How To Open BMW Saddlebags?

When I figured out how to install and remove the BMW panniers from my brand-new 2012 R1200R, I found that neither the mounted pannier nor the unmounted one would open with either of the keys. Is there a ruse here? Any ideas? This is far too basic to be frustrating.

Although I have discovered that visiting a dealer’s website (like MAXBMW) and perusing the parts view frequently provides me a hint, I don’t know. It works like a double lock on my F8.

“Either good or well work is acceptable. They’ll eventually force you to make a decision.” Mod Squad MI5

It’s true—a trick exists. Push down on the key after turning it to the open position to unlock. It will pop up the wide flat release lever. The handle will partially pop up when the key is turned firmly to the release position; lift it the rest of the way up to remove the luggage from the bike.

I’m going to assume that you have factory-stock luggage and that your 2012 luggage is identical to mine from 2007.

You have the right key if you make those three assumptions. It is the correct key if it fits and turns.

Regards, Rad. You’re right; BMW luggage, locks, and keys exist. The manual’s directions, which are identical to your recommendations, have been followed. I used to have one bag on and the other off, but recently neither side has functioned. It’s a mystery, but it’s not a particularly unique one, as I’ve discovered that other owners are experiencing the same problem. Simply put, I’m hoping there’s a “trick” in addition to doing the right thing.

You can notice a plunger that extends from the box that locks the bag to the frame if you look at the bag that is detached. Try it a few times while not riding a bike to understand what I mean. Find the same plunger by looking underneath the mounted bag. Is it stuck in some way? The bag is damaged if the handle moves but the plunger does not. You can separate the case, but be aware that putting it back together will require some thought since pieces will likely fall out.

With the weight being held by the two eyes at the top, the plunger protrudes and keeps the bag against the frame.

As a result of the collision, both of my tabs needed to be replaced. If you pay close attention when taking them apart, it wasn’t that bad.

How can I get a new key for my BMW motorcycle?

You may easily get a new key cut from your old one if your motorcycle has a conventional metal key. Even if it’s a good idea to have a backup key before you lose your original, getting a new key is possible. The ignition cylinder code or the complete ignition cylinder can be used by a locksmith to create a new key for your motorcycle. The VIN of your bike can be used to reorder a key from a nearby dealer. The most straightforward key to change is a conventional motorcycle key.

BMW panniers hold how many liters?

With the Adventure Aluminum Luggage System, BMW carries on the long tradition of dependable, useful travel accessories. The Adventure Pannier System provides a roomy 82 Liters of weatherproof storage.

Without a key, how do you unlock a bicycle?

This is a rather outdated lock-picking technique that is unlikely to work on current bike locks because they don’t use tubular cylinders anymore.

Unlocking a bike lock with a pen instead of a set of keys is a very traditional lock-picking technique. Due to the pen’s inability to fit within the cylinder, this method is unlikely to work on more recent bike locks.

An illustration of the cylinder required for this technique can be seen in the image below (a tubular cylinder).

You may be able to unlock your bike lock without keys if the cylinder is tubular.

Take a plastic pen of the BIC style, and remove the cap and ink tube from within. The pen’s plastic body should now be ready for insertion into the cylindrical tubing.

The pen may need to be inserted into the lock with some force, but doing so should mold the plastic to resemble the shape of the key.

Before anything happens, you’ll probably need to repeatedly push and wiggle the hollow pen tube into the keyhole.

How does the keyless ignition on BMW motorcycles operate?

These keyless locks work using RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, which is the same technology and fundamental idea as toll readers. An antenna on your keyless motorcycle detects the distinct signal that your key fob sends to it. The electrical mechanism gives you access to the bike’s ignition when that antenna detects the proper identification signal, allowing you to start the vehicle and ride off.

You might be wondering things like, “Can I jump-start my motorcycle if the battery is dead?” If the battery is completely dead, the response is a resounding no. Although the electronic ignition requires very little power to operate, this won’t likely be your obstacle when attempting to jump-start your bike with a dead battery. The bigger issue will probably be with the fuel pump and computerized fuel injection system. The truth is that it depends on your bike and how dead your battery is. Avoid draining your battery.

How about cybercriminals? Yes, it is possible (though not highly likely) for someone nearby to “sniff” the radio signal released by your key fob, duplicate it, and then use it to steal your motorcycle. Consider a secondary, less technologically sophisticated solution, such as a disc lock, if your bike is highly expensive, uninsured, and you store it in sketchy locations in high-crime zones.

Can you leave without the key in your possession? Imagine yourself packing for a trip in your garage, strapping every piece of luggage to your pillion seat, when your key fob accidentally falls from the stacks of luggage, riding gear, and extra gloves and lands on your workbench. Although you can start the bike since it is close enough, you ride off without the key because it is not with you. Yes, it is possible for this to occur. The fob that slipped out of your pocket while you were driving also counts. happy news When the fob signal is lost, your bike will detect it and warn you with a dashboard warning light that flashes. You won’t be able to restart the bike when you stop for gas 200 miles away if you ignore it and continue riding. On your bike, do not disregard flashing warnings. If you can’t remember where you left your key fob, try going in reverse until the flashing alert stops.

Make sure you thoroughly grasp how your individual system functions, if it is keyed to your factory baggage (yes, some motorcycles have keyless locking luggage that functions like your car trunk), and how it all fits together before you buy a motorcycle with a keyless ignition. In order to avoid being stranded by your fancy-pants technology, keep a spare battery for your fob in a location that isn’t locked, such as your tank bag or jacket pocket.

What should you do if your bike key is lost?

It may happen that the code on the ignition cylinder is unreadable or that you are unable to locate it. The next course of action in such a circumstance is to detach the ignition cylinder and take it to the locksmith. The ignition cylinder is held in place by two bolts that are easily detachable and a wiring harness. Some motorcycles, like Harley-Davidson, have teeny screws holding the wire in place that may be removed with a screwdriver. The lock’s pin is then turned by the locksmith by placing a blank key into the lock. He or she has an understanding of where the necessary cuts and fills are to create the key that suits the motorcycle.

Without a key, how can a lock be opened?

  • The tension wrench must first be inserted into the
  • Hold the tension wrench with the proper twist.
  • You ought to feel the key when you turn the rake in the lock.
  • The tension wrench must be turned in the proper direction for the

This seems lot simpler than it is in actuality, as I already mentioned. Paper clips can be used in a pinch, but they won’t be as simple to use as actual lock picks.

Is the key for all bike locks the same?

Have you ever questioned whether the key that opens all bicycle locks made by one manufacturer is the same or whether you actually need the key that came with your lock?

It’s common to question if you can open all of your bike locks with one key, whether you’ve misplaced your bike key, have multiple different bike locks, or are simply curious. After all, if you didn’t need to store several bike keys on the key hook, it would be convenient. It would, however, also make it simple for thieves to take your bike.

Not every key for a bicycle lock is the same, but neither are all keys unique. As part of the manufacturing and delivery process, manufacturers randomly distribute a set of key-lock combinations.