How To Steal A BMW?

In fact, stealing a BMW is not all that easy. Your BMW will be impossible to steal for the typical auto thief. However, a burglar with the correct equipment and past experience can quickly steal your vehicle. BMW performs 16% better than the national average for vehicle theft across the board.

Theft of luxury vehicles like BMWs is a difficult task. These automobiles have security features built to ensure that you cannot simply enter them. You might not be able to remove the car even after breaking the windows.

However, experienced burglars can take your car in a matter of minutes. These folks are aware of how these cars operate, and they can take advantage of that knowledge. They can utilize the signal from your key fob to unlock your vehicle if they have the necessary equipment, such as relays and signal jammers.

But BMW has improved the security of their cars ever since this started happening roughly nine years ago. These days, using those inexpensive hacking techniques to steal a BMW won’t be as simple.

Despite being a favorite choice for thieves, the 2021 BMW 3 Series has been named as the least likely car to be stolen in the US. For the remainder of the lineup, this is largely true. But be careful; if you misplace your key or lock yourself out, you won’t be able to enter your automobile. A new key fob, which can be expensive, and assistance from BMW are required to unlock it.

Automobile makers appear unwilling (or helpless) to protect their new key systems.

With a firmly entrenched tongue in cheek and a cynical eye, Absurdly Driven approaches the corporate world.

a bonus for their achievement, their social standing, or even their dedication to social mobility.

Strangely, though, I read a headline this week that made me pause and reflect about my life’s course.

The Daily Mail murmured, “BMW confesses it is helpless to stop thieves from stealing its newer keyless cars using equipment that are easily available online.”

I can finally attain my rightful, superior station in life, and my reward (and happiness) can be taken away from me instantly?

Those keys that you don’t have to put into the ignition appear to be the problem.

They let your automobile know that you have the key fob by sending a signal from your pocket, and as a result, it follows your commands.

On the other hand, thieves can purchase a “relay box” online. The signal from your key fob is extended and bounced to a person nearby the car, who then gets in and takes off with it.

I repeatedly phoned BMW to get its opinion. The automaker remained silent in response.

However, The Mail claims to have seen an email from BMW to a client that contained the following statement: “We cannot take responsibility.”

According to reports, the corporation admitted that it was “powerless” in the face of “the highest level of criminal energy.”

Oh, I’m not sure if it’s the highest amount of criminal energy I’ve ever witnessed to go online, buy a gadget, and then take off with a companion to steal a car in a matter of seconds.

However, David Jamieson, the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner in the UK, is not pleased with the automaker’s strategy.

He told the Mail that BMW’s treatment of the driver was “arrogant and outrageous.”

However, this is a smaller aspect of a larger problem with technology’s quick acceptance of human sloth.

People only want things to be made simpler. It was discovered that inserting a key into a hole was exceedingly laborious.

Of course, these problems aren’t exclusive to BMW. Every manufacturer is adding this alleged “convenient access” to autos.

It’s a part of a desperate attempt to use every technical trick in the book in an effort to thrill.

Some could scoff that the older method of car theft at least had the capacity to cause a commotion when it came to the highest criminal energy BMW break-ins.

When their automobiles are later found with no signs of a break-in, insurance companies start to wonder if the owner is making everything up.

Personally, I’ve found the latest electronics in rental cars to be a little irritating at times.

I constantly forgetting to take the key out of the cup holder after placing it there.

It’s simple to point the finger at automakers, but they would counter that they’re simply providing consumers what they want.

BMWs are they hard to steal?

Modern vehicles have excellent security systems that make theft virtually impossible, such as the BMW 3 Series and Tesla Model S.

Modern anti-theft devices have significantly reduced crime rates and discouraged burglars.


In recent years, powerful anti-theft technologies like GPS trackers have been installed in many cars so that owners can keep tabs on where their vehicles are at all times. Some vehicles will also notify their owners of any suspicious activities and turn on a kill switch to halt the engine.

Even though there have been fewer documented occurrences of car theft since 1990, residents of high-car theft areas typically pay substantially higher insurance premiums than residents of nearby communities. This is not shocking given how expensive it is for insurance companies to settle theft claims.

Are BMWs stolen frequently?

According to a study of insurance theft claims undertaken by the Highway Data Loss Institute, Subaru’s original crossover sport-utility vehicle is the 10th-least stolen vehicle from the 2016–2018 model years. There have been 22 relative theft claims filed for it, with 100 being the average for all vehicles.

Beetle, Volkswagen

Due to weak sales, Volkswagen will discontinue the current model year’s iteration of the famous Beetle. With a relative theft-claim frequency of 21, it appears to be having problems finding takers among auto thieves as well.

Subaru Forester 8.

