How To Install BMW Drive Recorder?

Go to your iDrive menu to turn on the BMW Drive Recorder for the first time.

  • Choose “Apps.”
  • Activate “Installed apps.”
  • Select “Drive Recorder.”
  • Accept the disclaimer as written.
  • Check “Recording allowed” under “Settings.”
  • Prior to and following the trigger, configure the recording duration.
  • Set up preferred cameras to be utilized for recording at “Camera selection.”
  • Choose between automatic, manual, or both recording types.

My BMW driver recorder has to be exported.

Simply plug a USB in the console’s center between the cupholders, choose a video, and click “export” to begin the export process (it will prompt if you want to export the selected video or all videos)

The function of the BMW drive recorder.

The cameras on the front, back, and sides of your BMW will immediately record a video clip if it detects an accident is occurring.

Is the BMW drive recorder addable?

Yes, BMW has a built-in dash cam called the BMW Drive Recorder as well as an auxiliary dash cam called BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0. Any vehicle can be equipped with BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0, but only those with iDrive 7.0, the BMW ConnectedDrive package, and surround view cameras can have the Drive Recorder.

Exists a drive recorder in the BMW x3?

Your 2017 BMW X3 can handle more of the details as you plan the next adventure with these optional driver assistance features.

With the push of a button, you may use Parking Assistant Plus to locate the ideal space and delegate the driving to your BMW.

Traffic Jam Assistant, a semi-autonomous tool in the Driving Assistant Professional system, facilitates challenging commutes.

Up to 40 seconds of driving footage are recorded by the BMW Drive Recorder using front, rear, and side cameras for later viewing or downloading.

With Remote Engine Start, you can start your engine and completely cool your interior.

What is the price of a BMW drive recorder?

The Drive recorder costs only $100 in the US, but it must be purchased with the Parking Assistant package (prices below), which includes surround view (adding the lateral front and back cameras)

When the car is off, does the BMW driving recorder still function?

I had assumed that it just worked while driving, but I discovered this:…drive-recorder

A common misunderstanding is whether the BMW Drive Recorder functions while in parking mode. It can do that, yes. The Parking View will be recorded and kept in case of vehicle damage once you put your car in reverse.

I had assumed that it only functioned while driving, but I discovered that:…drive-recorder

Many individuals enquire as to whether the BMW Drive Recorder functions while in parking mode. It can do that, yes. The Parking View will be recorded and kept as soon as you shift into reverse in case of vehicle damage.

The definition of “parking mode” is extremely distinct. They are referring to the process of parking your car as you are reversing it into a parking spot in the context of the link you gave.

It is intended to apply to times when you are not even in your car and the car is parked in the case of the majority of third party mounted dash cams. In this instance, the attached dash cam starts recording based on a motion sensor or an event that triggers it. That is not what the bmw driving recorder does. Only while the car is in motion, not when the ignition is off, will it record.

Despite the fact that having this feature is a fantastic bonus. BMW driving recorder is useless in cases where your car is bumped or vandalized while it is parked.

Many customers also query whether the parking mode of the BMW Drive Recorder is functional. It can do that, yes. The Parking View will be recorded and kept as soon as you shift into reverse in case of vehicle damage.

Because of the modest pace in most parking scenarios, keep in mind that you must be careful to manually activate the drive recorder after impact if you want to capture any kind of evidence. There are a few posts about when it actually triggers, and it appears that airbag deployment is the most common scenario.

My X7 was in two small collisions. A 15 mph side swipe at first had a small enough impact to “buff out” 95% of it. The second incident involved a 140 degree spin while hydroplaning at 60 mph (it hydroplaned about 4 ft left, then hit the curb at the edge of the passing lane, which sent the car into the spin – damn standing water was due to runoff from the woods at the CREST of a hill at an inside corner banked away from that spot – still angry at NJDOT for allowing that to happen – sorry for the rant). A following vehicle almost t Fortunately, the second event occurred shortly after the first, before it was taken to the body shop for repairs, although given the gymnastics involved, I was amazed that it didn’t set off the drive recorder.

How should my BMW ConnectedDrive be set up?

  • Type your VIN’s final seven characters here.
  • Choose whether you are the primary or backup driver of the car.
  • On the infotainment screen on your car, look for the security code. It may be accessed by going to Main Menu > ConnectedDrive > Messages. Your phone’s ConnectedDrive app will ask for the same code.

Do I have a dashcam on my BMW?

BMW has included a dashcam function that makes use of the parking cameras into its most recent models and will make it available as a retrofit option for older vehicles via a software update starting in the first quarter of 2020.

BMW Drive Recorder records while driving by using the front, rear, and side parking cameras.

