How To Log Out Of Spotify On BMW?

Select the “Option” button on the iDrive controller, then “Logout” from the Spotify playlist menu.

Take BMW Connected off

How can I cut off Spotify’s connection to BMW Connected? I tried removing the phone from my BMW system and removing the BMW Connected app from the phone, but when I plug the phone into the car using USB, it still thinks it needs to use the BMW Connected app or Spotify enters “connected mode”!

I want to get rid of this **** function since I can’t use the navigation app on my phone while listening to music through Spotify/Connected, and it has to be on all the time.

I concur. It’s really frustrating, especially since the connectedDrive app doesn’t allow you to “search” Spotify. Did Spotify employees genuinely believe that doing this would improve things? The only real benefit is that the song titles and artwork are updated now, which was and still is a shameful problem without the connectedDrive app.

The integration of the bmw is rather slow. It frequently takes me many clicks for a playlist to work. also, I frequently have trouble seeing the album cover. The 2012 5 series I own.

If Spotify could resolve these UI problems, that would be great. I’d hate to stop using Spotify because Apple is poised to add Beats streaming to the iPhone’s native music app.

My phone’s UI stuck at the Spotify and BMW logos before opening iTunes and starting to play music there, rendering Spotify inoperable while my iTunes played music. F this.

Yes, the typical splash screen would appear, but when I pressed the home button, Spotify did not shut down as it had in the past. I could even use other applications while listening to music. Did you give it a go?

Hello to Everyone.

My X3 arrived in lockdown 12 days ago, so I had no one to walk me through how everything worked.

The option to add content that should be on the main media screen but isn’t displayed there is checked on the media list.

I tried to reset the phone after logging into the ConnectedDrive app, but the problem persists.

I’ve had the same problem ever since I acquired my new car in January; I don’t know how long it will last this time.

In order for Spotify to show, you must be logged into the connecteddrive app on your phone (so that it runs in the background). You must log in again after closing all apps or restarting your phone because many modern smartphones restart themselves at night, making it difficult to tell when an app has been closed.

When I connect my phone through USB to my 19 plate (ID6), it constantly appears in the media section and opens up even when I’m not signed in.

The option to add content that should be on the main media screen but isn’t displayed there is checked on the media list.

I created a new user account after deleting the one I had in the car. The Spotify symbol should then reappear.

Keep in mind that a premium Spotify account is required. Could it have vanished when you attempted to link a non-premium account?

My Spotify is still there, however it is no longer functional. When I start a music, it restarts after three seconds. A few tracks later, it returns to the initial song and keeps repeating the first 3 seconds. The problem persists despite restarts and attempts to remove and re-add accounts. No other musical source has a problem.

On my BMW, how can I log in to Spotify?

  • On your phone, download and install Spotify and BMW Connected Drive.
  • Navigate to BMW’s Media menu, then slide down to Spotify.
  • Locate the special QR code and use your smartphone to scan it.
  • To sign in to your Spotify Premium account on your smartphone, enter your login information.

I can’t seem to log out of my Spotify account.

The Android version of Spotify’s mobile app has a very simple logout process. Keep in mind that logging out does not remove any of the data associated with your Spotify playlists, music, or podcasts.

Open the Android app for Spotify and go to the homepage to log out. To access Spotify settings, click the gear symbol in the top-right corner. To log out, scroll to the bottom and tap it.

What is the BMW Spotify reset procedure?

Go to applications in iDrive and click the option button next to the gears. Update options are shown. All the apps should return as a result. If not, perform an iDrive hard reset, remove all personal data, and then restart.

Is it time to log out of Spotify?

After using Spotify on a public device, log out. Remember to log out of Spotify after using it to prevent others from accessing your account, whether you’re at home, at work, in the library, or on a device that isn’t your own.

Why does my BMW’s Spotify not function?

Hello!! I was told that ever since the most recent update, Spotify ought to no longer function with BMW. I took notice because the Spotify icon suddenly vanished from Connecties Drive, which is, quote, a sad thing. Can anyone vouch for the veracity of this? Are there ways to restore earlier Spotify features so that it can function once more?

It’s not really an option for me to stream music one at a time while driving and using my phone as a remote.

We appreciate all of the reports you have provided. We’ve combined them all into one place and have news to share with you about the situation.

BMW Connected Drive has been depreciated, according to information we received. As a result, using the onboard BMW system to operate Spotify will no longer be an option. However, you can continue to enjoy your favorite songs by Bluetooth-connecting to the audio system in your car.

Additionally, we have designated this idea for resuming integration as available for vote. Make sure to cast your vote and support the concept if this is something you’d like to see come back in the future. As soon as we have news to share, we’ll post it there and keep you updated while keeping an eye on it so the appropriate team gets the comments.

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I’ve had a problem with my 2019 BMW F20’s iDrive since yesterday. The Spotify App is no longer shown in the media list when I use Bluetooth to connect my smartphone (a Samsung Galaxy A50).

I attempted to link my girlfriend’s iPhone today, and the iDrive program appears to function fairly well.

I’ve tried to remove the BMW ConnectedDrive and Spotify apps, as well as their data and cache. It also doesn’t seem to make a difference when I disconnect the Bluetooth connection between my smartphone and the automobile.

With my Samsung S20, I have the exact same problem. Spotify is still accessible on my iPhone. The most recent version,, appears to be the root of the problem.

same over here, using the most recent version of Spotify on a Pixel 4 with a brand-new Mini Clubman. There is no way to reload the program, link the device again, or remove it from the micro mm system. Although I haven’t tried it via USB, Bluetooth is quite helpful.

Same issue on my 2017 1 series, which was working just well at the time. I can’t find any release notes describing the changes made to Spotify. Every edition of Spotify seems to remove more features.

How is Spotify implemented in a BMW?

While driving, BMW lets you connect your active Spotify account. You may use Spotify on your iOS device and connect the app to your BMW to use it just like at home.

When using BMW ConnectedDrive, is Spotify free?

BMW and MINI drivers can experience seamless music:

  • Use features like Radio and your personal playlists and songs to
  • Enjoy a simple viewing experience on the high-resolution vehicle display.
  • Useful and secure when paired with the iDrive Controller
  • On-demand music of an even higher caliber is available to premium customers.

On Spotify, how can you stop sharing?

Please go into your Spotify account and select SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE to prevent her from accessing it.

After then, accessing your account will require a password. She shouldn’t be able to login after that because you changed the password.

She will automatically log out and lose access to your account since you changed your password.

If you have a Premium Family plan, please remove a member from your account by following the instructions in the section under “Invite or delete members” of this support article.

I’ve reset the password, but it continues to function on both my phone and my son’s without requesting a password change, so I’m not sure what to do.