With a relative theft-claim frequency of 20, the Subaru Forester is a popular option among compact crossover SUVs but not among auto thieves.

GMC Acadia 7.

With a relative theft-claim frequency of 19, the three-row Acadia is a secure family car that also has a low theft rate. The relative theft-claim frequency for the all-wheel-drive version is 20.

Subaru Legacy 6.

With a relative theft-claim frequency of 17, the third Subaru on this list, the midsize Legacy car, seems to slip burglars’ notice.

Buick Encore 5.

By a significant margin, the tiny Encore crossover sport-utility vehicle outsells every other model in the Buick portfolio. However, the HLDI reports that the relative theft-claim frequency for the Encore is 15.

Chevrolet Equinox 4.

These days, compact crossover SUVs are the most popular vehicle types, with Chevy’s Equinox being among the best-selling examples. However, thieves avoid it, with a relative theft-claim frequency of only 15.

Tesla Model X 3.

The fastest of its kind, Tesla’s electric crossover sport-utility vehicle has a relative theft claim frequency of 12 but is a slow starter among car thieves.

Tesla Model S 2.

With a relative theft-claim frequency of 11 from the 2016–2018 model years, thieves usually disregard the opulent full-electric Tesla Model S’s Ludicrous Mode, which gives it rocket-like thrust.

BMW 3-Series 1.

According to HLDI, the sporty small luxury sedan made by BMW has the lowest relative claim frequency of any vehicle in America, at just 4. There are 100 automobiles on average. A relative claim frequency of 21 indicates that car thieves prefer the all-wheel-drive 3 Series.

When the keys are locked inside the BMW, how can you unlock it?

“Door Open: If you ever lock your keys inside your BMW, call our Response Center toll-free at 1-888-333-6118 and, after providing your name and password, we will send a signal to your driver’s door to unlock it.”

Can you find a stolen BMW?

BMW: The Stolen Vehicle Recovery feature of the BMW Connected Drive system is a hallmark. Other unique capabilities of the system include the ability to examine images surrounding your car in 3D. Call the BMW Response Center at 888-333-6118 after filing a police report, and they will assist the police in finding your vehicle.

BMW keys: are they hackable?

Your BMW’s remote key fob was created with security in mind as it is in charge of safeguarding your car. A clever mechanism ensures that your car won’t start unless it receives a specific signal from your key fob, and that signal is continuously changing. This virtually eliminates the possibility of a third party hacking your car or duplicating your key.

Most criminals won’t even attempt to hack your key or compromise the security system, in fact. The more frequent threat is a stranger coming close enough to your key fob, as by sitting at the table next to you. In this scenario, a signal amplifier might be used to transmit your key’s unique identification signal to a nearby accomplice, who could then use the signal to unlock your BMW.

Some people choose to keep their key fob in a signal-blocking pouch under these circumstances, which prevents a key fob power amplifier from detecting your fob. This feature is not present in the regular BMW key case, which is just intended to shield your key fob from damage.

However, you can employ the service of a key fob deactivation, which will block the key fob in the memory of the automobile to render it useless, if you lose a key and are concerned that it will end up in the wrong hands. Deactivating a key fob can be done by our specialists or the dealer.

What happens if your BMW key is lost?

If you still have one key, you must bring your car, one piece of personal identification, one form of address identification, and the V5C logbook to your selected BMW Center*. You will need to make arrangements for your automobile to be delivered to your preferred Center along with the necessary documentation if you have lost both keys and are unable to access the vehicle.

* A photocard driver’s license cannot be used for both address identification and personal identification.

To keep you safe, our Centers are required to adhere to these security precautions. Additionally, you’ll have to sign for your new key upon picking it up.

Can you duplicate a BMW key?

BMW remains the most stolen car in the UK despite all discussions on the internet and TV shows, and tragically, thieves are constantly working to reverse engineer its software. Two techniques are used to copy keys. The most popular technique involves breaking the driver’s window or picking the door lock; after doing so, the burglar will reach their arm through the window and connect a small, black box to the car’s OBD port. A new key will be copied into the vehicle within 30 seconds. This new key will operate the vehicle’s door locks and start/stop it.

The other way involves burglars using cutting-edge equipment to scan for nearby keyless entry keys. After duplicating your key, they can approach your car and depress a button. Once the doors are unlocked, they can start the car and drive off. Customers believing that their remote won’t broadcast a signal if they don’t push a button is the main issue. But in order for the car to (See / Sense) when the key is nearby, the keyless remote must always be sending out a signal.

We can offer a number of protection options for your BMW, like the Cobra ADR 4600 series and the Auto Watch Ghost. Through our mobile installation service, we provide both goods nationwide in the UK.

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