How To Fix BMW Sunroof?

A replacement sunroof motor for a BMW 325i costs, on average, between $595 and $608. The cost of labor is expected to be between $48 and $60, while the cost of the parts is $547. Taxes and other fees are not included in this range, nor are your particular model year or geographic area taken into account. Additional fixes could be required.

Can a sunroof be added to a car?

It takes some skilled hands to install a sunroof in a vehicle without one. Since getting the sunroof to function on your automobile requires cutting a hole through the car’s roof and a number of other machining procedures

How can I fix a sunroof that won’t close?

To thoroughly troubleshoot the sunroof and figure out why it won’t close properly, you will need to disassemble it. Most frequently, the issue is a lack of power or track debris.

In order to diagnose a sunroof, you’ll need a multimeter and a screwdriver. Additionally, you need a cloth to wipe the track of the sunroof of any dirt or debris.

  • Remove the glass from the sunroof to get to the lift arms. The sunroof’s guides are followed by the lift arms. You should check the guides to determine if they are stuck open. If they are, move the guides forward with a screwdriver to allow the lift arms to close. Replace the glass on the sunroof once the lift arms are operating properly.
  • To see if the sunroof cable has gotten stuck in the lift arm or guides, check it. Remove the J plate on the sunroof to access the cable if it is obstructing the guides or lift arm. Reposition the cable so that it is completely clear of the lift arms and guides. Make sure the lift arms are moving properly by repositioning the J plate and testing the device.
  • Make sure the sunroof motor is operating properly by checking it. The sunroof will remain open if the motor is not receiving power. Take a screwdriver, and place it at the nylon brushing in the center of the motor. To manually run the motor, turn and push the screwdriver. Replace the motor with a new one if you can manually open and close the sunroof.
  • To check whether power is reaching the sunroof switch and wires, test them with a multimeter. The wiring is sound if there is no resistance. High resistance indicates a short and requires replacement of the wires.
  • Remove any dirt and debris from the sunroof track that could cause it to jam.

Note: To prevent dirt from accumulating on the sunroof track, be sure to frequently clean it. The sunroof cables can eventually be damaged by too much debris on the track, and they are quite difficult to repair.

There are a few more things to think about. If your sunroof is electric, it comes with a fuse to safeguard it from a surge of voltage. The possibility exists that the fuse will eventually blow. The sunroof will cease working if a fuse blows, and it will stay that way until a new fuse is installed.

Finally, if the battery is unplugged or changed, sunroofs that are unique to particular car brands might need to be reset. The sunroof may usually be reset by you. Nevertheless, the procedure may vary based on the car model.

Try this if the electricity to your car’s sunroof is disconnected and then reconnected in order to reset it.

  • the ignition switch on the car.
  • If the sunroof is open, push the sunroof control button forward to close it, and then let go of the button.
  • Releasing the button after pushing it forward again will cause the sunroof to tilt and move slightly. This might take ten seconds.
  • After releasing the button, push it forward once more while holding it for three seconds. Sunroofs should tilt shut, then open, and finally close. Turn the button off. Reseting the sunroof is necessary.

How long does a sunroof repair take?

It usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete a normal installation, which is typical for single panel sliding sunroofs. The installation may take longer if there is a lot of glass cleanup. Installation timelines will vary if your new sunroof needs a headliner drop and/or urethane.

My sunroof won’t open; why?

Sunroofs that won’t open are a nightmare. They most likely occur as a result of a dead motor, a malfunctioning switch, or a blown fuse. Nobody wants to be in a scenario where their sunroof is broken just as it starts to rain. The fuse is simple to locate and repair, but it’s best to leave the job to the pros to avoid doing additional harm by attempting to do it yourself. Although motor defects are uncommon, fixing them is not at all affordable.

Is the BMW sunroof fully operable?

To make it go all the way back, you must press the button. The sunroof doesn’t fully open with a single touch if it’s similar to an F30, which I assume it is. To make it go all the way back, you must press the button.

What stops a sunroof from functioning?

A sunroof that won’t close is a problem that understandably makes automobile owners anxious. Sunroofs that won’t open or close are frequently due to a dead motor, a blown fuse, or a broken switch. This could be as simple as dirt or debris getting lodged in the gears, ordinary wear and tear as the vehicle ages, or it could be more complicated. The good news is that an experienced auto repair professional can resolve electrical problems.

How is a sunroof motor reset?

In some cases, it could be necessary to reset the sunroof mechanism. In certain circumstances, resetting the sunroof

It might be necessary to use:

Procedure for resetting a sunroof:

It is advised to carry out the reset process while the car is running. Turn the ignition to P. (Park).

Ensure that the sunroof glass is completely closed. Push the switch forward if the sunroof glass is open until the

To slightly move the sunroof glass, advance the switch. then flip the switch open.