Drive Recorder records up to 40 seconds of video using the front, rear, and side parking cameras. This video may be viewed on the dashboard or downloaded via the USB connection on the vehicle. In addition to automatically storing 20 seconds of video before and after an accident, the car also allows drivers to manually preserve their own movies.

The function was unveiled as part of a production upgrade in July/August 2019 and is compatible with the new 3 Series, 7 Series, 8 Series, X5, X6, and X7. The Drive Recorder is already included in vehicles constructed when customers chose the Park Assist Plus option, which in the UK also includes 360-degree cameras and a digital instrument cluster called “Live Cockpit.”

Select vehicles manufactured prior to this date with the same options, but without the feature activated, will be able to do so from their infotainment screen beginning in early 2019. If requested, the feature can also be turned off by drivers and fleet managers.

How can I fix the drivetrain issue with my BMW?

If while driving a drivetrain error appears out of nowhere. or if you notice a problem with the transmission or delivery of power. The first thing you should do is stop your automobile in a secure location. After turning off the engine, let it a few minutes to sit.

By doing this, you can temporarily fix your car’s drivetrain malfunction error so you can return home. Restart your automobile and proceed to drive back normally after a short while.

It is advisable to keep going if your car has already entered limp mode. Call your dealership or look for a BMW mechanic when you get back to your location.

BMW Remote Camera: What is it?

You can get a 3D view of your car at any time using the BMW Connected App and the technology behind cross traffic and backup cameras. This feature is known as Remote 3D View. It’s easy to set up, and you’ll enjoy using it very much.

Is there a radar detector in a BMW?

I recently bought a 2021 X3M40i, and I’m debating adding a radar detector. The instrument panel may occasionally display a radar warning. I have, however, passed police officers who were “placed” on the sides of highways without receiving any radar warnings, so the technology seems a little erratic to me. Is there a reliable built-in radar detector, if so? If not, does anyone have any recommendations for aftermarket brands?

It appears that your car’s optional speed trap warning ($25 for 15 months) is engaged. It is based on data that BMW collects from the public.

Even if BMW has improved, I have always used Waze for navigation and police alerts since it continues to be the fastest service.

Real radar detection will never be used because it is prohibited in the majority of nations and several jurisdictions, including Virginia.

That intrigues me as well. I’m a 2021 M40i driver. In my car, I’ve never noticed the radar warning. I got an Escort 9500 iX before I was aware that this would be a feature, and I really appreciate it. Every now and again, nothing will happen when a police officer passes us (or vice versa). That merely indicates that they are not currently scanning anything. But if they are pacing people, they may still roll you. On the other hand, it has frequently saved my life and given me the opportunity to either slow down or immediately leave the motorway. I hope this discussion has more responses.

There is no radar detector in a BMW. It is an app for red light cameras that also lists speed traps that are well-known. used database information to alert the driver.

Do I have to purchase a BMW ConnectedDrive subscription?

For the first three years, ConnectedDrive is included with every new or relatively new BMW; after that, owners must pay a yearly fee for the service. New users with qualifying models can sign up on the ConnectedDrive website and connect their vehicle using their VIN number and personal information.

Exists BMW ConnectedDrive today?

Select automobiles will no longer be able to offer ConnectedDrive services starting in February 2022 due to cellular providers’ phase-out of the 3G network. The choice to discontinue use of 3G network technology was made at the discretion of the individual cellular carriers and is outside of BMW’s control.

What is the price of BMW ConnectedDrive?

The initial three months of BMW ConnectedDrive are cost-free. After your free trial has ended, a paid subscription will be needed to access BMW ConnectedDrive features. Following the free trial, a $50 annual fee is required to keep enjoying BMW Connected Drive services.

Our overview of the BMW Connected Drive is now complete. Visit one of these BMW dealerships in the UAE if you’re interested in purchasing one, or look at these well-liked used BMW vehicles listed on Dubizzle.

What is the BMW car eye?

Look no further than the new BMW Advanced Car Eye 3.0 for a camera that records clear-cut imagery. The official full-HD camera from BMW is made to capture in-depth videos of accidents and other driving-related events.


At a glance, the advantages of the BMW Advanced Car include:

  • Situations are automatically recorded, even when parked.
  • Light-sensitive lens technology produces recordings with greater detail.
  • precise route recording utilizing an integrated GPS receiver
  • The incident sensor keeps track of incidents.
  • Direct command through the app. A smartphone can be used to examine and archive recorded events.
  • additional voice recognition for driving-related quick orders
  • automatically triggered by situations and information recorded that is pertinent
  • Additionally, manual recording can be started by speaking a command or by pushing the REC button.
  • Free 32GB SD card is provided

*Terms & Conditions: Convertibles and vehicles with rear window roller blinds cannot have the package’s integrated rear screen camera fitted. Split tailgates could require more time to install. App for smartphones is needed.