchange of data between the car and BMW via the mobile network is used to provide ConnectedDrive services like the BMW Intelligent Emergency Call, Concierge Service, Teleservice, etc.

To access all BMW ConnectedDrive services, you also need an active SIM card and a BMW ID.

  • Save the configurations of your vehicles.
  • Hire ConnectedDrive services and use them.
  • Upkeep of your profile information.

You can utilize the BMW ConnectedDrive suite of services after creating a BMW ID and adding your vehicle to it.

Having an active SIM card and a BMW ID are prerequisites for adding a vehicle (registration). You can access digital services* after adding the vehicle, including viewing it in the My BMW app or My BMW portal.

  • Verify the condition of the car.
  • Send a car to the destination
  • Using a smartphone, view the latest location
  • BMW Electronic Key
  • plus a lot more!

There are numerous nations across the world where ConnectedDrive services are accessible. The variety of services may differ from one country to another depending on the market. You may be able to utilize the services across borders, such as inside Europe, depending on the location.