How To Install BMW Software Update?

Through the My BMW App, you can also do a remote software upgrade. The My BMW App is an application that connects your Apple or Android smartphone with your vehicle and is a part of the BMW Connected Drive package. You may preset locations before getting into your car, adjust the heat, unlock your doors, and even download a Remote Software update via Wi-Fi.

The My BMW App software upgrading instructions are as follows:

  • The Remote Software Upgrade menu can be found by opening the app.
  • Select the “Wi-Fi only” download option under Remote Software Upgrade options.
  • Click “Start download” to begin.
  • After the download is finished, pair your phone with your car via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Verify your connections under the ‘Mobile devices’ option of your iDrive settings.
  • Select “new device” to set up a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Choose “Internet, applications.”
  • Use your phone to scan the QR code.
  • A Wi-Fi token will be sent to you, which you must accept in order to create the connection.
  • While you’re traveling, the software update will be uploaded once the Wi-Fi connection is established.


* The upgrade options and contents change depending on the country, the car model, the equipment, and the state of the vehicle.

The hardware that is installed in your car determines whether it can receive the BMW Remote Software Upgrade. This is possible in almost all vehicles running BMW Operating Systems 7 and 8. If your car is one of them, you can quickly and easily find out. To accomplish this, choose “My Vehicle” > “Settings” > “General Settings” > “Remote Software Upgrade” from the vehicle’s menu. Use this feature if “Remote Software Upgrade” is shown.

Your BMW will always be up to date thanks to this free software update. A BMW remote software upgrade may come with new functions, functional upgrades, and quality improvements. Depending on the country, the type of vehicle, its equipment, and its state, the material may change.

You will receive a push notification as soon as new software for your BMW becomes available via the Control Display in your car or the My BMW app on your smartphone, if you have it installed. You may access the upgrade in the app or on your BMW to see what information is being updated or new features are being introduced. Make sure your car is securely parked and won’t be utilized for the next 20 minutes before the upgrading begins. Installing the upgrade is as simple as following the directions on the Control Display.

You have two options for downloading the latest software with the BMW Remote Software Upgrade: either through the My BMW app or automatically while you’re driving directly through your vehicle SIM. You will be asked to confirm the installation of the new software and to launch it after the download is finished.

The entire installation and upgrade process only takes about 20 minutes once the download is complete (length depending on your internet connection or network coverage while driving). Your vehicle is not operational during the installation. Before your subsequent journey, you will be alerted that the upgrade was successfully installed. You can now go back and view the upgrade’s contents if you like.

Due to hardware limitations, the BMW Remote Software Upgrade is factory installed; a subsequent purchase is not feasible.

How to use your My BMW App to download and install a Remote Software Upgrade

Learn in this video how to use your My BMW App to download and install a Remote Software Upgrade. The process is as follows:

1. Your My BMW App notifies you via a push notice when a new software update is accessible for your BMW.

2. To save money and time, we advise using Wi-Fi to download the software upgrade.

3. In the mobile devices menu of your BMW, check your connections and pair your phone with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

4. To connect to Wi-Fi, select “New device,” “Internet, apps,” and then use your smartphone to scan the QR code.

5. As you drive, the upgrade is now uploaded to your BMW.

Follow the installation instructions on the Central Information Display once the upload is finished.

Anytime the connection between your smartphone and your car is re-established and the engine is running, the upload procedure will immediately resume. Please see the installation process in our other How-To video.

How can I use a USB to install a BMW update?

Download any updates that are accessible on a USB drive. Place the USB drive into a USB port on your car. Select “Settings” from the menu on your iDrive device. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen after clicking “Software Update.”

How can I tell if the software in my BMW is up to date?

How will I be informed when an upgrade is ready? Similar to when other new software is made available to your phone, any newly available update packages will be instantly announced as a notification on your BMW control display or on your smartphone via the BMW app.

What is the cost of a BMW software update?

Your BMW service adviser most likely recommended a $250 full system software upgrade, which can take a few hours to complete. Three times a year, these updates are made available.

How do I update software manually?

Let’s start with system software updates. As much as possible, you should constantly keep your system updated because updates frequently concentrate on bug fixes to make your system function more smoothly and increased security to prevent your computer from getting a virus or something similar. Simply adhere to these instructions to upgrade system software on a Mac:

  • Software Update can be accessed by selecting the Apple menu from your screen’s upper left corner.
  • It will launch and search for updates in the software. If any updates need to be installed, it will let you know after it is finished. Updates that Software Update wishes to install can be seen by clicking “Show Details” or they can be installed by simply clicking the “Install” button.

On Windows-based PCs, the method is comparable. Simply follow these procedures to upgrade your Windows system software:

  • The Start menu will appear when you click the Windows icon in your task bar. This icon is located at the bottom left corner of your screen, if you weren’t aware.
  • Then select “All Programs.”
  • the “Windows Update” button.
  • Click “Check for Updates” in the upper left corner of the window after Windows Update has opened.
  • Click “Install” once Windows has finished looking for updates.
  • Restart your computer after the updates are complete (if prompted).

Windows Update (Windows) and Software Update (Mac) will automatically launch from time to time and prompt you to update. However, occasionally you might miss this or choose to dismiss it, so it’s a good idea to check in with yourself.

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Reminder: Don’t worry about damaging your machine. Nowadays, it’s really difficult to update your software incorrectly. Windows Update even makes a restore point for you in case an update fails. You will be able to restore if you are using a Mac and have Time Machine set up as a backup method. However, the likelihood of a problem occurring is quite low, so as long as you don’t turn off your computer during an update, you shouldn’t be concerned.

Can I use my phone to update my BMW?

Benefit from ongoing compatibility with BMW Software Update. Keep up with the most recent developments by using your VIN to check for updated software that is accessible for your BMW and any connected mobile devices.

How can I get a free map update for my BMW?

Several times a year, changes to the maps are released. They are offered in the BMW Shop as a one- or two-year subscription. If you have a current subscription, you can use the BMW Update Manager to obtain the most recent refresh from the BMW Connected Drive portal and update your map data. You’ll need a 64GB FAT-32 formatted USB drive and the methods below to accomplish this.

  • First, use the icon in the site top to connect into your My BMW Account. Go to “My Vehicles” by navigating.
  • Choose the vehicle for which a map update is desired.
  • Go to the “Map update” section. If a new map version is available, a notification will appear.

How is software updated?

  • Ensure that your gadget is Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Launch Settings.
  • Choosing About Phone.
  • Select Check for Updates. An Update button will show up if an update is available. Tap it.
  • Install. You might see Install Now, Reboot and install, or Install System Software, depending on the OS. Tap it

What version of BMW iDrive is currently in use?

16 December 2021, Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey BMW customers are already receiving the most recent technological advancements with iDrive 7. Updates to the BMW News app featuring podcast-based news, the most recent Remote Software Upgrade (version 21-07), and the addition of SiriusXM’s Pandora channels are among them.

Why can’t my software be updated?

Your Wi-Fi connection, battery life, available storage, or the age of your device could all be contributing factors if your Android device won’t update. Updates for Android mobile devices often happen automatically, but for a variety of reasons, they may be postponed or even halted.

Can I get a technological upgrade for my BMW?

Nearly the entire BMW fleet—more than 30 BMW models—can now be upgraded remotely. Until the interim version has been downloaded and installed, vehicles with software older than version 20-07 cannot install the most recent version.