How To Lower Back Seats In BMW 3 Series?

The trunk wasn’t big enough to hold the large thing I needed to put in it. I need to be able to fold down the back seats, but I just can’t seem to figure it out. How do I fold down the back seats? I read page 37 of the manual, but there was nothing there.

Do you have the option in your car? For whatever (dumb) reason, it is not a standard feature on BMWs sold in the U.S. market (either as an add-on or as part of the cold weather package).

I find it surprising that such a basic feature is not included as standard in a vehicle that is advertised as “luxury.”

When you open your trunk, there are two latches (one on each side), if you do have it. When you pull them, the back seat will collapse. Latch-less seats aren’t foldable.

I was ignorant of this. I’m assuming I don’t have it because my e90 is as stock as it can be. What a shame, because even my 1997 Maxima had this. haha

Is this because a frame devoid of folding seats is more sturdy and/or powerful than one with folding seats?

Just curious, you know?


…as I prioritize rigidity and the lack of rattles over folding the back seat. BMW deserves praise for maintaining it an option. What could you possible stuff into the trunk opening that would require the fold-down seat anyhow because the 3 Series is not a hauler?

Are you for real? For my home, I recently purchased some blinds, so that is the ideal illustration. Many lengthy objects nonetheless have smaller widths and heights.

My BMW 3 Series’ rear seat may be folded down by adjusting the knob at the level of the backrests.

Let’s keep using the second approach. This one is performed on a variety of benches. In spite of the fact that the push-button model is more traditional, we’ll concentrate on the technique to use if your BMW 3 Series has buttons that are positioned at the same level as the bench’s headrests and backrests. You should be able to do it even more easily because this layout is more typical. These buttons must be located; typically, there are two of them, one at each end of the seat, near the upper seat belt clip. Once located, you must press each button simultaneously to move the seat back, flip it forward, and fold the back of the BMW 3 Series’s rear seat.

How is the seat on a BMW x3 adjusted?

Both your safety and comfort depend on you driving in the proper position. The controls for the seat allow for complete electronic adjustment of the various seat components and are situated on the side of the seat base. The seat moves in the corresponding direction when you push and hold the horizontal switch either forward or backward. The height of the seat can be modified by pushing down or pulling up the same horizontal switch, which can also be turned to vary the angle of the seat base. The thigh support can be extended or contracted with the tiny button in front of this. The headrest’s height can be changed by moving the vertical switch up or down, while the backrest’s position may be changed by sliding the switch forward or backward. The vertical switch’s buttons regulate the amount of shoulder support offered by the top piece of the backrest, while the little toggle switch hidden behind it adjusts the width of the seat side supports. Additionally, the increased lumbar support in your BMW allows you to adjust particular regions of the backrest. The degree of support in these regions can be altered using the circular dial on the seat controls. When you are in the ideal driving position, you may easily save it. Simply push the red-illuminated set button, then hold either button 1 or 2 for a short period of time. At the stroke of a button, each driver can activate their previously saved seat configuration. Simply push and hold button 1 or button 2 with the ignition on, and the different seat components will be automatically adjusted to the preset position. Depending on the vehicle’s specifications, the wing mirrors and steering column may also be adjustable.

In a BMW 5 Series, do the back seats recline?

flexibility and seat folding But the fact that the back seats don’t automatically fold is unfortunate. They can split 40/20/40 and fold down, but unlike the Audi A6, you have to pay extra for a “through-load system.” The 5 Series now has this feature, which makes the folding seats practically flat.

Does the back seat of the BMW 3 Series fold down?

The adaptable 40/20/40 split folding rear seatbacks that are standard on all models are far more practical than the 60/40 split found on many competitors, including the Superb. Utilizing convenient levers located in the boot, you can fold the seats.

Does the BMW 330e have retractable back seats?

The 330e’s ability to accommodate large loads is restricted by a small boot opening and is only offered in saloon form. Additionally, the total amount of luggage space is decreased to 370 liters by the lithium-ion battery pack under the boot floor. To accommodate longer loads, split-folding rear seats are a highly recommended optional addition.

Has the BMW f30 had foldable seats?

