How To Fix Code P1515 BMW?


I’ve had a recurring issue with the silly error code P1515. My mechanic has examined it and checked everything, but he is unable to prevent the code from resurfacing. I’ve already spent $1,000 attempting to decipher this error code.

The battery, which appears to be the main issue with this error code, was registered by my mechanic, but after two days the engine code reappears and I am unable to take my e-test. The throttle body is not the issue because the car runs completely good (which was a secondary possibility).

Can I take any more action with regards to this problem code?

dunno: I won’t be able to pass the electronic test or sell the car if I don’t address this. And because I adore this item, I don’t want to sell it.

Are there any other options available? sincerely searching for any future possibilities. Please assist me!

Control Module Throttle Actuator Position Performance Error Code P1515

Control Module Throttle Actuator Position Performance is the meaning of error code P1515.

This error number is manufacturer-specific, thus it does not apply to all models of automobiles. Instead, it only applies to certain car brands, like BMW, GM, etc. The definition, diagnosis, and repairs still have different specifications depending on the make and model.


My 2008 BMW M5 has 79k miles, and the Check Engine light is illuminated. I took it to Auto Zone, and there are a few things I’ve noticed. The CODE is P1515 (Electronic Throttle System Throttle Position). Sometimes when I stop after driving at idle, the RPM will briefly go up and down before stopping.

Furthermore, I was informed that the P1515 is for the battery. And ever since I’ve had the car (6 months), every time I start it up and get in, my clock resets to -:-, so I have to set the time again after turning the ignition off and on. If I wish to listen to music when the car is off, after 10 seconds the battery picture comes on and the system completely switches off to prevent the battery from being drained.

I’ve had over 7 /Ms, and this is my first time driving an M5. I’ve never had a problem with any of them, save for the current M5, with which I’ve already spent $1,600 replacing an injector. I wouldn’t even consider myself an expert, but because this is the greatest and largest M5 community, I figured someone would be able to assist me. So if you know anything, please share it with me because I don’t trust the BMW service department after they repeatedly told me my car had problems because they wanted my money, and I kept saying no to the work. Eventually, they returned and said they had discovered the real issue, which was the injector at the time. Since then, the vehicle has been amazing, but over the past week, it has begun doing that. Additionally, if I’m driving at low speeds below 2k RPM, the car feels like it’s asking me to downshift since it feels like it’s barely keeping up, but anything above 2k RPM, the car drives like a dream.