How To Reset Transmission Control Module BMW?

  • The first step is to turn off the car and remove the key.
  • Step 2: Turn the key to the second position in the ignition while avoiding starting the vehicle. Keep those feet away from the brake pedals if you have a fob key; instead, press the start/stop button without actually starting the vehicle.
  • Step 3: When all the dashboard indicators light up, depress and hold the accelerator pedal for 30 seconds.
  • Step 4: After 30 seconds, release the brake pedal, press the start/stop button, or take your key out of the ignition.
  • Step 5: Open and close the driver’s door to reset the transmission control unit. Check out this video if you’d prefer a visual guide.


The reset of the pedal is as follows. Insert the electronic key into the ignition or holder. Push the start button once with the foot off the brake. For one minute, keep the gas pedal fully down. Start the automobile after another two minutes or so of waiting. I must emphasize that no power is being used during this procedure. I’m not sure if using a stick is helpful or not. It undoubtedly had an impact on my automatic transmission.

Resetting a transmission control module: Some helpful hints

A transmission control module’s primary goal is to precisely give the appropriate engine modifications to ensure the car’s engine performs at its best.

  • It can be reset by turning off the power for more than five minutes, then turning it back on.
  • It is possible to repeat it five times to fully warm the engine, but you should not do it in cold weather.
  • You should reset the transmission control module after every six months because it improves the car’s performance. Some automobiles require resetting every three months.
  • It takes the engine five minutes to warm up sufficiently to operate at peak efficiency when it is cold.
  • It can be reset by simply turning off the engine and taking the key out of the ignition. You can unplug the battery for a while and then reconnect it. In some circumstances, though, the power supply should be left off for a further five minutes.
  • You must change the automatic gearbox gear at least twice after starting the car.
  • In manual transmission vehicles, three shifts between forward and reverse are required. The transmission control module must be automatically reset after at least 10 miles of continuous gear shifting.
  • By unplugging the module’s battery or removing fuses from the fuse box, you can stop the power supply to the module. However, in some vehicles, it requires removing a relay that is attached to the module.

Without a scanner, how can a transmission control module be reset?

  • Step 1 is to turn the key. The first thing you should do is insert your key into the ignition and turn it on and off twice to turn on all of the dashboard lights.
  • Step 2: Step your foot onto the gas.
  • Step 3: Exit the car and let off the gas.
  • Step 4: Hold off.
  • Prepare to drive in Step 5

How is an automatic transmission reset?

  • the second place on the key. All of the dash lights ought should turn on. NEVER start the vehicle. Position II: All of your dash lights should turn on and you should hear two clicks. Never start the car.
  • Fully depress the gas pedal. You may turn on the kick down switch by fully depressing the accelerator pedal. Ensure that the gas pedal is all the way down.
  • Wait. At least 10 seconds must pass while the gas pedal is still depressed.
  • Set the key to the OFF position (0). Don’t take the key off. The key may need to be taken out of some models.
  • Push the gas pedal back.
  • Allow two minutes. The ignition key is remained in the OFF position throughout this procedure.
  • Drive your car into action.

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Transmission Control Unit (TCU) will collaborate after you complete this operation to monitor your driving style and understand how you drive. Drive the automobile for 15 minutes after using this procedure to program the TCU or ECU. Unless you want to drive that way constantly, avoid racing the car. Your transmission ought to shift normally and smoothly. You might think that your transmission is brand new!

How is a transmission module reprogrammed?

Any car with an automatic transmission system must include the transmission control module. Newer automobiles have a transmission control module (TCM), as opposed to older ones, which relied on mechanical or hydraulic control over a transmission system.

It is unlikely that a transmission control module would ever need to be replaced, thus understanding how to reprogram one is only important if one becomes problematic.

Disconnecting the battery terminals and allowing the system to run dry for five to thirty minutes is the standard procedure for reprogramming a transmission control module. The TCM ought to be reset when the battery is reconnected.

The module is utilized to transmit data to the vehicle’s other computer systems and ensure that your gearbox is always in the optimal gear for maximum fuel efficiency and performance.

How come you would reset your transmission?

Relearning is required when any transmission component is changed or when a transmission service is performed. This technique should be followed, for instance, while replacing the transmission control unit, solenoid, transmission fluid, or clutches. Reset and relearn procedures must be carried out in order to avoid transmission failure after a fluid change.