BMW UK claims that the new LCI 3-series DOES NOT by default have folding rear seats, with the exception of the Touring model, after much confusion and debate. You must select the “40:20:40 split/folding rear seats” option if you want them to fold.

In my pre-LCI 3-series, the rear seat folded 60:40 by default, and I believe there was a more involved option for people who wanted through-loading.

Only the F31 features folding seats as standard, as said. The F32 Coupe has also been updated to not include it by default. In the E92 Coupe, it came as standard.

My car was a stock order when I bought it, and it came with the interior comfort package, which I assumed I would never use. Last weekend, I went to IKEA because I wanted a new cupboard. I bought two enormous boxes that were 190 cm long.

I took a chance and bought them. When I got to the parking lot, the rear seats were folded and nicely fit in. Onlookers were amazed at how I managed to get this enormous box into the back of a 3 series!

Up until this point, I believed the option was a complete waste of money, but from this point forward, I will always look to specify it when purchasing a vehicle!

I’ve had split-fold rear seats in my 2006 new e90 320i for the past nine years. I learned my lesson, and the PS250 I spent on the new 330i’s folding rear seats was the finest money I’ve ever spent.

I agree with what was said above. This was my first BMW, and I regret getting it so soon after it was introduced to the public.

It has always been an option, either as a standalone choice or a component of a comfort pack. It was a deal breaker for me when I was considering purchasing a used 3 series; I didn’t care about the M Sport Plus pack, heated seats, etc., but it had to have folding rear seats. You’d be shocked at how few people have them.

In this day and age, on a motor that costs PS37k new, it is a fecking p!ss take. Since mine is an AUC, I’ve never had the option, so I was surprised that it wasn’t standard (I get that a 40:20:40 or even 60:40 folding seat would be an option, but how expensive to design and produce would that be!)

Are the seats in the BMW 3 Series electric?

The Premium Pack is the only way to have electrically adjustable seats in your 330e. We advise saving money instead because this also adds a panoramic roof that reduces headroom, especially if you already purchased the adjustable lumbar support that we previously suggested separately.

Has the BMW 3 Series lumbar support?

When you’re turning swiftly, the BMW 3 Series’ supportive driver’s seat does a great job of keeping you in position. It’s unfortunate that, like with other BMW vehicles, even the top-of-the-line versions lack adjustable lumbar support without additional cost. But it’s not too expensive, and it’s definitely worth including. You won’t have any trouble getting comfy thanks to the steering wheel’s vast up, down, and in and out movement as well as the numerous seat height adjustments.

In fact, when you sit there with a sizable, well-padded armrest for each elbow, you may assume that the driving position of the 3 Series is “ideal,” but for one crucial reason—namely, the pedals are offset to the right—it isn’t nearly as excellent as the Volvo S60. It’s a little inconvenience that also affects the Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class.

Can a BMW 3 Series accommodate golf clubs?

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BMWs are well-known for their luxurious amenities, style, excellent fuel efficiency, and quality, but not for their space, particularly for luggage. If you can fit at least one set of golf clubs inside, it’s a good car to drive to the course. Otherwise, it’s not. Is there enough space in the BMW 3 Series (BMW-3S)?

One pair of golf clubs or two sets stacked can fit in the BMW 3 Series trunk, which has 17 cubic square feet of cargo space. They can lie horizontally and diagonally without the drivers, but not without them. Without changes, oversized clubs will not fit in the trunk.

Learn more about where you can keep golf clubs in a BMW-3S and whether or not your golf clubs will fit by reading the details provided below.

What is the 3 Series BMW Comfort Package?

The Visibility, Premium Package, and Comfort option packs are the three main option packages offered with the 3 Series. The Visibility pack includes the BMW Laserlight headlight units, which have a longer range and a high-beam assistance to prevent blinding other drivers.

The Comfort pack adds an automated tailgate, more storage options, a heated steering wheel, and comfort access, which enables owners to open their 3 Series using a smartphone application. The Premium pack adds a glass sunroof and electronic seat adjustment with lumbar support.

The BMW 3 Series has a lot of room.

There are five seats in the BMW 3 Series. There is good outward visibility and first-row comfort and support. Even for taller persons, there is plenty of room in the back seat. Power-adjustable front seats, a leather-wrapped sport steering wheel, and synthetic leather upholstery are included as standard.