How To Install BMW Floor Mats?

I feel stupid even asking this question because it should be very obvious, but I recently got the BMW performance floor mats online, and they came with these tiny circular things that fit into the vehicle’s floor. They have Velcro on the bottom. There were instructions included, but none of them were in English, and the illustrations made little sense. Is there a video somewhere that demonstrates how to install these? I want to say thank you.

The bottom of the disc should contain a T. Place the T on the ground and turn it until it latches. Attach the floor mats, then align the velcro. The disk shouldn’t come out of the floor, and the mats shouldn’t move if you performed it correctly.

What is the cylinder-shaped prism in steps 1 and 2 of the diagram designed to represent?

It appears that because they are a different size, the factory floor mats’ original velcro disks must be swapped out for the MPerformance mats’ replacements.

step 2: Insert the replacements. first check that the lines are horizontal, then rotate 90 degrees clockwise. To spin it, use the old ones as a “screwdriver.” The original disks can either be discarded or kept with the original mats.

3. Lay the new MPerformance mat down, checking that the velcro is securely positioned.

Although it is extremely simple, I was having trouble because the directions weren’t clear. I should have just continued doing what I normally do since I generally don’t read the directions.

Cut off any extra rubber at the top that is only used for exhibition hanging, then discard it. Find the two velcro pieces on your floor, twist them counterclockwise to remove them, and then screw in the larger ones that were provided in the other direction. The carpets closest to the seat should have small divits or holes where the plastic velcro hub goes if your car didn’t come with these.

Throw away the plastic discs and simply arrange your car’s floor mats in the same manner as before if you’re still having trouble.

I haven’t had a chance to do it, but I already acknowledged the absurdity of the question. I was confused because step two’s instructions contained an image of a small prism device that I had no idea what it was, and step one’s instructions called for cutting something that turned out to not be appropriate for these mats. Once again, I appreciate your assistance.

Adding all-weather floor mats to your automobile is the best alteration you can make to it. Okay, so it might not be as exciting as some of the other car modifications we can make, but for me, this is preferable to the stock carpeted mats, which are quite thin.

The black kidney grilles and the mats arrived yesterday (grille installation post).

To maintain the interior’s all-black appearance, I chose the Basic Line – Black over the Sport Line – Red or the Modern Line – Beige. The floor mats are essentially the same. The part numbers are as follows:

The installation process was really simple. Velcro discs that can be replaced keep the front matting in place. The discs for the carpeted mats are already in the vehicle, but BMW provides you with a new set and advises you to swap out the old discs with the new ones. The back ones just settled into position.

On all four mats, the side-to-side fit is very snug. Unlike the driver’s side, the passenger’s front mat does not touch the floor flush. The method of shipping the item could be to blame for this. It could need some time to adjust to its new posture because it arrived virtually folded over.

The driver’s mat seems to be slippery on the heel of your foot, at least initially. I don’t have any problems with it, but I’m hoping that after more use, it will go away. Similar things about Weathertech mats have also been read by me. The OEM all weather mats I’ve used in my other cars hold the ground better, mostly because the ribs are more prominent.

Though I was tempted to order them, I was concerned about how slippery they would be. They seemed to be rather slippery when I drove a loaner car with them. They don’t feel slippery, according to the weather technician I have in my truck.

Only when they are new are they slick. When you have dirt on them, the coating that they have starts to wear off. My used to be slippy, but not anymore.

How to Install Mat Anchors on the Floor

How the hell do you get those floor mat locks to twist in and stay put?…someone mentioned them. All of mine are anchored to the mat’s bottom but not securely fastened, and even when I push them down, they won’t twist.

There are various types of floor mat anchors in contemporary BMWs. Most of the more recent ones use velcro that has been adhered to a disk with a T-shaft that you enter into a pre-cut hole in the carpet and then gently press down and turn until it engages with the floor pan of the car, “anchoring” it to the floor pan. The floor mat is then “fastened to the velcro disk that is anchored to the floor pan” by applying a similar velcro pad to the underside of the mat.

A picture of the velcro floor mat anchors may be found below. On the top side, there is a slot into which the flat head screwdriver’s tip can be inserted. Locate the carpet slit, then push the anchor’s T shaft through the carpet. From door to door, follow the slot’s (in the anchor’s) direction. Gently pull the anchor down while angling it parallel to the vehicle (slot should run in the direction from front to back). You should feel the anchor lock into the floor pan as you depress and spin. You might need to “wiggle” the anchor until you feel it “grab” into the floor pan if you don’t strike the area precisely:

The process is the same if you have an old-style T anchor with a flat head (or rubber mats), with the exception that you place the small plastic circlip onto the anchor’s shaft before inserting both through the mats’ hole and then following the directions above to locate the floor pan’s “catch” before “locking” the anchor by turning it a quarter turn:

The “snap-on” T shaft anchor is required if you have the truly old-style carpeted mats that already have the reinforced hole cut into the mat (see the mat anchor on the LEFT in the first image below):

Yes, I’ve done that on numerous occasions. Maybe I should just press down more forcefully. When I try to turn, it feels like the “T” is turning into the carpet and then abruptly turning back. Evidently, it doesn’t fully engage into the slot. This is a pain in the a$$, but I can fix anything on a motor and fly a helicopter.

Part 1 of 3: Fitting measurements

  • thick paper
  • tape measure
  • Pencil and paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape

To choose the right-sized car mats for your car, you must first take measurements. You must create a template out of sturdy paper if you want personalized matting.

First, determine the size. Calculate the entire floor space between the door jamb and the center console’s beginning using a tape measure.

Measure from the door jamb to the beginning of the floor hump between the seats on the back, then repeat for the front.

Measure the space on both the driver’s and passenger’s side front seats between the front seat and the front stopping point. Measure from the back of the front seats to the beginning of the back seats for the back floorboard space.

  • Advice: Keep in mind that you need to account for any irregularities in your vehicle’s floor while determining the correct size. Obstructions and slants in the vehicle’s floor are a few prevalent anomalies.

Step 2: Create a paper pattern. Write down your dimensions on a sturdy piece of paper.

Step 3: Adjust as necessary. To enhance the fit of the car mat, adjust the pattern as necessary.

Until the design completely covers the desired area, add or remove the thick paper as necessary.

After being completed, the paper pattern should completely cover the floor area in front of the seat without bending at obstacles or slopes.

The final step is to measure the pattern. When the pattern is created, measure it to determine the size of the floor mats you need purchase.

Additionally, you may provide the measurements to a specialist who will build you custom floor mats that should perfectly fit the area you require.