Is it possible to alter a transmission control module?

You could observe a number of signs indicating your module needs maintenance, including:

  • shifting that is unpredictable, especially when the check engine light is on
  • difficulty changing into a higher gear
  • difficulties downshifting
  • You’re in the same gear forever.
  • shifting takes longer
  • Too often, even while not going very far, the transmission overheats
  • The sensation of slipping or catching gears
  • When accelerating, the car’s engine makes a loud roaring noise.
  • You observe a significantly reduced gas mileage

Any of these signs could indicate that your TCM requires professional maintenance. There are a few different solutions to fix the problem and get you back on the road if you’ve determined that the TCM is broken. Let’s consider whether option is ideal for your car: replacing the TCM or reprogramming it.

What transpires if the transmission control module fails?

Symptoms of a bad transmission control module Slow acceleration: Your vehicle accelerates more slowly than usual. Gear slippage: When this occurs, your transmission shifts gears abruptly or without your input. You are unable to move out of neutral.

Is programming required for BMW transmissions?

When changing a control module or updating software, programming is necessary. In most cases, BMW mandates programming of all control modules with a software update.

How can I exit safe mode on my transmission?

Note: Sometimes, when the engine is turned off and restarted, a transmission that is in fail-safe (or limp mode) will repair itself. So, if you ever find yourself in this predicament, locate a safe spot to pull over and turn off the engine. Restart the engine after waiting one minute.

What leads to the failure of a transmission control module?

This is an essential auto component that functions in unison with other parts of the transmission system. It is a computer that controls gear shifting by communicating with other parts of the car.

This control module is one of several components in a car that play key roles in making your trip as enjoyable as possible.

What does a transmission control module perform, you ask? It’s easy. This is a part of your car that transmits signals and aids in selecting the appropriate gear for it. Your drive will be joyful as a result.

Voltage overload is typically the culprit behind transmission control module failure. When this occurs, the car’s other transmission parts begin to break down. You must then pay great attention to the warning indications.

Will transmission reset if battery is disconnected?

It’s possible that you’ll need to reset your car’s transmission at some point. Fortunately, most of the time, resetting the transmission control module is a simple procedure that practically anyone can complete. We can address your query on whether or not disconnecting the battery will achieve this. We have investigated the procedure so that you would understand it clearly.

On the majority of models of automobiles, simply disconnecting the battery will not reset the transmission. To reset the transmission, you must do a few additional actions after removing the battery.

We’ll go over the procedures in more detail now that we know that unplugging the battery can reset the transmission. You might also be wondering if the transmission is impacted by the battery or if everything is reset when the battery is disconnected from the automobile. Continue reading this page to see what our study has shown to provide the answers to these and other concerns.

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Without a transmission control module, can a car move?

No, without the TCM you probably won’t be able to drive your car at all. The automatic transmission won’t shift into any gear without the TCM, leaving your car in Park or Neutral.

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There were no alarms shown on the screen, however after connecting the diagnostic tools, I got:

My 2013 Audi A6 2.0 S tronic automatic transmission vehicle has the P0706 problem code. it appears to be in limp mode.

I am from India and own a 2015 Audi A6 35TDI Matrix. I first encountered the “Gear Box Malfunctio, You Can Continue Driving” notice two weeks ago, and yesterday I encountered the “Limited functionality” version of the same error. Now that I’ve submitted it to the repair, they’ve requested me to replace the “Control unit,” which costs 200000 Indian rupees.

I’d look for this one on Ebay. To make it work, you must reprogram the new TCU and the immobilizer, though.

Everything I’ve read on this site points to the issues I’m having with my recently purchased new automobile. My engine light hasn’t turned on, though. A few days after purchasing it, I observed that it would suddenly shift into first gear. After servicing the transmission, it appeared to be operating flawlessly. On my way to work four days later. My trany left seemingly out of the blue. I try to change gears, but nothing happens. just initial. at incredibly high rpms. Do you believe my transmission control unit is to blame?

What does programming a transmission control module cost?

Reprogramming a transmission might cost anywhere between $75 and $250. You can typically get this done at your nearby dealership, but you can also rely on a neighborhood repair facility, like My Transmission Experts, to complete the work.