Push and hold the front sunroof switch for three seconds until the sunroof glass slides open and closed. Don’t let go of the

switch up till the process is finished. Start the process over at step 2 if you accidentally release the switch while it is operating.

The sunroof will not function properly if the fuse for the sunroof blows or the sunroof is not reset when the car battery is unplugged or depleted.

How much will it cost to have a sunroof put back on course?

The amount it will cost to fix your sunroof will vary depending on the make and model of your car and the severity of the damage.

Sunroof repairs typically cost between $200 and $800+, though costs may go higher if the sunroof has specialized or bespoke glass or features or if more labor is needed. For instance, the technician will give you a higher quote if they have to remove the sunroof from your car.

How can I reactivate my distinctive sunroof?

Run the sunroof system to the full vent position and hold down the front switch button for five (5) seconds to re-initialize it. The glass panel will briefly return after moving near the tilt position. This attests to the re-initialization.

Does a car get hotter with a panoramic sunroof?

Although the natural light makes the interior of the cabin feel larger, automobiles with panoramic sunroofs have a little less headroom. The additional glass can make the interior of the car warmer than in vehicles without a sunroof during the hottest summer months. Condensation from the glass may let moisture drip inside the cabin during the coldest winter months.

According to AutoWise, the extra weight your vehicle will have should be taken into account when selecting whether or not to buy a car with a panoramic sunroof. Lighter vehicles accelerate more quickly, brake more easily, and achieve greater gas mileage. This implies that the additional 200 pounds from the glass roof can have an impact on your balance and handling. The panoramic sunroof is equivalent to always having a passenger with you in terms of weight.

A panoramic sunroof’s mechanical components could also bring unforeseen problems. It becomes clearer how they can fail when you examine all the components that go into a sunroof. For instance, the hefty glass panels, switches, rollers for the sunshade, and electric motors all carry the potential for malfunction and distracting noise in the future. If you’re sensitive to noise, the sunroof’s total distraction factor may be increased by external factors like rain, leaves, and other flying items.

How do electric sunroofs function?

All of the additional vehicle equipment, including a power sunroof, are run by electricity provided by the vehicle battery. Direct electrical current is carried by a tiny network of electrical cables to the sunroof switch, which in turn regulates the flow of current to enable the sunroof to be opened or closed.

Does the sunroof have a fuse?

Debris in Flow Channels: The propensity for debris to build up in the run channels is one of the most prevalent issues with power moonroof systems. Dust, dirt, pollen, even leaves and tiny twigs can fall under this category. When the run channels become entirely blocked or the motor becomes overheated, the debris eventually clogs them and the moonroof becomes inoperable.

Debris blocking the run channels, as indicated above, might result in the motor overheating. Many include built-in overheat safety that will turn off if the motor’s temperature rises above a safe level. Lack of run channel lubrication (grease), which generates excessive friction and heat, can also contribute to overheating.

Fuse Blown: Your power moonroof, like most electronic parts of your automobile, needs a fuse to guard the system against voltage surges. The moonroof won’t operate if the fuse blows (and may be stuck open if that was the moonroofas position when the fuse blew).

Failed Switch: A switch is necessary for your moonroof to function. The moonroof won’t operate properly if the switch’s contacts are worn. It could be completely inactive or simply move in one direction.


Many automobile owners and those looking to purchase new vehicles have this question on their minds. These occurrences were terrifying for both drivers and passengers while being very infrequent. When the glass exploded, several owners say they heard a loud, unexpected boom and pulled over in the middle of the road to call for help for their car. Fortunately, there have not been any significant injuries as a result of panoramic sunroofs breaking without being engaged in an accident or causing road damage.

Consumer complaints about the glass shattering suddenly have been directed at several automakers in recent years, including Hyundai, Nissan, Kia, Ford, BMW, Mazda, and Toyota. For vehicles with panoramic sunroofs that posed a higher danger of shattering, some of these manufacturers have issued recalls. Similar to this, Hyundai recalled thousands of vehicles in 2015 due to the possibility of the panoramic sunroof panels coming loose. The glass panels were dangerous for other drivers on the road because they may fly off cars and into oncoming traffic, however it appears that no accidents or injuries occurred prior to the recall.

The National Highway Traffic Safety is still looking into this risk to determine whether higher industry requirements are necessary. To reduce this risk, several automakers, like Volvo and Tesla, contend that all sunroof glass for automobiles should be laminated.

How can I tell if the switch on my sunroof is broken?

If the sunroof switch malfunctions, the sunroof will either be unable to perform one or more sorts of duties or it will continue to operate after it has stopped. For instance, the sunroof might extend or retract but not close, leaving it always open and the car unlocked. Additionally, vehicles that do not use sunroof position sensors to stop the sunroof’s activity will probably blow the fuse as soon as it reaches one of its far parameters. This is because even if the motor can still function, it probably won’t be able to open the sunroof without drawing too much current from the fuse that supplies power. The switch can also be clearly damaged, which would indicate that it needs to be replaced.